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Lighthouse is a support and resistance indicator.

It displays the most important trading levels and draws them according to their relevance.

If a level is clearly broken, it changes its role and color. Support becomes resistance and vice versa.

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Key Features

  • Automated adjustment to the underlying time frame
  • Displays only significant support and resistance levels
  • Immediate graphical response if a level is clearly broken
  • Thicker drawn SR levels are more important than thinner ones

General Settings

  • Analysis mode: Select between three different scan modes (intraday, medium and high time frames) or use the automatic adjustment which is set by default
  • Sensitive mode: The sensitive mode identifies more support and resistance levels. We recommend using it if you are an intraday trader. Set this to false if you like to reduce the number of drawn SR levels
  • SR Distance in Pips: This changeable value is the basis for the built-in support and resistance level distance check. It measures the distance between the current price and the next Lighthouse levels.

The default and recommended minimum value is 5 pips. If the current price is closer than 5 pips to the next support or resistance level, you will see the state „WAIT“.

If the distance between the current price and the next support or resistance level is bigger than 5 pips, you will see „GO“.

The value for SR Distance in pips is customizable. So please fill it with the value that suits your strategy best.

  • Fill buffers with: The price values of the SR levels OR the results of the built-in calculations.

This option is especially for EA developers. According to your requirements, you can use the Lighthouse calculation and buffers in two ways.

By default, Lighthouse fills all eight accessible buffers with the values of the eight most important support and resistance levels.

But you can fill it with the following values as well: SRDistanceCheckResult, HighestSR, LowestSR, NextAbove, NextBelow

Please send a confirmation of your Lighthouse purchase to receive the according code snippets.

Graphical Settings

  • Display SR check box: Displays the result of the built-in SR level distance check at the left side of your chart. Set to false if you like to hide this check box.
  • Display Lighthouse levels: This parameter is responsible for all drawn support and resistance levels. If false, the drawn lines are hidden.
  • Display Levels in the background: Displays all SR levels behind the price candles. Set to true if you like to draw them in the foreground.
  • Color, Font and Thickness settings: You are able to change the defaults of the text blocks and set your own colors for the drawn support and resistance levels. Create it as you like it best.

Notification Settings

  • Enable SR distance warning: Set to true and you will get an alert if the price comes close to the next SR level.
  • Enable SR switch notification: Set to true and you will get an alert if a SR Level changes its role from support to resistance or vice versa.
  • AlertsOn: You will benefit from several alert and notification options like audio, e-mail or mobile notifications. False disables all alerts.
  • AlertsMessage: You will get an alert message in your MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • AlertsSound: You will get an audio notification in your MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • AlertsEMail: You will get an e-mail if you set up the correct e-mail settings for your e-mail provider at your MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • AlertsNotification: You will get a notification on your mobile device if you set up the mobile notification settings of your MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • Soundfile: Enter the name of a sound file to hear an individual audio notification. The selected sound file must be installed in the “Sounds” directory of your MetaTrader 4 platform.
Roman Zakharii
2018.06.19 15:50 

I bought it, tried. Not much impressed. It clutters the chart very much, the lines are too thick. Its also overpriced, not worth the money. Removed it from my charts, free Fibonacci tool is better.

2018.06.08 20:07 

I purchased this indicator just now, very excited to use this on my trade setup. Mr Daniel is so nice person, I dont need to worry as he is there to help me. Great!!!!!

Good Indicator, yet to use in live market, I am very much confident on this indicator.

2018.05.15 13:24 

Lighthouse is a powerful indicator that lets you know when to take a trade. It alerts you in a timely manner the point at which the trend pauses for a reversal or trend continuation. It gives clear direction on where the market is headed. This indicator is complete with FX Power and FX Trend to make up the Blueball Trading strategy. I have adapted the trio to my peculiar trading style.

And Daniel gives excellent support and promptly answers all your questions.

Evgenii Golovan
2018.05.08 23:02 


2018.03.27 14:41 

Godd indicator, Great work, I highly recommended it

Thushara Herath
2018.02.28 15:18 

Easy to use. Excellent indicator.


I bought many indicator & EA. This one is BEST & EXCELLENT result.

Nicola Stoffel
2018.02.27 19:08 

VERY DANGEROUS discretionary trading approach you can burn all your deposit if you don't be skilled enough. You need a plan a money managemente strategy and a exact entry signal approach. BE WARNING WITH THE DISCRETIONARY TRADING SYSTEM THEY CAN BE CATASTROPHIC ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T BE SKILLED

2018.02.06 20:53 


mike panadar
2018.01.19 12:22 


2017.12.15 17:56 

Good job well worth the money. The cheaper ones don't compare and the free ones well you get what you pay for.

2017.12.11 22:24 

I recently purchased Lighthouse, Fx Power & Fx Trend. These indicators have turned my trading around and I do not make a trade without checking these indicators. I am still prone to making mistakes with my trade selection but these have diminished greatly by using these indicators.

Also, Daniel has been very prompt in answering any queries I may have had. Excellent products

2017.11.23 01:14 


2017.11.21 21:22 

I bought many support resistance indicator, but this one the best with perfect result. Recommended to use with other products to combine the best strategy.

Qingshan Li
2017.11.07 21:20 

Well deserve 5 stars! great after service ! Daniel answered all kinds questions with patient and passion. lighthouse makes easier to look at the picture with accuracy data. Keep up the good, can't wait to learn more from you. Happy trading to all.

2017.09.25 20:40 

great indicator, easy 5 stars. great thing is this indicator does not slow down mt4 like other support resistance indicators I tried before

Firdaus Salim
2017.09.19 13:55 

Don't waste your effort & time looking for the best Support Resistance / Supply Demand indicator on MQL5.

What you're looking for is already here.

Asser El Badrawy
2017.09.08 03:47 

Best indicator for S/R levels very accurate , and easy to use

Kenji Horiguchi
2017.07.04 03:54 

Great tool that can give many profit to trade.

Jose Trevino
2017.06.19 08:04 

Best one indicator, works so great, love to see how the price struggles into the lines and change direction or break it making good trading oportunites.

@Nik Ajni maybe you lost money because you are dumb and know nothing about trading.

Vitaliy Kuchanskiy
2017.06.05 07:26 

Good and useful indicator. No need to draw levels by yourself. Recommend.

Ungku Amran Bin Ungku Yusoff
2017.06.02 06:21 

good indicator..

2017.05.25 11:48 

new update of lighthouse is great. now is more complete with deferent option of time frame. the best SR so far..

2017.05.15 14:27 

I bought it with FX POWER and FX TREND, but I found this one the most important and impressive.

My advice: be really patient, read Daniel Stein blog, dont do boring trades, and plz wait for the lightouse Check to be on "GO" even if FX Trend is all on Buy or Sell.

Muhammad Adrian Syah
2017.05.05 04:26 

now im in the second week of testing this indicator along with FX Power and FX Trend, and just like what the author said, this is a really simple trading indicator to use and highly accurate one at that. a really recommended indicator.

2017.04.24 22:39 

Excellent Indicator love it Thx

Aleksey Nekrasov
2017.04.17 11:16 

Достаточно точно, полезно.

2017.04.03 21:16 

Great help, thanks!

2017.04.03 17:35 


2017.04.02 07:14 

Lighthouse is living up to its name - it shows the way

Fallet Willy
2017.04.01 09:12 


Fedor Knyazev
2017.03.30 15:04 

Отличный индикатор. Очень помогает в торговле. Стоит своих денег.

Alessio Del Maschio
2017.03.27 15:24 

A few days ago I bought this fantastic indicator. My trading on 15 minutes with binary options is much improved. Only problem? Maybe not a real problem, but it would be nice to have strong and precise levels even on lower time frames. However, it is a great indicator.

Antonio Augusto Palhano
2017.03.01 14:58 

Very useful and very well done, like all the developer's works.

2017.02.15 16:46 

Great indicator, easy to use and great support

2017.02.11 14:12 

5 stars, good job

2017.02.07 06:30 

I have just purchased used for past few days and the results are very astonishing Hats off Bro ..

2017.02.06 16:25 

Excellent indicator, very helpful. The support is amazing.

2017.01.10 09:17 

I have purchased the Full Suite of Daniels Indicators and I am over the moon with the results. Daniel's support is perfect. He responds almost immediately even on Sunday's and provides exactly the support that I needed. Unlike many developers it is clear from Daniels approach that he is a passionate trader himself which makes all the difference as he can clearly appreciate our frustrations and problems and this is clearly reflected in his professionalism and understanding

Joel Simmons
2016.12.31 00:48 

Very Accurate EA. WOW. The author was even willing to communicate with me and help me build this indicator into a EA that i had been using. Excellent Support.

Erkan Mustafa
2016.12.19 15:04 

For me two things I wanted from this indicator:

1. save time finding support and resistance levels

2. be reliable

with this excellent product coupled with great support from Daniel who always responds in a timely fashion it ticked the boxes.

I know there is no 'holy grail' of indicators but if you want something that is reliable, has regular fixes and is produced incorporating reasonable requests from the users then you can't go far wrong with the Lighthouse indicator.

David Vieira Kurz
2016.12.16 10:01 

I am using Lighthouse for 3 month now and it's working great. It helped me to clean some false-positives I had with my other EAs. It's one of the best indicator I've ever had! Daniel has also been very supportive with some questions and feature requests I made. Thanks for the efforts!

2016.11.13 17:42 

Excellent indicator!!!

Trader Juan
2016.10.20 17:29 

Daniel is very professional and true to his words. I bought 3 of his product. Im a price action trader and his works are great, Its pretty accurate and he uses algorithm in his product. Make me lessen all my works in trading and his indicators are quality. I hope he keeps improving all his works. He seems very passionate in his works and trading. Well I hope you become more better so that you could help more traders. And don't forget this words of wisdom Daniel.

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. "- Don Alden Adams, President Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania

October 20, 2016

I have never seen a product as great as this. Its very accurate. Ive been making money using Daniel's tools. It's worth the money including his FX Trend and FX Power.

2016.09.28 18:13 

I consider this product of Daniel's to be his best. Sometimes his lines are different than what some other programs will draw. I do not always see how he came up with the resistance and support lines but they are pretty reliable. I learned to rely on his lines for setting my TP and SL targets.

2016.09.27 08:02 

Very accurate tool that help you a lot in decision making, support amazing. thank you Daniel.

27/09/2016. After few weeks of using these product, I can totally confirme, the top quality it is. It did improve my trading style a lot.

2016.09.19 12:17 

excellent, nothing left to be said

2016.08.14 17:02 

Currently renting this indicator along with 4 others Daniel offers. This indicator is extremely accurate on these S&R levels. Its almost scary how precise they are and I have used many indicators as many traders have. This indicator paired with FX Trend and FX Power are a complete strat and I'm excited to get this working. Daniel is very helpful in answering all of my questions and I look forward to any future products he creates as well.

Maurice Kunen
2016.06.01 19:19 

Excellent indicator in forex trading no doubt about that! I use it along with the other Blueball indicators. Besides that Daniel is very kind

and always helpful. A well deserved 5 star rating!!!

Lingxiang Zhang
2016.02.13 19:33 

useful tool

Marius Lazar
2015.12.31 12:38 

Very accurate S/R levels indicator. The developer is really professional and he provides excellent & timely support for all his products.

jinhee Lee
2015.10.07 10:46 

I'm very happy with this indicator. Daniel recommended this indicator so I rented it as well as Analyzer Pro. I'm satisfied with these tools.

2015.07.14 10:50 

top indicator :)

Zack van Zyl
2015.04.29 21:04 

Excellent product. Daniel has exceptional support with all his tools and I can recommend his entire range of products to any trader regardless of their style of trading. Thanks!

2015.04.18 09:17 

Great indicator. It attaches instantly to charts and works on all time frames. It has saved me a lot of time drawing S/R levels on 24 currency pairs! highly recommended.

Pavonine Asia
2015.01.30 13:50 

Five stars for excellent support from developer :)

Ian Tavener
2014.12.07 18:24 

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for SR lines to be plotted where they are. They seem to be completely independent of time frame, and I was left guessing which time frame they are being drawn by. When I plot my own SR lines, they never match up. How do these lines get drawn? How significant are they? The indicator gives you no clue. Did the price bounce off a line twice on a M1 chart? Has the level been solid SR level for the past 10 years? Definitely did not find this indicator useful.

Robert Edison
2014.09.26 04:54 

It's amazing how accurate it is. I'm watching a 1 minute chart and price action hits the support and resistance levels dead on. Great for scalping or longer trades.

Mahadir Abd Aziz
2014.09.14 02:39 

Great Tools..

Yuko Araki
2014.07.03 08:01 

Very accurate and great!!

This is very useful and helpful to know Stoploss and Takeprofit level.

I really appreciate such wonderful tools by Daniel!

jomon davis
2014.07.02 16:41 

this is an amazing tool which i was looking past 6 years. its really awesome...keep it up such a innovations......

Pawel Czechowski
2014.06.20 10:34 

Such an easy thing like resistance and support lines can be very useful. We have here green and red lines showing the latest SR lines. It can help us to choose our breakout strategies. Recommended to use with other products to combine the best strategy.

版本 3.25 - 2018.03.08
Now it is possible to run more than one Lighthouse instance per chart.
This allows you to run and compare different analysis mode settings.
版本 3.21 - 2018.02.14
Improved calculation performance
版本 2.7 - 2017.05.24
Redesign of SR analysis modes!
You can choose between three different modes like intraday trading, medium and high time frames
or use the new automatic mode adjustment based on your underlying chart time frame (default)

Redesign of the Lighthouse properties

The position of the SR checkbox will now be saved permanently
版本 2.6 - 2017.05.12
Bug fixed
版本 2.5 - 2017.04.17
Added the opportunity to change the thickness of the support and resistance levels
版本 2.4 - 2017.02.24
版本 2.3 - 2017.02.14
Fixed minor notification bug with price digits
版本 2.2 - 2017.01.26
Added drag&drop to move Lighthouse SR check panel
版本 2.1 - 2016.12.14
Lighthouse displays exact price of SR level at mouseover
版本 2.0 - 2016.10.10
Re-positioning of Lighthouse SR check panel

Added new alert if price comes close to an SR level

Added new buffers with detailed information about MinSRLevel, MaxSRLevel, NextAbove and NextBelow
版本 1.9 - 2016.06.02
- Deactivated sunday candle input parameter
- Added automatic detection of sunday candle
版本 1.8 - 2015.03.23
Added the possibility to hide the SR check box
版本 1.7 - 2015.01.29
Added extended level scan functionality for better usability on H1 and higher timeframes
版本 1.6 - 2015.01.14
Fixed graphical bug if called by EA
版本 1.5 - 2015.01.08
Added the option to show SR Levels in background / foreground
版本 1.4 - 2014.09.01
- Redesigned deinitialization sequence.
- Added built-in fully automated SR level distance calculation.
- Added Lighthouse SR Check display.
版本 1.3 - 2014.07.21
Added several alert options like E-Mail, Terminal Message or Notification Service for mobile devices to keep you informed in detail if a Lighthouse Level is clearly broken and changes it's role from support to resistance or vice versa.
版本 1.2 - 2014.06.18
Improved calculation method.
版本 1.1 - 2014.04.28
- Added accessible buffers for EA developers.
- Added sensitive calculation mode option.