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KopirMT4 Copy trades for MT4

评论 117
Marcin Miniatorski
Marcin Miniatorski 2021.07.21 14:42 

all working well, 2 masters, 1 slave, copying fast :)

roberto giovannini
roberto giovannini 2021.07.12 14:08 

it works perfectly.

very helpful developer

thank you

Abdulaziz Ahmed Mubarak Omar Almenhali
Abdulaziz Ahmed Mubarak Omar Almenhali 2021.06.24 05:06 

Great product... works perfectly

ZiGi Professional Scalper
ZiGi Professional Scalper
Yaroslav Varankin
The indicator shows real waves, based on the alternating upper and lower extrema of the price chart, thus reflecting the wave structure of the market. The algorithm of this indicator is completely new; everything that connects ZiGi Professional Scalper and zigzag is only its appearance, it is based on radically different 8 algorithms and can calculate volumes on the market in real time. When using this indicator, there is no need to manually apply wave marking of the current timeframe. In the pr
50 USD
Grid of pending orders
Grid of pending orders
Valeriy Medvedev
This EA represents an interactive panel with adjustable parameters destined for installation and deletion of pending orders (orders grid generator). You can place the panel anywhere on the screen or hide it into a dot clicking on the button in the upper left part of the chart (it will be shown after clicking on it for the second time). Number and step of orders, lot size, vertical shift for limit orders - all these things make your work easier. There are functions for restoring according to pend
Pavel Krysanov
SupportHelp is a good assistant for traders using technical analysis. The indicator draws support and resistance lines on the chart visualizing them and simplifying trader's work. Support and resistance lines are an important element of the technical analysis that allow detecting a reversal or a start of a trend at an early stage. The product will help you capture a trend much earlier than when using other analytical systems. Parameters DepthHistory - analysis depth for plotting lines (in ca
15 USD
Ichimoku Dashboard
Ichimoku Dashboard
Zaymin Htet
The PM Ichimoku Dashboard will show you 28 Currencies and 2 metals on a single chart all the timeframes (M1 to Month) with their own status for the indicator. How to understand the status: Zero: Tenkan equal Kijun Green/Red Circle: Price above/below Cloud (Kumo) Green Circle + Down arrow: Price above Cloud but Tenkan below Kijun Red Circle+ Up arrow: Price below Cloud but Tenkan above Kijun Grey Circle: Price inside Cloud Indicator Parameter: Tenkan-sen - Tenkan sen period Kijun-sen - Kijun sen
30 USD
Trade Filter I
Trade Filter I
Dmitriy Belov
Trade Filter 1 is a versatile indicator for working on classical charts. Depending on the settings, the indicator defines market entry points from zones to individual bars. It can be used both as a trend filter and for detecting corrections. Blue zones hint at a possible bullish reversal, while red zones - at a bearish one provided that entry filtration is configured properly. The moving average serves as a reference point for the average price impulses and can be used as an additional criterion
25 USD
Diver OBV
Diver OBV
Oleksandr Medviediev
OBV   Divergence Formation  (hereinafter "Diver") is based on On Balance Volume  technical indicator (OBV) that is a momentum indicator that relates volume to price change. Classic (regular) and Reversal (hidden) Divergences - at your choice. Adjustable sizes and all parameters Flexible settings including VOID levels (additional alert function, arrows on price-chart show in which direction to trade) No re-paint / No re-draw (set  CalcOnOpenBar =false) "SetIndexBuffer"  available for all variable
70 USD
Multi Currency True Currency
Multi Currency True Currency
Desmond Wright
MCTC is the most advanced multicurrency strength indicator for day trading, that does NOT use moving averages. This versatile strength meter has many settings that can be customized to suit the day traders needs. With up to 12 customization time periods, automatic calculation and graph plotting of previous period high/low values, 2 side meters showing currency strength, pair strength, points movement, points movement from previous periods, percentage, and pressure. Clickable chart for fast switc
30 USD
Jingjun Tian
PriceEnvChannel 指标根据价格和均线原理形成一个价格包络通道,自动描述当前趋势,通过可价格与中线的位置判断趋势的强弱,如果价格长期处于同一水平通道之内,可认为当前为震荡行情,采用震荡交易策略,如果价格处于通道中线一侧则为趋势行情,采用趋势交易策略。 可通道调整参数,选择是否显示中线或通道线,得出更简洁的指示。 可以在不同的时间周期下显示指定周期的通道,比如通过H1计算出来的通道显示在5分钟或15分钟上,以获得更好的参考价格。 参数设置: TimeFrames:指定计算的时间周期 Percent:通道百分比 Price:参考价格 Show Middle:是否显示中线 Middle Color:中线颜色 Show Channel:是否显示通道包络线 Channel Color:指定通道线颜色 MA Periods  :平滑天数 MA Mode:均线模式
50 USD
Dolphin EA
Dolphin EA
Sergey Kruglov
Dolphin EA is a grid Expert Advisor. It opens a grid of orders located at a specified level from each other. An order direction is defined by the built-in filters. No stop loss is used. All orders are closed by take profit. The EA works on any timeframe. Parameters Filtr - number of points from the average for opening orders (for example, 200). 0 - disabled. AutoTakeProfit - enable take profit auto detection. Take profit should not be less than the TakeProfit parameter. TakeProfit - take profi
40 USD
Trade On The Test
Trade On The Test
Ayman Magdy
Trade On The Test the indicator gives Buy/Sell Signals in the form of up or down arrows based on the best trend available that is identified by the algorithm. Features The Indicator attempts to find out the best trend by analyzing the price movement as well data collected from the Ichimoku indicator. After the trend has been identified and confirmed, the indicator will identify the optimum entry level upon a retest to this trend, and then will give a buy or sell signal accordingly. Signal Ty
50 USD
Trend Magic Indicator free
Trend Magic Indicator free
Heiko Kendziorra
The Trend Magic Indicator shows the direction of a trend and indicates when it changes. Blue dots in the chart indicate an uptrend, red dots indicate a downtrend. The indicator is the trigger for the Trend Magic Expert . Input Parameters Counter : number of bars used for calculation PowerSet : shows how near to the bars the trigger dots are placed DotSize : size of the shown dots The colors of the dots can be changed. Difference from the paid version This is a free version, it works in every
Key Levels of Support and Resistance
Key Levels of Support and Resistance
Pavel Verveyko
The indicator displays the key support and resistance levels on the chart. The significance of these levels lies in that the price may reverse or strengthen the movement when passing such levels, since they are formed as a consequence of the natural reaction of market participants to the price movement, depending on which positions they occupied or did not have time to occupy. The psychology of the level occurrence: there always those who bought, sold, hesitated to enter or exited early. If the
210 USD
Rise or fall volume
Rise or fall volume
Alexander Nikolaev
A trader can not always find whether the last closed bar was bullish or bearish in terms of volume. The indicator analyzes all minute volumes within this bar and can more accurately predict the behavior of large market players. It can work on all currency pairs, it is better to use timeframes from H1 to Daily. The indicator calculates the volume values from the 1-minute timeframe, therefore, it is necessary to have a lot of history data for the M1 timeframe. The methods for determining buy or se
10 USD
Supports and Resistances
Supports and Resistances
Andrea Ferrari
Supports & Resistances is an indicator that draws and reads automatically support and resistance levels like trendlines and fibonacci retracements to identify the most likely areas where the market will bounce. It mainly generates several horizontal and diagonal lines based on past highs and lows. The strenght:  Reading on the code the supports and resistances areas permits to use the indicator in the Expert Advisor. The risk:  Too many drawn lines on chart could confuse the manual trader but it
50 USD
Trading Manager Expert Advisor DEMO
Trading Manager Expert Advisor DEMO
Christianiel Robles Faustino
=============================== DEMO VERSION ==================================== Demo version will only run on "GBPUSD and EURUSD" currency pairs. Trading Manager EA Robot helps manage your risk and trades automatically. Important Notes: - Open Orders must have order magic number/expert id set. It can be done using order script/indicators.  Try this.  Download the 'Order Management Script Tool' Trading Utility for MetaTrader 4 in MetaTrader Market (mql5.com) - Auto Trade should be set to false,
Abiroid Slopes Histogram
Abiroid Slopes Histogram
Abir Pathak
Abiroid Multi Slope indicator allows you to calculate a Slope Histogram for any line of any indicator . Histogram is for 1 slope line only, but slope values can be calculated for 3 lines total. To have multiple histograms, add as many Slope indicators for custom indicators as you like on chart. You just need to provide the Indicator name, buffer value, slope's period and max number of bars back. By default it has slope calculation for TDI_v4.ex4 indicator. There is no way to specify parameters f
30 USD
Engulfing Bars
Engulfing Bars
Paul Geirnaerdt
The Engulfing Bars indicator shows Engulfing Bars, the signal and the suggested stoploss and take profit. Engulfing Bars are an important price action pattern. The price action of an Engulfing Bar completely covers the price action of the previous bar. Engulfing Bars are most often used on higher timeframes. Settings Engulfing Bars default settings are good enough most of the time. Feel free to fine tune them to your needs. Show Engulfing Bars - Set to true to show Engulfing Bars. Body size pe
30 USD
Divergence Range
Divergence Range
Ning Liu
Divergence Range 发散范围 差异范围是一种非常简单有效的指标,可根据标准移动平均指标计算价格差异范围。 该指标有两组线,三条线,分别位于标准移动平均线上方的 upper1 , upper2 , upper3 和下方的三行( low1 , lower2 , lower3 ),它们显示了价格移动与标准移动平均线之间的差异范围。从标准移动平均线来看,最多的两个线实际上涵盖了 95 %以上的价格移动。 参量 期间 = 48 (默认) Shift = 0 (默认) 方法 = 指数(默认) 显示统计信息 = 真(默认) 统计单位 = 2500 (默认)   周期 / 班次 / 方法:这是移动平均线的标准周期参数,您可以选择任何类型的移动平均线。一般原则是,您应该相对较长的时间,以获得更稳定,更平滑的分歧范围。 Show Statistice / Statis 单位:这是用于显示散度范围有效性的统计信息的参数。当它打开时,指示器将显示价格高点超过相应上限的百分比,而低点跌破相应上限的百分比。   主要特点 1. 通常,只有不到 20 %的单元超出上线 1 和下线 1 所涵盖的范围。
50 USD
Wave Trend Indicator
Wave Trend Indicator
Qian Ha
严格按照道氏理论制作的波段高低点,可以用来区分支撑和阻力位置,也可以对趋势起点进行识别,还可以用来止盈止损。 不管您是趋势交易者,日内短线交易者,或是剥头皮交易者,相信这个指标会对您大有帮助。 比如当价格下穿绿线,当前空头趋势开始,同样当价额上穿红线,多头趋势开始,对应的高点与低点作为对应开仓的有效止损线,对应的反向穿越作为止盈的位置。 当然配合其他理论比如图表、江恩、海龟、等等能使指标发挥更大作用。 其他的我这里不做赘述,您可以根据您的交易策略发现这个指标的其他很有意思的用处。 指标没有外部参数,不会根据回溯柱的个数不同而使结果不一致,所有使用的条件都完全来自市场,也就是市场怎么说咱就怎么做,永远跟随市场的脚步。
288 USD
Fibonacci Multicurrency Dashboard Trial
Fibonacci Multicurrency Dashboard Trial
Zbynek Liska
Trial expiry 1.3.2020 All Time Frames : from 1 Minute to 1 Month All pairs sorted in Dashboard Descend or Ascend. Constant overview of the market, all pairs have their specific waves, in which they move. Prices are in predictable waves and cycles. They are hidden from retails. Nothing Price action, Market Profile, Ellliot Wave or Gann or etc. AUDCAD,AUDCHF,AUDJPY,AUDNZD,AUDUSD","CADCHF","CADJPY","CHFJPY","EURAUD","EURCAD","EURCHF","EURGBP","EURJPY","EURNZD","EURUSD","GBPAUD","GBPCAD","GBPCHF
Pure Trend
Pure Trend
Leonid Basis
Trend Trading. Trend trading is a strategy that allow to trade the market by identify the direction of the price movement in near future ( according to the time frame ). A trend is a tendency for price to move in a particular direction ( Up (as a Uptrend) or Down (as a Down trend) ) over a period of time, sufficiently for open a position and close it in profit. This indicator is showing an Uptrend (Aqua line) and Downtrend (Magenta line).  A point of a transition from one color to another is a g
30 USD
TPSpro Risk Manager Panel
TPSpro Risk Manager Panel
Roman Podpora
TPSpro Risk Manager Panel is a convenient tool for anyone who wants to keep track of the current account state. The panel is part of our risk management system, and is included into our more powerful product TPSpro Risk Manager . The panel has three columns containing useful information. The first column contains the information about the account state as of the beginning of the month, i.e. the overall result is shown as a percentage and in the deposit currency. The second column shows the daily
BeST Chande RAVI
BeST Chande RAVI
Eleni Koulocheri
BeST_Chande RAVI ( Range Action Verification Index ) is an MT4 Indicator that is based on the corresponding indicator developed by Tushar Chande which is mainly based on market momentum while focuses on identifying ranging and trending markets . By default RAVI is defined by the formula: RAVI = Absolute value (100 x (SMA(7) – SMA(65)) By default there is an arbitrary reference level of 3%  that means a market is ranging if the RAVI is less than 3% , or trending strongly if it is is greater
CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing
CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing
Vladislav Andruschenko
Closing positions in MetaTrader 4 upon reaching the total profit/loss with the profit trailing function. You can enable the Virtual stops (Separate Order) , Calculating and closing for BUY and SELL positions separately (Separate BUY SELL) , Closing and calculating all symbols or the current symbol only (All Symbols) , Enable trailing for profit ( Trailing Profit) Close on total profit and loss on deposit currency, points, % of the balance. The application is designed for use on any account toge
30 USD
Symbol Information Panel
Symbol Information Panel
Thomas Mueller
Good looking overview panel for the current instrument showing: Instrumentname Flags of involved currencies for forex or indicies Bid/Ask price Spread The look and location of the panel can also be configured. Here the desctiption of the useable parameters: panelFontName : Name of the system font that is used to paint all text. panelBackgroundColor : Background color of the panel. panelNeutralColor : Color of the text within that panel. panelBorderColor : Color of the panel border panelBorderAl
120 USD
Trend qualifier
Trend qualifier
Shaheen Hassanali
THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND and I am your guide. Allow me to shed  light to your surroundings in the darkness of trading. This indicator will give you the direction you need to trade with the trend. It does not require any specific settings, optimisation or curb fitting. No restrictions on symbols or time frames. It will work on metatrader 4 for any market and on all time frames. Does NOT repaint once candle closes. The Trend Qualifier is a great tool.  It also helps to reduce the clutter on your c
50 USD
Omega pip
Omega pip
Babatunde Adeniyi
The OMEGA PIP  is a unique revolutionary semi -automated  software which change the game entirely to your favor.This product  developed  from  years of research in the FX Market is embedded with  complex algorithms which filters off false signals, generating only accurate valid signals which is immediately printed  on your chart , thus it  guarantees profit  anytime  its installed  on your computer. Due to this significant feat, the daunting and the strenuous effort a traders goes through during
150 USD
Ultimate Trading Indicator
Ultimate Trading Indicator
Cisne Capital, LLC
The Ultimate Trading Indicator identifies reversals in price using up arrows and down arrows. Its signals are based on the momentum and volatility of the market on which it is plotted. Its signals alternate which means that only an up arrow will appear after a down arrow (and only a down arrow will follow an up arrow). Every arrow you see will plot on the latest closed bar. All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. Indicator Paramet
39.99 USD
Swap Report
Swap Report
SWAP / 3x SWAP - Forex is usually charged a triple swap on Wednesday (midnight Wednesday to Thursday, 11:59 pm server time) and is paid because it is for three days at a time: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Fees of some instruments (DAX30 and others) take 3 Swap on Friday. With our Swap Report Indicator, you get details of your current open and history closed positions in your trading account, helping you gauge your trading net profit or loss.
30 USD
Volume Delta Panel
Volume Delta Panel
Chantal Sala
Volume DeltaPanel is a very powerful indicator that read the supply on Market. It calculates the Delta from movement of the price and the difference of BUY volumes and SELL volumes. The Volumes are added to price and normalized to symbol points. Its special structure allows you to get all Time Frames values available on the platform MT4. Panel can show 28 instruments simultaneously all customizable according to the offer of the Broker. A good observation of this instrument can suggest great en
50 USD
Market Pressure Dashboard
Market Pressure Dashboard
Chantal Sala
Market Pressure Dashboard is a new generation utility. Its main function is to assist you and give you operational ideas optimizing your analytical work. Using this utility you could monitor a lots of financial instruments (max 28 symbols FOREX) in a very simple way. The Market Pressure indicator allows you to customize the internal list of the symbols to be monitored. The opening function and position management with this panel will be much more comfortable and navigation charts very powerful.
100 USD
WaltSoft Trade Manager
WaltSoft Trade Manager
Manage Your Risk Automatically Calculate the Lot Size for a given Percent Risk  and place the order with Stop Loss and Take Profit with one single click of a button. Drag and position your Stop Loss and Take Profit before placing the actual order. Can close positions with one click of a button. Can lock in profit of your trades with a Set Break Even function and/or a Trailing Stop Loss. Can work with Market Orders, Instant Orders, Pending Stop Orders and Pending Limit Orders. Works on any instru
129 USD
Active Lines for MT4
Active Lines for MT4
Yury Kulikov
Attention: Demo doesn't work in terminal. Active Lines - a powerful professional tool for operations with lines on charts. Active Lines provides a wide range of actions for events when the price crosses lines. For example: notify, open/modify/close a position, place/remove pending orders. With Active Lines you can assign several tasks to one line, for each of which you can set individual trigger conditions, as well as conditions for re-activations and the number of possible activations. Activ
120 USD
MT4 Strategy Builder
MT4 Strategy Builder
Jacobus Van Schoor
MT4 Strategy Builder('StratBuilder')是一个在MT4平台上运行的网格交易订单管理实用程序。 该产品也可以在MT5平台上使用: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/33178 强烈建议从MQL5租用虚拟专用服务器(VPS),并将交易者计算机上的设置迁移到VPS,以允许StratBuilder 24/7运行。 独特的StratBuilder概念: 一篮子交易以预定的价格水平开仓(每个交易品种和交易方向按环形),并且在达到帐户余额或权益的目标利润百分比时发生获利了结,此时所有头寸同时平仓,新的一揽子交易被平仓。交易被打开。请选择以下链接,观看YouTube入门视频: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7f3pomk_ug 单击下面的链接,以下载许多符号的样本策略参数值: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HrnAb4DxrvMTBoJb-V7r0rI5F8pJkzf5?usp=sharing 在将这些设置应用到您的帐户之前,请完整地观看每种
340 USD
Ultimate Trailing Stop EA
Ultimate Trailing Stop EA
This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with trailing stops based on 14 methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close. Visualize all orders and their trailing sto
100 USD
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
299 USD
MT4 Telegram Signal Provider
MT4 Telegram Signal Provider
Nguyen Van Anh
MT4至电报EA将文本从MT4发送至电报通道 MT4电报信号提供商EA是市场上最好的MT4电报实用程序,适合任何想要成为专业电报信号提供商的人 简单,但功能强大且专业 它将根据您在Metatrader 4程序中的订单将信号和报告发送到您的电报通道 是否想将信号发送到Facebook,Twitter,Blogger,Wordpress等许多平台?没问题,让我们使用IFTTT将您的Telegram频道与这些平台相连,并轻松发送信号。 * 主要特点: 将信号发送到许多渠道:多电报频道,电子邮件,并将推送通知发送到移动终端 快速扫描订单:以秒为单位扫描,而不是滴答 发送所有订单类型的信息:未平仓(包括待处理订单),取消,平仓(包括部分平仓百分比),触发和修改订单 按以下条件过滤发送的订单:订单类型(待定,已触发,已修改,已平仓),符号,幻数和注释 手动或自动发送图表画面 可以在发送信号中自定义图表屏幕快照的属性:分辨率,背景图像,模板... 5种发送图表屏幕截图的模式:基于符号,注释,幻数,模板和不发送 发送报告:运行报告,每日报告,每周报告 完全自定义您的信号文
149 USD
FX Gambit
FX Gambit
Boyan Atanassov
Zenner Trading Presents FX Gambit Streaming Live on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/rD9bCSxypio FX Gambit is an Adaptive, Market Neutral, Dual MT4 based Parallel Launch Automated Trading System, designed to respond to all directional combinations and permutations of the market, and still produce a Net Positive Outcome. There are 2 instances of MT4 with 2 charts in each. The LONG LEG of the HEDGE is in the left chart and the SHORT LEG on the right. The two MT4 instances exchange current market BI
1 500 USD
DAX Scalping Bracket
DAX Scalping Bracket
Chantal Sala
Dax Scalping Bracket is a new generation Expert Advisor Panel. This a very professional tool for SCALPING. The usability makes this tool an excellent ally for FAST operations of SCALPING on Index instruments and Forex market. The main feature of this EA is the ability to open multiple operations with a single click. Each position is autonomous and you can set different take profit and stop loss for each position. Special functionalities: STOP MOVE to manage your stop chasing the price BREAK EVEN
100 USD
Crypto Market Pro
Crypto Market Pro
Daniil Kurmyshev
New opportunities for analyzing cryptocurrency in the usual MetaTrader 4. For example : We select the symbol of the cryptocurrency and attach any indicators, Expert Advisors or scripts. Startup Mode View cryptocurrency; Data collection. Capabilities Work as with a standard currency chart; Automatic update of open charts; Selection of individual cryptocurrency for updating; Selection of individual timeframes for updating; Work on the desired timeframes; Open charts do not affect the work of C
500 USD
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader
Nguyen Van Anh
Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  is an EA that helps you trade signals receiving via Telegram channels, groups, chats. You even don’t need to be the owner of the channels. If you can read the signal texts in your Telegram account, you can trade them all. The EA needs an  awesome  free tool – the   Telegram Reader application  that helps read signal texts from Telegram channels, groups, private chats through Telegram API. HOW TO SET UP Read the   user guide here   to know how to set up and   unders
199 USD
Trade Copier Pro
Trade Copier Pro
Vu Trung Kien
Trade Copier Pro 是一个强大的工具,多账户之间进行远程复制的贸易超过互联网不同的位置。这是一个信号提供商的理想解决方案,谁想要与全球范围内对自己规则的人分享他的贸易。一个供应商的交易可以复制到多接收器和一个接收器可以得到贸易额从多供应商也是如此。 供应商和接收器可与供电内置的数据库管理系统来管理他的合作伙伴名单。 这个工具允许全局配置模式(copy过来互联网)和本地模式(在同一台PC/服务器内复制)之间进行选择。 要求: MetaTrader4的4.00版构建670或以上。 参考: 如果你只需要在本地复制与更低的价格,你可以检查Auto Trade Copier在: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/4676 以下是亮点功能:     在一个工具提供商或接收器之间转换角色。     一个供应商的交易可以复制到多接收器和一个接收器可以从多个供应商收到交易。     供应/接收器可通过供电数据库管理系统,而无需额外的工具管理自己的接收器/供应商名单(添加,删除,编辑,启用/禁用)。     全球模式(copy过来互联
149 USD
MT4 to Tlgrm
MT4 to Tlgrm
Fernando Morales
Do not use Windows 7 with this EA MT4toTLGRM EA only sends text messages from Metatrader4 to a Telegram group or channel of your choice. From version 4.00 it sends messages to Twitter and Facebook. The messages are customizable to show information about any trading activity in the account. Also it shows a daily PnL report. Several instances of this EA can be used simultaneously in the same MT4 terminal for sending messages to different Telegram group/channel but ensure that each one has a diffe
149 USD
Forward Alert To Telegram
Forward Alert To Telegram
Trinh Dat
The Expert Advisor will help you forward all alert from  MetaTrader 4 to Telegram channel/ group.  All alert must save to folder <Data folder>MQL4\Files\Alerts\ , text file with format *.txt and screenshot with format *.gif or *.png. Use Alerts To File Indicator to auto get all alert. Parameters Telegram Bot Token   - create bot on Telegram and get token. Telegram Chat ID    - input your Telegram   user ID,   group /   channel ID Forward Alert - default true, to forward alert. Send message as
100 USD
Trading box Order Management
Trading box Order Management
Igor Zizek
Save your time with placing order and automate entry under your conditions.  Managing open trade with various tools is simple Try DEMO here . Manuals website  here . Video tutorials here .  FREE Order box Dashboard  tool  here .  Join Facebook group   HERE Order box will calculate lot size (position size calculator mt4) for every order, total stop loss in deposit currency, risk in percentage of account balance, total profit from all targets and order box size in pips. Commission and spread a
128 USD
Price Action DashBoard
Price Action DashBoard
Chantal Sala
The Price Action Dashboard is an innovative tool to help the trader to control a large number of financial instruments. This tool is designed to automatically suggest signals and price conditions. The Dashboard analyzes all major Time Frame suggesting price action conditions with graphic elements. The Dashboard can suggest you the strength of the trend identifying directional movement, it is an indispensable tool for those who want to open position themselves using market trends identifiers. The
200 USD
Navigator FX
Navigator FX
Chantal Sala
The Navigator is a next-generation panel very easy to use. Apply this indicator on the chart to navigate very quickly through all the symbol and timeframes listed in input. The arrows manage the zoom and time frames. You can customize both the graphic colors and the list of symbols to display. A quick and easy tool that it will help to analyse the charts. Input Values Show_TF_Panel (true/false) it permits to show/hide panel with TF and Arrows 32 symbols COLORS AND SIZE SETTINGS BUTTON_WIDTH B
50 USD
Best Price Method for MT4
Best Price Method for MT4
Eduardo Kipper
This Panel is also an Expert Advisor with manual and automatic order submission. Full Dashboard. That was the way i found to concern my main enemy, anxiety.  Don't be little, study, analyze, adapt this method to your own style, understand, feel the market before you take any decision. Here, in many times, do nothing, it is also a strategy.  Beyond the manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode of operation, we will see almost 300 robots which road the market 24h a day tirelessly.  All robots hav
250 USD
Volume Scalping DashBoard
Volume Scalping DashBoard
Chantal Sala
The Volume Scalping Dashboard is a new instrument very suitable for a short-term operation and very fast. This Expert Advisor is designed to simplify the fast reading of the charts. The buttons with the currency names if clicked allow you to change graph quickly. There is the possibility to enter up to 28 symbols will be analyzed according to our calculation method. The expert is equipped with Automatic Stop loss and Take Profit in order to speed up the trading operations. It is also possible to
100 USD
Telegram Signal Trader
Telegram Signal Trader
Ugur Oezcan
Telegram to Metatrader4. Do not miss any trading signal or to be late to enter or exit from telegram channel anymore.  Our tool give user ability to parse all kind of telegram signals. You can use tool with any telegram forex Signal channels. Users can also copy their trades if they are only members of a VIP channel. Admin rights is not required. We include also valuable functions for trader, which you can use independently form channel signals !!! Important create user account at  https://teleg
45 USD
GRID for MT4
GRID for MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
GRID for MT4 is a convenient tool for those who trade a grid of orders, designed for quick and comfortable trading in the FOREX financial markets. GRID for MT4 has a customizable panel with all the necessary parameters. Suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It works with any brokers, including American brokers, requiring FIFO to close primarily previously opened transactions. The grid of orders can be either fixed - orders are opened with a fixed step, or have dynamic levels of op
125 USD
Telegram Trading Signals
Telegram Trading Signals
Alexander Pekhterev
(MT4 to Telegram) -   Fast and instant publication of your trade in the telegram channel (chat or personal message).  F rom version 1.77 it sends Alerts of any indicators in telegram! !!!Attention!!! If you want to test all the functions of this utility please contact me and get this advisor for 1 month for FREE! TTS   can send the following messages in   all   languages: Opening a new position; Placing a pending order; Pending order activation; SL and TP modification; Pending order price modi
59 USD
Trade Copier Global
Trade Copier Global
Laszlo Tormasi
Trade Copier Global: The name speaks for itself. This copier allows you to copy orders between MT4 terminals even if they are not installed on the same computer. Features Copying trades between MT4 terminals around the world with a short delay. Automatically recognizes symbol prefixes. Can connect many Slaves to the same Master. Supports pending and market orders. Supports partial order close (with limitations, see below) Can send messages and notifications to the Slaves from the Master Severa
72 USD
Notify To Telegram
Notify To Telegram
Trinh Dat
Notify To Telegram MT4 Expert Advisor will send notifications via Telegram when orders are opened/modified/closed on your MetaTrader 4 account.  Send message to person, channel or group chat.   Easy to customize message.   Support custom message for all languages. Support full Emoji.   Parameters Telegram Bot Token - create bot on Telegram and get token. Telegram Chat ID  - input your Telegram user ID, group / channel ID Magic number filter - default all, or input magic number to notify with
54 USD
ISO Trend Line Pending
ISO Trend Line Pending
ISO Financial Services
ISO Trend Line Pending Expert is a unique professional tool which can turn any selected Trend Line, Support Line and Resistance Line on your chart into a pending order line or Alert line with different trigger methods. With various order types including Price Touch , Price Break Out and Candle Close Break Out . The Order History feature will let you to have a quick access to all other charts which an order has been executed. It’s truly designed to help traders easily trade and manage many charts
49.75 USD
Auto Trailing Stop and Break Even
Auto Trailing Stop and Break Even
Fernando Jose Velasco Borea
If you want to test the functionality of this tool, you can do it trough a DEMO version, that is restricted to work only on EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairs. To obtain it, please visit the following link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29594 This EA was originally coded as a back up tool for my personal trades as all of us (Or at least the ones who have left an order open and went to sleep) have experienced the frustration that involves waking up, check the trades and see that in some o
60 USD
Fast Copy MT4
Fast Copy MT4
Pavel Kolchin
The program allows you to locally copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible, the program works on " Windows   PC " and " Windows VPS ". Any type of copying is available MT4 → MT5 MT4 → MT4 MT5 → MT5 MT5 → MT4 * For copying between different MT4 ↔️ MT5 terminals, you need to purchase two versions of   Fast Copy MT4  +  Fast Copy MT5 How the program works The program copies transactions between two
55 USD
Forex Trade Manager MT4
Forex Trade Manager MT4
Determination of transaction risk by calculating possible profits and losses. Precise designation of TP and SL levels for each transaction. These are the basic activities that every trader of financial markets must face with. The purpose of these calculations is very simple, achieving satisfying profits from FX transactions, with a minimum of risk. This is certainly the dream of each trader. This makes it difficult for new investors to take their first steps in this market.  EA Forex Trade Mana
99 USD
Ultimate No Nonsense Backtester
Ultimate No Nonsense Backtester
I Kai Wu
Ultimate No Nonsense FX Backtester - You can Run Forward Test Simulation with this tool! Do Not Download the Demo Here, Please Read Below! Join the   discord   for this backtester, you can have my direct support on there. Step by Step Manual Guide PDF for this backtester PDF List of Commands(Shortcuts) for this backtester Ultimate NNFX Backtester is a powerful utility tool that significantly reduces the length of backtesting process for NNFX followers.  As well as for Forex traders that
84.99 USD
Easy Virtual Trader
Easy Virtual Trader
Anoop Sivasankaran
设置Easy Virtual Trader>输入您的规则>您可以通过移动或其他EA或任何地方进行交易了。...让机器人来管理您的交易!     这款功能强大的EA将帮助您根据您的预设规则和设置自动管理所有或特定交易     一旦设置并运行,您就不再需要监视订单,该软件将继续按照预定义的规则监视和控制您的订单     您可以从台式机MT4或从移动应用程序进行交易,也可以管理其他EA的交易     它旨在支持多重保护和尾随策略:盈亏平衡保护,百分比保护,点子保护,账户价值保护,距离尾随,指标尾随等。 Easy Virtual Trader是对已经流行的Easy Trade Manager的增强,由于许多要求提供自动版本的请求: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/34086 基本功能-交易和止损设置     管理交易=“特定”或“所有交易”-如果您希望EA管理所有交易,请使用“所有交易”。如果您想让EA管理特定的幻数交易,请使用“特定”     输入魔术数字=如果在上述设置中“管理交易” =“特定”,则输入魔术数
50 USD
KopirMT5 Full
KopirMT5 Full
Alexandr Gavrilin
KopirMT5 (CopierMT5) - transaction copier for the MetaTrader 5 terminal, copies (synchronizes, duplicates) transactions from  hedge accounts  (copier, copy dealers).  Supports copying: MT5 <-> MT5, MT4 -> MT5 Hedge, MT5 Hedge -> MT4 Does not support copying MT5 Hedging < - > MT5 Netting, MT4 < - > MT5 Netting Attention  : For correct operation, at least two terminals on one PC / VPS are required. The first for the account from which it will copy (Server), and the second for the account to wh
38 USD
Wall Street Original MT5
Wall Street Original MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
互聯網上有許多類似的顧問程序: 三重奏舞者 華爾街機器人(WSB) WSB機器人 比特幣現金 阿爾法趨勢機器人 利潤外匯 驕傲FX 克羅諾斯 機頂盒智能漫遊機器人 所有這些都是由同一位顧問創建的,但是由於某種原因,沒有人會懷疑原始顧問的真正作者是誰? 我決定發布MT5版本,從而結束了這個問題。 &nbsp; 在我看來,刪除了所有不必要的功能,這些功能表明自己不好並且在超過5年的時間內無效。 &nbsp; 上述顧問的大多數設置設置文件也適用於該顧問。 &nbsp; 交易模式-選擇交易方向或完全關閉顧問的模式。 最大訂單數-限制所有策略的最大訂單項數。 MM-自動計算手數 除數-手數計算公式中的除數:0.00001 * Account_Balance /除數 手-MM =假時的初始手 批次指數-平均期間後續批次的乘數 最大手數-最大手數的限制;當達到或超過批次時,將設置下一個批次 繼續交易-允許您交易所有3種策略,如果禁用它,則將打開所謂的“乾燥”模式。在這種模式下,顧問將努力關閉所有獲利的策略,並等待用戶的命令。 按最大訂單數使用TF-當達到訂單數限制時,所有策略將在指定時
SN Lavina
SN Lavina
Alexandr Gavrilin
Advisor SN Lavina uses the same trading strategy with some simplifications. The EA allows you to specify the direction for the first buy or sell order, the lot multiplier and the desired profit relative to the extreme orders of the corridor. Regardless of the direction of the market, the EA will close trades automatically when there is an exit from the corridor.  SN Lavina Advisor is very easy to use. You choose the direction of trade and the EA automatically opens the first trade. After its
Fibo System MT5
Fibo System MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
Индикатор по Фибоначчи ищет последний значимый импульс в заданном периоде и рисует на графике уровни Фибоначчи с учетом направления движения и вы можете использовать данный индикатор для входа в рынок на коррекции или в пробой. Индикатор использует уникальный алгоритм поиска направления движения раскладывая цену на волновые движения. Уровни рисует нестандартно. При росте актива нижняя точка берется за 100%, а верхняя за 0%, так удобнее считать коррекцию от максимума в росте. Для установки профит
Wall Street Original MT4
Wall Street Original MT4
Alexandr Gavrilin
互联网上有许多类似的顾问: 三个舞者 华尔街机器人(WSB) WSB机器人 BTCash 阿尔法趋势机器人 利润外汇 骄傲外汇 克罗诺斯 ST盒智能训练机器人 所有这些都是由同一个顾问制作的,但为什么,他们都没有想到谁是原始顾问的真正作者?   我决定为MT4发布一个版本,从而最终结束这个问题。   删除所有不必要的在我看来,已经表明自己为期超过5年的功能是不好的,没有效果。    来自上述顾问的很大一部分配置文件将适用于此EA。  交易模式-选择交易方向或完全禁用ea交易的模式。 最大订单数-限制所有策略的最大仓位数。 MM-自动计算的很多 分频器-分频器在计算出的很多公式:0.00001*Account_Balance/分频器 批量-初始批量大小,如果MM=false 地块指数-后续地块平均时的乘数 最大手数-限制最大手数,当达到或超过手数时,下一手将被设置 继续交易-允许您交易所有3策略,如果禁用,所谓的"干燥"模式将打开。 在这种模式下,EA将工作关闭所有策略中的利润,并等待用户的命令。 使用TF by Max Orders-当达到订单数量的限制时,所有策略在指定
PriceAction Zone
PriceAction Zone
Alexandr Gavrilin
This indicator will be useful for those who trade from support and resistance levels. We know that a level is not an accurate line, but a price zone. And the zone can be broken through or broken out from, when the price interacts by this zone. Many successful traders use support and resistance levels in their trading activities. The PriceAction Zone indicator recolors rectangle in corresponding to the current TF color. And marked zones from lower periods are hidden. You can specify a color of an
SN Lavina MT5
SN Lavina MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
Advisor  SN Lavina  uses the same trading strategy with some simplifications. The EA allows you to specify the direction for the first buy or sell order, the lot multiplier and the desired profit relative to the extreme orders of the corridor. Regardless of the direction of the market, the EA will close trades automatically when there is an exit from the corridor.  SN Lavina  Advisor is very easy to use. You choose the direction of trade and the EA automatically opens the first trade. After i
Line Alerts MT5
Line Alerts MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
This product is a line touch indicator workштп with trend and horizontal lines. The tool is a good assistant for the traders use various levels in trading. When price approaches a level, the indicator produces a sound alert and (or) notifies in a pop-up message, or via push notifications. It supports horizontal and diagonal lines that are commonly used by traders. The notification includes a symbol name, timeframe, line name and the current price at the moment of touching. Please watch the attac
SN Liza EA MT5
SN Liza EA MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
SN Liza EA是一个简单但有效的交易EA。 该系统很简单,包括在指定的时间开始交易,之后EA赚取利润,并被禁用,直到下一个时间点。 对于交易的结论加上适用的平均使用顺序网格。 但由于利润收盘,一个积极的结果的概率很高。  为了获得最佳性能,有必要选择一个时间,当市场处于平坦的状态,如清晨或夜晚。 滑点-允许的滑点,0-未使用  魔术-魔术,EA的订单的标识符 Procent-打开第一笔订单的可用保证金百分比 批次乘数-用于平均的批次乘数 TP-以标准积分获利 步骤-标准点中的步骤 步长乘数-乘数来增加订单之间的步长 时间使用-使用指定的时间或全天候工作 时间开始小时时间开始分钟-以小时和分钟为单位启用的时间  结束时间小时,结束时间分钟是以小时和分钟为单位的时间关闭
SN Sixty Seconds
SN Sixty Seconds
Alexandr Gavrilin
The indicator has been developed specifically for trading binary options with an expiration time of 60 seconds. To facilitate trading, it features sending notifications when a signal appears. Signals can be sent to mobile devices using push notifications and email, if the terminal is configured accordingly. There is also the ability to set working time for the signals, so that the indicator does not generate signals in the non-trading time. Parameters Time Use - enabled the scheduled signals m
PriceAction Zone MT5
PriceAction Zone MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
Данный индикатор пригодится трейдерам, торгующим от уровней поддержки и сопротивления. Известно, что уровень — это не четкая линия, а ценовая зона, при взаимодействии цены с которой возможен пробой или отбой от этой зоны. Зоны Поддержки и Сопротивления используются многими успешными трейдерами в своей торговле. Индикатор   PriceAction Zone   перекрашивает прямоугольники в соответствующий цвет для текущего TF. При этом скрываются помеченные зоны с периодов младше текущего. Настройки позволяют ука
FiboTrader Scaner MT5
FiboTrader Scaner MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
Советник сканирует рынок по нашей торговой системе 38% используя уровни Фибоначчи и выводит на экран, дополнительно может отправлять push уведомления и на почту. Данный советник не является торгующим роботом, он служит только для поиска сигналов. Для торговли вы можете использовать советник FiboTrader Lite MT5  , а для визуализации уровней наш индикатор Fibo System MT5 В своем анализе он использует авторский алгоритм идентификация импульсных движений и очень точно выявляет текущую тенденцию на у
Line Alerts
Line Alerts
Alexandr Gavrilin
This product is a line touch indicator - works with trend and horizontal lines. The tool is a good assistant for the traders use various levels in trading. When price approaches a level, the indicator produces a sound alert and (or) notifies in a pop-up message, or via push notifications. It supports horizontal and diagonal lines that are commonly used by traders. The notification includes a symbol name, timeframe, line name and the current price at the moment of touching. Please watch the attac
Alexandr Gavrilin
A new look at the principle of determining the important extremes. It is based on a proprietary method for determining the trend direction. The display is implemented in the form of the familiar ZigZag indicator. The last (current) extremum can be redrawn, because the end point of a movement can not be determined in advance. The probability extremes can be used as important price levels, where a correction is more likely to start. The indicator has the following settings: step - scale, ranging f
SN Levels MT5
SN Levels MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
The utility is designed as an indicator for quick and easy drawing of horizontal levels on the chart.   Several indicators with different settings can work on the same chart independently. Settings: Right Shift-indent from the right edge of the chart in pixels. Line Width-line thickness. Label Size - size of the price label text. Line Style-line style. Line Color-line color. Label color - color of the price label. Add Key - select the function key to add a line. For notifications when you t
Marusya MT5
Marusya MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
Советник Маруся предназначен для торговли на EURUSD H1. Для других инструментов, вы можете подобрать параметры самостоятельно в тестере стратегий. Рекомендуем делиться подобранными настройками в обсуждении продукта. Наши настройки и результаты торговли будут размещены в обсуждении продукта. Пробную версию можно скачать по ссылке  https://yadi.sk/d/hkM0LBYxUbetsA Trading mode - Торговый режим. Позволяет выбрать принудительно направление торговли. Slippage - допустимое проскальзывание Comment - к
ATR Histogram Color
ATR Histogram Color
Alexandr Gavrilin
This easy-to-use indicator, which displays market volatility in the form of histogram, is based on ATR (Average True Range). The histogram changes its color depending on increase or decrease in volatility. Data are displayed in points for the sake of traders' convenience. Parameters: ATR Period - Default is 5 This ATR Histogram is meant to be used with a fee-based trading strategy of Svetlana Shevchun which is named "Bankomat" ("ATM"). The ATR indicator displays volatility and determines an av
SN MTF ParabolicSAR
SN MTF ParabolicSAR
Alexandr Gavrilin
该指标是基于流行的抛物线sar指标。 抛物线sar指标在图表上显示为高于或低于价格的点。 在上升趋势的情况下,指标点位于价格之下,在下降趋势的情况下,点显示在价格之上。 sn指标mtf抛物线sar抛物线sar显示数据与给定的时间范围和信号时改变方向。 设置: tf-时间范围抛物线sar. 步骤-指标的步骤。 最大值-指标的最大值。 使用"警报"在图表上的信号变化时显示警报。 推送使用-发送信号到您的智能手机。 邮件使用-发送信号到邮件。 使用声音-播放声音。 声音wav-选择音频文件。 声音用户文件-如果选择了用户文件,则指定声音文件的名称。 信号模式-信号识别模式,通过电流条或通过打开一个栏。 所选时间框架不得低于当前图表时间框架。
Ilan Dynamic New
Ilan Dynamic New
Alexandr Gavrilin
The EA is based on the Ilan 1.6 Dynamic EA, that was rewritten in the modern MQL4 code. The Ilan Dynamic New project will be developing and improving! Settings Trade Mode — operation mode ( Auto — expert works in a fully-automatic mode, Long Only — only Long trading is allowed, if there are Short orders, then the EA will not open new ones once those are closed. Short Only — only Short trading is allowed, if there are Long orders, then the EA will not open new ones once those are closed. No Wor
SN Liza EA
SN Liza EA
Alexandr Gavrilin
SN Liza EA是一个简单但有效的交易EA。 该系统很简单,包括在指定的时间开始交易,之后EA赚取利润,并被禁用,直到下一个时间点。 对于交易的结论加上适用的平均使用顺序网格。 但由于利润收盘,一个积极的结果的概率很高。  为了获得最佳性能,有必要选择一个时间,当市场处于平坦的状态,如清晨或夜晚。 滑点-允许的滑点,0-未使用  魔术-魔术,EA的订单的标识符 Procent-打开第一笔订单的可用保证金百分比 批次乘数-用于平均的批次乘数 TP-以标准积分获利 步骤-标准点中的步骤 步长乘数-乘数来增加订单之间的步长 时间使用-使用指定的时间或全天候工作 时间开始小时时间开始分钟-以小时和分钟为单位启用的时间  结束时间小时,结束时间分钟是以小时和分钟为单位的时间关闭
Breakeven Helper
Breakeven Helper
Alexandr Gavrilin
The Expert Advisor allows manual traders to close positions at breakeven or at a certain profit level (in points) from the breakeven point. The EA does not open trades on its own! However, it manages any orders with a specified magic number or without it and moves them to breakeven as soon as the profit from a breakeven point reaches a specified level in points. Breakeven point is very important in trading process. Our Expert Advisor considers all symbol parameters when calculating that point, i
SN Satern BO
SN Satern BO
Alexandr Gavrilin
This trend indicator is good at showing the tendency. The signal appears at the opening of a candle. The arrow points at the bar, at which or after which a market entry in the specified direction should be made. The analysis uses a candlestick pattern of movement continuation after a correction, taking the built-in filtering into account. The indicator is primarily designed for trading binary options with an expiration 3-5 times greater than the working period (for example: if the working period
SN Levels MT4
SN Levels MT4
Alexandr Gavrilin
Alexandr Gavrilin
A new look at the principle of determining the important extremes. It is based on a proprietary method for determining the trend direction. The display is implemented in the form of the familiar ZigZag indicator. The last (current) extremum can be redrawn, because the end point of a movement can not be determined in advance. The probability extremes can be used as important price levels, where a correction is more likely to start. The indicator has the following settings: step - scale, ranging f
Simple Expert
Simple Expert
Alexandr Gavrilin
简单的ea半自动交易。 交易的原则,如果动量移动,位置增加的趋势,而ea试图保持利润。 如果ea收到止损,它会等待用户选择交易方向并等待入场时刻。 对于图表上的买入和卖出订单的输入按钮。 ea有设置: 评论-订单评论 magic-majik定单,默认为0,能够拾取交易者打开的定单 滑点允许的滑点 风险-考虑到止损大小的余额%的风险 批次乘数-每个后续订单的批次乘数,当金字塔的趋势 修复批次-如果未指定风险,则使用修复批次 sl-止损  tp-获利  一步一步的点趋势金字塔 如何使用这个ea? 观看视频演示。 我的策略很简单理解,下面就写出它的基本规则: 我的交易规则: 硬毫米,如果你有一个止损,那么禁止交易的那一天! 在这一天不能重新输入,会有更多的机会进入!  入口只有在方向的高级时期,如果你不明白在哪里移动,采取方向从水平到水平。 如果您遇到更高的周期水平或局部阻力,请停止交易。 如果你打横盘,然后贸易它从地方水平只在趋势的方向是在较旧的时期。  撤回利润! 最低目标是返回存款,那么目标是获得100%的投资资金。 然后,你可以去一个舒适的数额,因为在某些时候,这将是
Alexandr Gavrilin
The indicator displays all deals in the chart, as well as adds the information about the deal result in the deposit currency and points in comments to deals. The indicator does not require configuration, it works only with the symbol it is attached to. It can display deals with the specified Magic. Settings Magic — if the value is set to -1, the indicator will display all deals. 0 means only manually opened deals. If you specify the Magic number of an Expert Advisor, it will display only the E
Alexandr Gavrilin
The product is based on the Bankomat trading strategy by Svetlana Shevchun. This indicator is designed for manual position tracking based on the Stop Loss trailing rules. StopLoss is trailed following the red point of the indicator. The indicator is aa perfect solution for trailing positions during impulse movements (in trend). To automate position tracking based on this indicator, you may use the product https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/9218 Using the Bankomat methods for trailing positio
Stop Protector
Stop Protector
Alexandr Gavrilin
Always protect your stop! The EA allows to automatize protection of stop loss by means of closing a part of a deal when a specified ratio of gained profit and stop loss is reached. You need to specify the working stop-loss for the EA! Run the EA on the used symbol and set up its parameters: magic (-1 is all) — tracking the magic number of orders, if -1, tracks all orders including manual, 0 — only manual orders; stoploss — working stop-loss, this parameter influences the partial closure. koef pr
Dragon EA MT5
Dragon EA MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
В основе советника Dragon EA MT5 используется наше фирменное решение по поиску дивергенций на графике с помощью индикаторов АО и AC. При появлении сигнала идет вход в направлении сигнала.  Нами были подобраны настройки с использованием усреднения, но советник позволяет задать стоплосс и трейлинг стоп.  Советник идеально работает в боковых движения и ловит развороты , ну а если не повезет с точкой входа, то способен выдерживать большие движения против сделки с небольшой просадкой.  Рекомендуемый
38 USD
FiboTrader Lite MT5
FiboTrader Lite MT5
Alexandr Gavrilin
Советник по Фибоначчи строит автоматически уровни Фибоначчи и использует их для торговли.  В своем анализе он использует авторский алгоритм идентификация импульсных движений и очень точно выявляет текущую тенденцию на указанном ему периоде. Универсальная настройка советника позволяет торговать почти любые акции, криптовалюты  и cfd. Настройки: TradeMode – режим выбора направления торговли. Time work – время торговли, если сигнал поступает вне торгового времени, то вход в рынок не осуществляется
38 USD
Marcin Miniatorski
Marcin Miniatorski 2021.07.21 14:42 

all working well, 2 masters, 1 slave, copying fast :)

roberto giovannini
roberto giovannini 2021.07.12 14:08 

it works perfectly.

very helpful developer

thank you

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.07.12 14:37
my contacts in profile.
Mattia Bernardi
Mattia Bernardi 2021.07.06 13:07 

Hi, I have a problem with Kopir, it does not copy all the trades the "master" opened, it opens only half

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.07.06 15:46
В моем профиле есть ссылка с типовыми проблемами по копиру и их решением, ознакомьтесь пожалуйста. Так же я почти всегда на связи, но лучше мне писать в мессенджеры. Все контакты в профиле указаны.
Abdulaziz Ahmed Mubarak Omar Almenhali

Great product... works perfectly

Tongwengkei 2021.06.10 20:22 

Hi, i have bought this EA since Nov,2020, but now i can not even update? WhY?

pierangelo 2021.06.07 10:26 

Non funziona per me, non apre le posizioni sul Client nonostante le impostazioni siano corrette. Help me please.

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.06.07 11:04
мои контакты указаны в профиле, если я на сайте не отвечаю, то пишите в телеграм.
Markus Feldinger
Markus Feldinger 2021.04.29 22:45 

Excellent, works perfectly. Absolutely worth the money.

Edwin Kurniawan
Edwin Kurniawan 2021.04.15 03:11 

Excellet. Auto balance calculation also works well

Keokone 2021.03.26 01:21 

This utility works well, it is worth paying for it. It would be nice to add a TP/SL money option.

03.31.21: I describe it in the comments tab

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.03.26 09:40
describe your proposal in more detail and with an example for better understanding.
cming07 2021.03.03 18:08 

Excellent copier. I installed mt5 version to master account and this version to mt4 slave account. The trades were copied even if the pair is not exact match. eurusd to eurusdc

Zamsari Ghani
Zamsari Ghani 2021.02.18 15:46 

5 Star Really Good product, Good support, always updates the latest version with good future added.

Wolfgang Roeckert
Wolfgang Roeckert 2021.02.18 12:39 

Kopir works good, i use it with many signals. Also great help from support! I recommend this copier..

viktor1128 2021.02.10 18:45 

Скачал демо версию копира неделю тестил очень понравился сегодня купил очень доволен спасибо Александру

Valerii Klitsenko
Valerii Klitsenko 2021.02.02 10:02 

Пользуюсь с апреля 2018 года. Лучший копировщик из всех, которые использовал за все время трейдинга (с 2012 года)!

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.02.02 11:29
Спасибо, за теплый отзыв. Очень приятно.
leehm 2021.01.12 17:36 

Hi, I bought Kopipr quite some times ago and Kopir gone through rounds of update and improvement. Great work. On VPS i can attach Kopir v5.36 to chart, but on my local PC i can't attach Kopir to chart. Hope to re-download from mql5 market, but there is no such button/option now. Please help and advise and also where can I re-download the kopir? Tks much.

Fabio Lidio De Oliveira
Fabio Lidio De Oliveira 2020.12.07 16:01 

Gostei muito, nota 10!!!! recomento esses produtos do Alexandr Gavrilin, a 2 messes de uso nunca de deixou na mão Obrigado pelo seus ótimos produtos..... Recomento a todos aqui do MQL5!!!

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.01.13 08:50
Thank you for your feedback.
KCapital 2020.11.23 10:43 

Dangerous!! The below statement is now correct, this copier now has developed major copying errors leading to Disaster.

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.01.13 08:51
Good afternoon, all contacts are listed in my profile, solve questions first with me before writing a review, I carefully monitor the problems that arise in the product and solve them quickly.
Saleh Alghanem
Saleh Alghanem 2020.11.06 14:50 

The author is not cooperative + copying errors

Alexandr Gavrilin
来自开发人员的回复 Alexandr Gavrilin 2021.01.13 08:52
Good afternoon, all contacts are listed in my profile, solve questions first with me before writing a review, I carefully monitor the problems that arise in the product and solve them quickly.
Konstantin Kulikov
Konstantin Kulikov 2016.09.29 21:12 

Хороший продукт. Стабильно много лет.

tetu5525 2020.10.13 04:49 

When the copy destination is used as follows Minimum lot 0.1 Minimum step 0.01 in the case of Copy source 0.12 lot Copy destination 0.1 lot I want you to improve it to 0.12 lots.

Aleksandr Beresnev
Aleksandr Beresnev 2020.09.01 17:19 


NiMiR 2020.08.25 18:48 

Пользуюсь полгода. Пробовал на 4-5 брокерах. Работает как часы. Очень доволен. Сделки открываются мгновенно на всех терминалах. Буду продлевать

sauerlandtreffi 2020.08.15 12:53 

Great copier with so many settings to use!! It has exactly those things I needed for a big project! It's the best one I found in the market. The developer Alexander is friendly as well! 5 Stars!

511203912 2020.08.14 15:32 


EVHENYI PAVLOV 2020.06.29 04:39 


GOZAN GOZAN 2020.06.25 02:11 

Best Copy!! Recommended!!

jassmith 2020.06.15 17:49 

Fast!!! Executions are perfect. Support is great Alexander is fast to respond and help

koshkainna 2020.06.09 11:14 

Купил, поставил, все работает. Спасибо! Реально лучший продукт из тех что видел

Claudio Zanoni
Claudio Zanoni 2020.04.30 17:31 


marcos72 2020.03.23 15:59 

Very good EA, works very well and the coder is very helpful

gizma171 2020.03.20 05:58 

Если вы много зарабатываете на Форекс можете купить конечно .......

Ну а если с деньгами туго....

То существует совершенно бесплатный без всяких ограничений от серьезной конторы....

Есть уроки как написать самому с исходными кодами и полным разбором.....

Стоит только поискать ....

Не понимаю автора который просит за него деньги.....

Aleksey Ilchenko
Aleksey Ilchenko 2020.01.30 02:43 


CAMILo 2019.12.03 16:16 

Do you have a version for mt5? Thanks

parismark 2019.11.15 17:59 

I want to know how to copy the certain trade from master to client.

E.g. I want to copy the fifth trade to client, when i use "count server order copy start = 5", it always copy the previous 1 to 4 trades with the fifth trade together to the client server. How to do?

bbundmc 2019.10.02 21:00 

MQL5 wrote: The number of available activations is set by the seller!

The seller offered unlimited activations on 1 PC! After installing of 3 instances on 1 PC the MQL5 said: all 5!!!!!! activations are done. Unbelievable. I will try to get my money back

Markus Krejci
Markus Krejci 2019.04.11 13:14 

If there are a few open orders on the server account and you start the client account it will not copy all open orders. Although I used timeout=0 and high slippage setting. Author tries to help but it does not really work perfectly.

Davide Abate
Davide Abate 2019.04.15 14:53 


JONI Spd 2019.03.31 08:27 

I have been using this EA for 1 month and I am very happy to use it, because there is no difference between Master and Slave, I still have a problem. I want to copy Transactions in MT5 to MT4 and vice versa. How can this EA function for MT4 and MT5

Rodrigo Gabriel Giannoni
Rodrigo Gabriel Giannoni 2019.03.06 09:53 

Nice EA, It Works great and easy configuration.

Evgenij Litvintsev
Evgenij Litvintsev 2019.01.28 11:17 


Cloud Chiu
Cloud Chiu 2018.12.06 07:53 

It's the easiest to use and full functions copy trade EA that I have ever bought and used.

Victor Danny Wangkar
Victor Danny Wangkar 2018.09.27 03:52 

Excellent product has been using it for years..

Jasmin Delalic
Jasmin Delalic 2017.03.12 21:52 

Plenty of features and it would be my favorite EA if Client doesn't use so much of resources, particularly CPU. My platform is useless and freezing all the time when I load Client. If I have more of this EAs on one VPS, entire VPS is useless.

Ivan Shamin
Ivan Shamin 2018.07.25 15:36 

простые настройки. надежная работа. очень доволен. спасибо!

Sunny Ho
Sunny Ho 2018.06.18 07:05 

It is so user friendly that it can be easily set up for basic operation without much reference to the instructions. It also has a lot of functions and they can be further explored by watching the video made by the author. A perfect piece of work. Thanks Alex.

Peter 2018.06.11 20:59 

Excellent EA, works as expected.

Ali 2018.04.19 23:35 

Accurate EA, Alex support on telegram very good as well.

coingraber 2018.04.18 11:28 

Замечательный копировщик. Работает как часы. Оправдал свою стоимость многократно.

Alexander Kalinkin
Alexander Kalinkin 2018.02.02 20:59 


Francisco Ortiz Escalona
Francisco Ortiz Escalona 2018.01.20 21:34 

Ein sehr guter Kopierer, funktioniert ohne Probleme und es hat die Einstellmöglichkeiten die ich brauche.

ForexTraderSF 2018.01.04 23:32 

"The number of terminals (server\client) is not limited."

I can't get the install to work from MQL5, yet the seller states this above and won't give me the direct download to upload to my broker files.

Дмитрий Равчев
Дмитрий Равчев 2017.12.10 08:26 

Очень хороший копировальщик. Прост в обращении и настройках. Задержка минимальная. Спасибо автору за проделанную работу. Рекомендую всем кто ищет подобный продукт.

Benan Tumkaya
Benan Tumkaya 2017.11.23 18:30 

I have been using it for a long time now. No problems whatsoever. Just works like it is supposed to.

Denis Izotov
Denis Izotov 2017.11.10 14:08 


Bojan Marinkovic
Bojan Marinkovic 2017.11.02 15:02 


Taufik Kazi
Taufik Kazi 2017.10.18 11:25 

Very good product for people who use mt4 platform especially for account managers who doesnt want to take same trades in different accounts

tariqulalom 2017.08.17 06:02 


Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 2017.08.02 07:24 


Andrei Tolokonnikov
Andrei Tolokonnikov 2017.07.31 20:52 


Roy W
Roy W 2017.06.02 00:00 


Valeriy Yaraskin
Valeriy Yaraskin 2017.05.22 19:17 


splendorfx 2017.05.12 13:49 

it is a quite good product.

The support i nice too. Thanks

4 stars because I bought the product at 20$ and the price went down to 10$ the day after.

Martin Klonga
Martin Klonga 2017.05.08 22:06 

This open random forex pair for random lot anytime. I loss 2000usd for 5min. Shit

rakyan 2017.05.03 05:53 


Willivan Willivan
Willivan Willivan 2017.04.20 07:37 

It 's a nice product.

The author is helpful, quick respond and Support from Alex is also great he have a lot of patience to explain everything.

I recommend this EA.

Aleksei Gavrilov
Aleksei Gavrilov 2017.03.13 11:20 

Шикарно. Работает. У меня не сильно замороченная торговля.Нужно только копирование и мультипликатор лота для соблюдения ММ. Автору спасибо, респект!

Mohamed Alghedefe
Mohamed Alghedefe 2017.03.06 04:22 


Oleg Fursa
Oleg Fursa 2017.03.05 05:56 

Продукт работает отлично и выполняет все заявленные задачи с минимальной задержкой. Погрешность исполнения при копировании "по тикам" в среднем составляет 1 пункт пятизнака. Поддержка мгновенная! Демократичная цена, если не сказать больше. Однозначно 5 звезд!

Sergey Urvantsev
Sergey Urvantsev 2017.03.03 10:04 

Отличный продукт, который стоит своих денег! Спасибо)

Yury Antipov
Yury Antipov 2017.02.28 20:17 

И моё, спасибо, примите!

[删除] 2017.02.25 23:19 


koder123 2017.02.10 22:20 

Отличный копировщик. Работает как часы. Быстрый, малое время задержки. Лучший из тех, что я использовал ранее.

Daniel Zaharie
Daniel Zaharie 2017.01.27 09:59 

Very good product. I have contacted the guy through Skype to help me for some configuration settings and replied very fast. Great job!

Rick 2017.01.19 11:31 

Great product with many customization possibilities. Perfect when you want to trade on multiple accounts even with different balances.

Zhi Yong Wu
Zhi Yong Wu 2016.11.17 09:11 

Why xauusd can not be copied!!!!This is a very serious problem!!!!!

Jai Kumar
Jai Kumar 2016.10.26 17:24 

awesome product more of that Author is very supportive

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2016.10.08 23:58 

Most stable copier i ever purchased

Frank B
Frank B 2016.07.26 10:04 

Good and a small price. Thanks

destruwall 2016.07.22 00:12 

Excellent product and excellent seller. I helped solve a very particular case. 100% recommendable. I am eternally grateful.

Xiaoyang Sun
Xiaoyang Sun 2016.06.29 17:43 

Very comprehensive copy software. Excellent works.

Happy Mans World
Happy Mans World 2016.06.27 19:16 

I bought this Product 2months ago, and it is working perfectly with me,,, what is important, is the great support Author is proving :)

Alexander Dudenchuk
Alexander Dudenchuk 2016.03.23 21:35 

Советник использую больше года. Были разные нюансы, но в основном свои функции выполняет и приносит прибыль. Я доволен и рекомендую всем.

Автору респект за оперативную поддержку.

Guntis Grants
Guntis Grants 2016.01.30 14:50 

Works fine for me. Every thing works exactly as described.

osogunle 2016.01.18 13:34 

The product is excellent and the author attend to issues.

Levent Kilic
Levent Kilic 2016.01.05 00:55 


[删除] 2015.12.25 16:04 


Vladimir Ivanov
Vladimir Ivanov 2015.12.21 15:40 

Отличный продукт. Масса настроек, которыми можно настроить, что угодно! Рекомендую до того, как обращаться к автору с вопросами внимательно прочесть инструкцию http://sovetnikov.net/files/kopirmt4_market.pdf

Всё, что можно придумать для копира есть в настройках. В свою очередь техническая поддержка, тоже на уровне, несмотря на очевидную глупость вопросов, общение не прерывают, поддержку оказывают ;-)))

tradingdiver 2015.12.09 19:25 

Amazing software, very useful!

Mike Geesing
Mike Geesing 2015.12.02 11:25 

Great application with many options. Author is helpful and updated the ea very quickly.

Jeremy Pereira Le
Jeremy Pereira Le 2015.10.22 10:38 

Author is really helpful and honest :)

[删除] 2015.10.13 23:47 


Kaschey 2015.10.11 18:46 

Отличная вещь:)все необходимое в базовом варианте есть.Рекомендую.

Denis Chugrin
Denis Chugrin 2015.08.28 20:19 

Отличный софт

Haki1215 2015.08.05 05:34 

Great Job

useful, cheap

thank you

Ashraff Salleh
Ashraff Salleh 2015.08.04 16:40 

Work as desired. Great product and great support we have here! Thanks a lot...

Felipe Ponce Aragon
Felipe Ponce Aragon 2015.08.03 22:55 

As a private trader and manager of customer's account, I rely heavily on this EA. Before using it, I had to manually enter the same trade several times (in several accounts). Now, I only configure the proper risk to each account and voalá!. Higly reccomended.

Mohammed Kadir
Mohammed Kadir 2015.07.14 14:11 

How do i contact Alexander? This stupid product does not work. Wasted $30. I want a refund. Wasted hours trying to even get it going. I am very upset and dissappointed.

srlr15 2015.06.09 14:40 

I just want to share my experience of using KOPRI MT4 copier. I think Alexandr (author) is simply superb and provided excellent support to me while installing the KOPIR M T4. The copier worked perfectly and it is amazing product. Thanks Alexandr for brining out this nice product. It’s really quiet useful to traders who want to increase their deal volume. It is indeed a great product and the author is very much helpful.

SusaninNT 2015.06.05 11:15 

Это мой не первый купленный копировщик, но этот действительно лучший, Не теряет сделки при сбоях MT экономит ресурсы VPS, очень прост в использовании, рекомендую.

Aleksandra Kazakova
Aleksandra Kazakova 2015.06.03 17:37 

Спасибо за качественный продукт!

Igor Sharankov
Igor Sharankov 2015.05.27 18:11 


Viktor Gold
Viktor Gold 2015.05.22 08:12 

Долгое время пользовался бесплатными версиями всевозможных копировальщиков, какие можно найти в интернете, однако ни один из них, не решался запустить на реал. Все они "геморройные".

Всё таки приобрёл эту, предварительно тестировал "лайт" версию на демо.

Работу этого советника можно сравнить с работой швейцарского часового механизма, цена символическая, плюс тех.поддержка.

Александру СПАСИБО.

championWBC 2015.05.20 16:57 

Работает как швейцарские часы. Всем рекомендую кто торгует на разных брокерах. Автору огромное спасибо, почерк профессионала !

Andrew 2015.05.19 10:29 

Купил-таки. Ну супер!!! Все просто летает! В реале на 11 терминалах все открывается и закрывается секунда в секунду. Спасибо! Отличный продукт!!!

retnuh 2015.05.14 16:06 

Fantastic product and support! Only issue I've had was from my own stupidity and Alexandr cleared it up super fast.

frankrty 2015.04.14 05:35 

the best and most affordable

excellent work

knows how to do their job

super super !!!

IrishDance 2015.03.31 09:02 

Хорошая работа, от аналогов выгодно отличает очень хороший функционал - возможность фильтровать сделки по магику и крайне полезный режим скальпера.

Antony.r 2015.03.17 15:07 

Великолепный продукт, но что главное - автор лично помогает в решении любых проблем с копировщиком и оперативно устраняет любые наблюдаемые ошибки. Лучшего сервиса просто не бывает.


Excellent product with the best support there is.

blu.italia 2015.03.16 20:34 

So far so good! I am a customer of ActivTrades PLC and the expert advisor working without problems. The author provides an incredibly good and unique support!

Please keep it up!

Best regards



So weit, so gut! Ich bin Kunde bei ActivTrades PLC und der Expert Advisor arbeitet ohne Probleme. Der Anbieter bietet eine unglaublich gute und einzigartige Unterstützung!

Bitte weiter so!

Viele Grüße


ulysses maciel mota
ulysses maciel mota 2015.03.13 13:54 

Author is super helpful and good product.

Артем Байков
Артем Байков 2015.02.27 18:39 

Купил, работает как часики! Подзавис с настройкой, исправили за минуту! Спасибо большое. Ждем версию для работы на разных серверах.

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paradiZze 2015.01.26 08:07 


хороший копир

Александру отдельное спасибо за помощь в настройке эксперта

Alexander Bobrov
Alexander Bobrov 2015.01.24 12:45 

Отличный копировщик. Пользуюсь уже почти полгода.

Dy5topia 2014.11.27 12:00 

Excelent copier EA,lovely!

Support from Alex is also great he have a lot of patience to explain everything.

I recommend this EA.

thank you Alex,regards!

aldo6800 2014.10.08 10:33 

It 's a very good product. The author is helpful, and explains every function immediately

版本 5.38 2021.02.05
- исправление проверок по комментарию
版本 5.36 2020.12.01
- исправлено копирование лимитных и отложенных ордеров между МТ4 и МТ5
- накопительное исправление ошибок связанные с копированием сделок.
- исправление работы таймаута
- совместимость с обновлением 5.36 KopirМТ5
版本 5.35 2020.11.30
- накопительное исправление ошибок связанные с копированием сделок.
- добавлены новые опции для переоткрытия сделок:
Reopen maximum - максимальное количество переоткрытий (без учета первой позиции).
- исправлен механизм переоткрытия, теперь для переоткрытия автоматически работает режим scalper mode для входа только по заданной цене или лучше. При переоткрытии после первого ордера игнорируется timeout.
- добавлена новая опция для ограничения копирования отложенных ордеров:
timeout (min) for pending orders - тайм аут для копирования отложенных ордеров, 0 - без ограничений
если включено переоткрытие, то данная опция работает для первого ордера, а потом она игнорируется.
版本 5.34 2020.10.16
- исправление копирования BUYSTOP,SELLSTOP
版本 5.33 2020.09.22
- исправление ошибки торговли на счетах GLD
版本 5.32 2020.07.06
- добавлена поддержка счетов с большим количеством цифр, исправлен переноса стоплосс. Исправлена ошибка включения Copy new off при загрузке из ранее сохранённых настроек.
版本 5.31 2020.06.19
- обновлен под новую версию терминала
- добавлен режим остановки копирования новых сделок Copy mode = Copy new off отключает копирование новых ордеров. Старые продолжает контролировать
版本 5.30 2020.05.22
- добавлены функции ограничения минимального и максимального объема. MinLot, MaxLot
版本 5.29 2020.05.11
- исправлен сбой при копировании
版本 5.28 2020.05.10
- исправлено обновление данных
- исправлена работа механизма входа с указанного количества ордеров на сервере, для возможности копирования сделок с усреднениями
- удалена функция Duplication
- удалена функция остановки копирования по количеству сделок на сервере
- удалена функция остановки копирования по количеству на клиенте
版本 5.27 2020.05.07
- добавлена поддержка копирования индексов например Volatility 75 Index и подобные названия
- добавлена поддержка копирования и частичного закрытия ордеров с объемов до 3 знаков после запятой
- доработано переоткрытие ордеров, если тейк профит стоит уже неправильно, что может инициировать закрытие сделки сразу, такие сделки копироваться не будут.
版本 5.25 2020.03.15
- исправление определения окончания торговой сессии
版本 5.24 2020.02.10
- добавлена функция задержки открытия сделок относительно предыдущих. Требуется для некоторых брокеров. По умолчанию функция отключена.
版本 5.23 2020.01.15
- исправлено копирование отложенных ордеров для инструментов из кросс таблицы
版本 5.22 2020.01.14
- исправлено копирование XAUUSD
版本 5.21 2020.01.10
- исправлена отмена ТР\СЛ
版本 5.20 2020.01.09
- исправлено перемещение отложенных и лимитных заявок
- исправлен приоритет для кросс таблицы, чтобы можно было применять правила EURUSD=GBPUSD и т.п.
版本 5.10 2019.12.16
- исправление расчетов при активированной опции 'Use currency' , которое приводило к неверному расчету лота.
版本 5.0 2019.12.12
Attention! This version is updated only after closing all positions!

- added support for copying MT4 < - > MT5
- reworked the logic of the autolot, now you can include the ratio of balances, shoulders, currencies, by default, the lot multiplier mode is enabled.
版本 4.78 2019.12.02
- правка работы в пятницу , если время ПК отличается от времени брокера.
版本 4.77 2019.11.11
- ребрендинг, обновлена иконка
版本 4.76 2019.11.05
- redesigned the mechanism of opening orders with the specified parameter Points
- fixed the logic of tracking drawdown on the account to stop copying
版本 4.75 2019.09.03
исправление работы с сделками от сигналов
版本 4.74 2019.08.31
Накопительное обновление
版本 4.73 2019.07.19
- исправление ошибки копирования инструментов, содержащих в названии восклицательный знак !
版本 4.72 2019.07.08
- исправление возможной ошибки при переоткрытии
- добавлено игнорирование Timeout, если включено переоткрытие Reopen position
- при первом открытии берет тр и сл исходные если включен режим User can modify orders
- исправление выставления своих тр и сл.
- исправление обновления данных при закрытии на стороне клиента
- добавлен классический трейлинг стоп (trailing stop) и безубыток (bu)
版本 4.71 2019.05.27
снижение нагрузки на процессор
版本 4.70 2019.05.26
снижение нагрузки в выходные дни
版本 4.68 2019.04.30
- исправлена работа с торговыми сессиями, которое приводило к остановке копирования
版本 4.67 2019.04.26
- исправлена отключение торговли на сервере с инвесторским паролем
- возвращена настройка частоты опроса по таймеру, по умолчанию 100 мс
版本 4.66 2019.04.18
- обновление для снижения нагрузки при отсутствии сделок
版本 4.65 2019.04.16
- обновление сообщений в журнале Эксперты
版本 4.64 2019.04.15
- исправлена ошибка проверки торговой сессии из-за чего копировщик не копировал сделки
版本 4.63 2019.04.02
- исправление сброса тикета ордера при нехватки маржи на открытие, которое приводило к дублированию сделки.
- обновлены отладочные сообщения
版本 4.61 2018.11.23
- исправлено округление лота
版本 4.60 2018.11.20
поправлены комментарии
版本 4.59 2018.11.19
- запрет копирования открытых ордеров с комментарием to #
- исправления обнаруженных проблем
版本 4.58 2018.11.02
- отключено дополнительное получение котировок, которое может вызывать задержки при открытии и закрытии.
版本 4.57 2018.09.24
- исправлена ошибка с повторным открытием сделки
版本 4.56 2018.08.14
- убраны из настроек не актуальные параметры
- удалены метки на графике о текущем режиме так как они дулируют сообщение в правом верхнем углу
- добавлен параметр Cross Table , формат ServerSymbol1=ClientSymbol1 можно указать несколько через запятую. Это дополнение к внешнему файлу кросс таблиц kopirmt4_cross.ini
- переименован параметр Dublicator в Duplication
- исправлен механизм таймера, введен резервный механизм на случай сбоя.
- параметр timeout задан по умолчанию 5 минут
- обновлен механизм работы с ордерами, чтобы ускорить с ними работу.
- бесплатная версия будет работать только по AUDUSD так как данная версия предназначена в первую очередь для знакомства с функционалом.
- добавлен трайлинг стоп по % профиту как суммарно по всем копируемым сделкам так и раздельно по каждому из копируемых счетов.
- исправлено закрытие всех сделок по просадке в валюте и %
- несколько мелких улучшений и исправление замеченных ошибок.
版本 4.51 2017.09.06
- improved occasional partial closing causing a trade to be closed entirely for no reason
版本 4.50 2017.08.28
- added the options to increase\decrease TP and SL
- added the options to enable copying TP and SL separately
版本 4.49 2017.08.16
- minor fixes for copying of pending orders
- fixed copying with consideration of the EURRUB quotes on ruble accounts
版本 4.48 2017.08.02
- fixed an error with canceling pending and limit order when filtering by comment
版本 4.47 2017.07.24
- added the duplicator mode
- disabled checking the margin for opening limit and pending orders
版本 4.45 2017.05.02
- fixed copying of pending orders
- Added the "Use leverage accounts" option, which allows ignoring the leverage ratio when the 'Auto lot = true' mode is enabled
版本 4.44 2017.04.26
- fixed the lot size rounding
版本 4.43 2017.04.19
- fixed the operation of the lot multiplier for a currency when Auto lot is enabled
- stop copying at the current drawdown, formula is ((Equity/Balance)-1)*100. If the drawdown is lower than or equal to specified, copying is disabled, it is possible to send notifications and force close the positions.

版本 4.42 2017.03.14
版本 4.40 2017.03.01
- Removed the possibility to manage the copier from other Expert Advisors (obsolete feature)
- Removed the possibility to manage another EA AutoTrade Manager (obsolete feature)
- Fixed display of operation mode taking into account current EA state
- Finalized the stop copying mechanism in case equity or margin levels drop; copying shall be resumed once the level is restored.
- Added new mode to stop copying when the margin level (%) drops
- Added sending of notifications by email or push when the margin/equity level drops, noe more than 1 message in 10 minutes
- Redesigned account currency conversion mode during copying, conversion is disabled by default.
- Improved auto comment, added ticket number
- "use currency auto koef" parameter renamed to "use currency accounts"
- New parameters: "alert mail use", "alert push use", "stopout margin level %"
- Added display of the number of positions opened on the server
- In the free version, only copying of EURUSD is available, other pairs are available in paid versions.
- Otstup parameter renamed to Points
版本 4.32 2016.12.13
- Word 'reverse' is removed from comments
- Fixed conversion with regard to the account currency. Currently supported account types include USD,EUR,RUB
- Fixed copying of XAUUSD
版本 4.31 2016.10.14
- fixed working with symbols table
- fixed the error with determining the minimum lot
- improved the analysis of partially closed trades
版本 4.30 2016.04.12
版本 4.21 2016.04.07
- fixed the detection of the minimal lot for futures and stocks
版本 4.20 2015.12.01
- Working with prefixes improved
- Scalping mode and indent mode revised, the logics of the entry point limit updated
- Added settings for configuring server requesting frequency
- A new mode allows to activate the server request by a timer or by arrival of ticks to reduce load
版本 4.14 2015.11.17
- Fixed shutdown in cases when the specified number of orders on the server and the client is reached
- New functions count_client_orders_stop and count_client_all_orders_use to control the number of orders on the client. Once the specified number of open orders is reached, no more new orders will be copied.
版本 4.13 2015.11.13
- A new function has been added allowing to disable SL and TP modifications when they are modified on the server
版本 4.12 2015.11.12
- fixed order comments
- improved sorting out by comments and magic numbers:
filter magic list
supports ability to specify all magic numbers beginning from specified numbers using * (for example, *1234)
Thus, all orders having the magic number beginning from 1234 will be copied

filter comment list
supports ability to strictly match a comment using ! (for example, !EA_Ilan).
Thus, all orders having a specified comment are copied
版本 4.11 2015.11.06
- Timer restart refined
- Saturday and Sunday added to the time manager
- Custom comments fixed
版本 4.10 2015.10.26
Attention: prior to updating the application, wait until all trades are closed in all clients!!! The version is not compatible with the previous ones.

- Improved support of binary options (type UP / DOWN is only supported)
- Improved entry mode by the number of spreads. If spread is zero, the copier automatically switches to entry accuracy in points.
- Changed value of parameter filter slippage = 5.0 for compatibility with previous versions
版本 4.0 2015.10.15
- Refined closure with the mode 'close price use' active
- Changed order tracking logics for the following new functions (ATTENTION: prior to update the application, let the Copier close all positions, otherwise they will be lost!)
- Added an option for starting and stopping copying by the number of open instruments
- Fixed an error with minimal lot when copying CFD and Forex instruments
- Changed logics of symbol match tables, the table is of a higher priority. The exact match of instruments (full names like in the terminal) should be specified in the table
- New option no_move_stoploss_and_takeprofit that disables shift for stop loss and take profit if position was entered with a deviation. The function is on by default.
- The default value of the use_currency_koef is set to true
- New option slippage_is_count_spread, when set to true activates mode of accuracy based on the number of spreads and the entry accuracy depends on the spread. The function is on by default.
- The following parameters have been renamed:
list accounts for copy, delimiter (,) = server accounts
default lot = fix lot
filter slippage open price = filter slippage
版本 3.43 2015.04.21
- corrected reading data by a client (the issue was detected on systems with SSD and HSSD hybrid disks)
- enabled copying take profit and stop loss by default
版本 3.42 2015.04.17
- Fixed placing pending and limit orders at certain settings
- Changed lot calculation equation: the description in https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/618#example is used in Autolot mode
- Added support for accounts in different currencies: the terminal should receive quotes in EURUSD and USDRUB. EUR, USD and RUB accounts are supported.
- Ratio calculation can be disabled by setting 'currency auto koef' to 'false'. The mode is disabled by default! This is an experimental function.
版本 3.41 2015.04.15
- Returned update timeout (sec) parameter for forced update
- Fixed some errors
版本 3.40 2015.04.07
- Improved time synchronization between the server and the client
- Added timeout indication by a fractional number if the deal lifetime is less than 1 minute
- Added automated disabling of stop loss/take profit modification on the client's side if custom stop loss or take profit is enabled and set to zero
- Revised server order tracking algorithm, update timeout (sec) option is no longer required, so it was deleted. Delay parameter is eliminated. It is no longer required.
- Added external control support by means of copying the instrument from EAs and indicators (detailed information will be available in instructions)
- Included support of different currencies; automated correction of a lot will be in the next updates
- Removed deletion of pending order if it triggered before the client's one, which led to omission of entry by pending orders
- timeout parameter default value is 0 again; operational mode selection parameter was renamed in "mode" (default value of this parameter is Server)
Attention: this update is incompatible with previous versions. Close all open positions on clients or wait for their closing before updating!!!
版本 3.33 2015.03.25
Fixed copying of comments.
版本 3.32 2015.03.19
- improved logics of order tracking
- ability to forcedly update добавлена server data, parameter update timeout (sec), the value is set in seconds (the setting is for the server only)
- automatic detection of symbols with prefixes and CFD
- copying of take profit and stop loss of pending orders the way it is done for market orders; the copier does not copy them by default.
Copying is enabled by setting parameters user takeprofit use=false, user stoploss use=false
- automatic comments, adds the number of the account from which trading is copied
- fixes in the operation of exception filters
版本 3.31 2015.03.10
- Fixed order re-opening when timeout=0
版本 3.30 2015.03.04
- Improved copying of the trades opened in parts on ECN accounts.
- 'timeout' parameter is equal to 5 by default (not 0). The parameter now also affects pending orders as well!
- Improved opening limit and stop orders, especially when working with scalpers and news Expert Advisors.
- Copying stops and take levels is disabled by default in order to speed up the work when copying a great amount of orders.
Pending orders do not receive take and stop levels right after they are placed. Instead, the levels are set right after the order is triggered (if the appropriate options are activated).
By default, take and stop levels are virtual.
- Revised changing a stop loss and take profit in order to improve working with scalper trading robots.
版本 3.29 2015.02.18
- added the parameter for setting the history upload depth for clients. It reduces the load during intraday trading.
history count (days) = 1..N; the parameter uses the number of previous days as its value;
- added Time manager settings allowing users to set the time period when coyping trades is allowed. The time is set for each day of week. The time format allows you to set trading periods, for example, 0-10, 13-17 or 22:10-08:00, 15:00-18:59;
- added support for joint operation with AutoTradeManager utility.
版本 3.28 2015.02.16
- Fixed working with 'otstup' parameter.
- Fixed data download when changing the settings, while open trades are present.
- Added the new option: close price use = false/true. If enabled (true), a trade is closed only if the price is not worse than the close price at the source. 'otstup' parameter is considered.

Attention: save the settings to file before the update!
版本 3.27 2015.01.30
- Fixed joint operation of a server and a client on a single account (fixed position opening duplications).
- Fixed take profit, stop loss and Open price modification.
- Fixed the default option 'pause for set takeprofit (min) = 0'.
- Changed scalper mode logic. Now, positive 'otstup' is the minimum number of points the server price should move from the Open one before it is allowed to open a trade. If 'otstup' value is negative, the server price should move in the negative direction for the specified distance from the Open price before it is allowed to open a trade.
- Provided smart stop loss and take profit calculation mode: convergence between the server's and client's position prices is considered.
- Improved sleep mode to reduce the processor load.
- Improved the mode of downloading accounts from different servers.
版本 3.26 2015.01.22
- added ability to copy only the specified direction
copy mode = Long & Short, Long Only, Short Only
- added ability to set custom take profit or stop loss (can be specified separately)
user takeprofit use = false, true
user stoploss use = false, true
- added re-opening trades if a trade has been closed on a client's side
reopen position = false, true
- added ability to set take profit for a trade with delay in minutes
pause for set takeprofit (min) = 0..60
版本 3.25 2015.01.15
- A risk manager has been added to stop copying at a preset level of drawdown on the server or client account.
- New functions for filtering trades based on the magic number, comment or symbol.
版本 3.24 2014.12.22
- minor bug fixes in the table of symbols
- improved data update from server accounts
版本 3.22 2014.11.19
Update 17.11.2014
- Updated the mechanism of saving order details and order receipt by clients, load on CPU is reduced to a minimum. Now the copier enters a standby mode when nothing is changed for the orders.
- Added an editable table of tickets (symbol names), if they differ.

For the futures NO NEED to specify month and the last digit of the year (e.g. Z4 (December 2014), the copier will find them automatically)
版本 3.21 2014.10.30
Now it considers the leverage of the client and server for automatic calculation of the volume.
版本 3.20 2014.10.24
- Fixed partial closing issue
- Added exclusion function to work in filters with "-" operator. For example, -EURUSD gives command not to copy the EURUSD trades.