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Ilanis is an Expert Advisor for stock trading, it can be used for trading on Forex and other markets, including commodities, metals and index markets.

To determine the market entry, the EA uses the modern and ultra-light adaptive indicator FourAverage.

Principle of position maintaining is similar to that of the popular Forex robot Ilan, using averaging. But unlike Ilan, Ilanis uses an accurate entry into the market. The robot pays a lot of attention to position control, if the price goes in the expected direction. This is done by increasing the lot based on Martingale (ExpLot coefficient can be set in the settings, usually from 1.1 to 1.8).

Trading is based on the idea that 80% of time the market is moving in a flat. Long trends can be dangerous for the Expert Advisor, but they are rare. Some extraordinary events, like war, economic collapse, etc., can cause such trends. Information about these events can be found on news sites. It is advisable to turn off the EA in such cases. If this fails, through a flexible system of money management the robot is able in most cases to bring the combined position (even those open against the trend) to profit, the amount of which may considerably exceed the initially planned one. Although risks are higher in this case.

The main rule when working with Ilanis: do not be greedy, do not increase the lot, use the settings obtained after a proper optimization. Do not forget to optimize parameters for the current market from time to time.

Trading conditions

  • Trading terminal: MetaTrader 5.
  • Accounts that support hedging.
  • Currency pair: Any pair.
  • Time frame: no restriction.


  • Sets – override settings in ---=BUY SETTING=--- and ---=SELL SETTING=--- with the built-in presets.


  • BUY - Enables BUY.
  • PeriodFA1 - Calculation period of the FourAverage indicator (1-200).
  • Average1_1 - The first level of adaptive smoothing, a value of 0-300.


  • SELL - Enables SELL.
  • PeriodFA2 - Calculation period of the FourAverage indicator (1-200).
  • Average2_1 - The first level of adaptive smoothing, a value of 0-300.


  • Lot - lot size of the first order. If the value is negative, it is used as a fixed lot (Example: Lot = -0.01 the trade will be opened with the size of 0.01 lot). If the value is positive, specify the volume per 1000 units of the deposit (Example: Lot = 0.04, deposit is $2000, the trade will be opened with the volume of 0.08 lot).
  • ExpLot - lot multiplier for the subsequent orders in a series.
  • Commission - your broker's commission for one lot.
  • StopLoss and TakeProfit - positive values: in points of the first order in a series. Negative values: in the deposit currency per 1 lot of the first order in the series.


  • BlockOpenOldPrice - disable opening at a price better than the previous trade.
  • StopIlanis - disable opening new series, the current series will be continued.
  • StartHour - trading start time.
  • NotWorkingHours - hours to prohibit trading. Example: "0, 1, 2, 3, 22, 23".
  • NotWorkingDayWeek - days of the week to prohibit trading. Example with prohibition on Monday and Friday: "1, 5".


  • MaxSpread - if the current spread is greater than this value, the trade will not be opened.
  • MagicNumber_ - beginning of the range of magic numbers occupied by the Expert Advisor. The EA occupies 50 numbers.
  • Slippage - slippage accepted from expert.
Konstantinum 2019.03.06 18:30 

Я не понял в чём прикол.

Какой бы не был период оптимизации с форвардом, бот сливает либо торгует убыточно сразу после его окончания. Хоть со стопами, хоть без.

Он как будто сырой, недоработанный и ему чего-то не хватает.

Исправлю оценку, если будет предоставлен мониторинг реального счёта, где бот успешно торгует в плюс и set-файл, с которым он торгует на этом счёте.

Сам я возиться с ним уже устал. Это бесперспективно.

P.S. Профит 100% за 4 года (по 1% в месяц) не интересует. Для таких смешных прибылей есть более консервативные и менее рискованные инструменты.

sloshliuxin 2019.02.18 08:45 

There are so problems,if the author fix them,i will update the rating.

For now ,3 stars

Wan Ping Fei
Wan Ping Fei 2019.01.06 04:26 

Even if optimized, EA will continue to open new orders at the same price.(comment#117)

Because of the above reasons,using grid averaging is suicidal behavior..

Suggest authors to include revisions..

Hudson Ibarra
Hudson Ibarra 2018.11.28 16:16   

Hi everyone,


Porntep Artornturasuk
Porntep Artornturasuk 2018.08.16 05:43 

It's a good EA, but it might be cool.

EURUSD TF 15m lot 0.7 20000 Cent

PeriodFA = 2

Average_1 = 200

Average_2 = 65

Average_3 = 140

Average_4 = 155

Anatoliy Peretyazhko
Anatoliy Peretyazhko 2018.04.25 17:23 


Oscar Ivan Trevino Elizondo
Oscar Ivan Trevino Elizondo 2018.04.04 12:36 

Excelente EA!!!

Aun que la mayor parte del tiempo le gusta trabajar con numeros negativos, solo cierra posiciones cuando les saca provecho.

Al principio solo meti una divisa, sin embargo por desesperado meti todas las divisas precargadas que tiene y eso acelero el proceso de ganancia bastante, pero como comente se la pasa con numeros negativos, asi que no hay que perderle la fe, pero si hay que tener suficientes fondos para poder trabajar con numeros negativos

Jonathan Moncini
Jonathan Moncini 2018.03.19 11:56   

Non metto le stelle perchè è troppo presto, sto usando IlanisMT5 su EUR/USD e GBP/USD e per adesso sto avendo un buon riscontro.

Proverò ad aggiornare la recensione nei prossimi mesi. Per adesso posso dire che è un' EA molto interessante . Good job Mikhail

Cristian Caula
Cristian Caula 2017.12.05 13:43 

Great EA !!!

I'm using IlanisMt5 on a VPS with Windows and it works perfectly.

Many EAs are voracious for computing power while Ilanis is very light.

IlanisMT5 with the EURUSD pair works alone and without risk with 0.01 lots per 1000 units.

IlanisMt5 in expert hands can generate big profits on EURUSD.

版本 3.5 2018.05.30
1) Settings for time filters are now more user-friendly and functional.
2) The StopLoss parameter now has the feature to close positions at a loss in the deposit currency.
3) Added the TakeProfit parameter.
版本 3.4 2018.01.17
Fixed issues with closing the series for some brokers.
版本 3.3 2018.01.11
1) Added built-in parameter presets for the major currency pairs.
2) Fixed errors that occurred when working with certain brokers.