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Hamster Scalping

Hamster Scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale. Night scalping strategy. The RSI indicator and an ATR-based filter are used for entries.

Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller

General Recommendations

The minimum deposit is 100 USD,  default settings reccomend for eurusd m5 gmt +2. Please use max spread 10 if you will not have orders change it to 50. Use a broker with good execution and with a spread of 2-5 points. A very fast VPS is required, preferably with a latency of no more than 3.

Input parameters

The product works both on 4 and 5-digit quotes. Specify values in points like for 5 decimal places in the input parameters, and it will automatically recalculate everything for 4 decimal places.

  • Period indicator1 - period of the first indicator;
  • Up level - the upper level of the first indicator, above which the EA will open Sell;
  • Down Level - the lower level of the first indicator, below which the EA will open Buy;
  • Period indicator2 - period of the second indicator;
  • From - the lower borders of the range of second indicator values, in which the EA is allowed to open positions;
  • To - the upper borders of the range of second indicator values, in which the EA is allowed to open positions;
  • Initial lot - initial lot.
  • Autolot - enable/disable auto lot calculation.
  • Autolot size - amount of the deposit, on which Lot is to be used when Auto lot is enabled.
  • Max Lot - maximum lot size for the EA operation.
  • Take Profit, points - real take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss, points - real stop loss.
  • Virtual Take Profit - virtual take profit.
  • Option Take Profit - select the take profit operation based on the bar Open / the current price.
  • Level of Take Profit - select the take profit calculation based on the breakeven/the last order.
  • Virtual Stop Loss - virtual stop loss.
  • Option Stop Loss - select the stop loss operation based on the bar Open / the current price.
  • Max Orders - the maximum number of open orders.
  • Star Hour - the EA operation start hour.
  • End Hour - the EA operation end hour.
  • Use Wednesday Logics - if true, the EA will not work on Wednesday at night, if false it will work in the normal mode;
  • End Time Friday - time to stop trading on Friday;
  • Max Spread - maximum spread, at which the EA is allowed to open and close positions;
  • Show Statistics - show/hide statistics;
  • Show Button Close - enable/disable the button for closing orders.
  • Magic EA - magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions;
  • Take Profit, points - physical take profit;
  • Stop Loss, points - physical stop loss;
  • FontSize - setting the font size in the panel;
  • Close all orders at take or stop - on / off closing both directions simultaneously;
  • Imp1DRAW, Imp2DRAW, Imp3DRAW - display news on the chart (enable/disable).
  • Pause before (after) a high importance news - the number of minutes to suspend the EA operation before (after) high-impact news.
  • Pause before (after) a medium importance news - the number of minutes to suspend the EA operation before (after) medium-impact news.
  • Pause before (after) a low importance news - the number of minutes to suspend the EA operation before (after) low-impact news.
  • Pause after a low importance news - the number of minutes to suspend the EA operation before low-impact news.

To enable News Stop Trading, tick the "Allow WebRequest" option and add "http://ec.forexprostools.com", "http://www.worldtimeserver.com" to the list of URLs for WebRequest. To do this, open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add the following: "http://ec.forexprostools.com","http://www.worldtimeserver.com" and press "OK". The EA takes news from the specified websites.

Aleksei Ostroborodov
Aleksei Ostroborodov 2019.01.13 21:12 

Хороший советник как и многие другие продукты автора. Покупаю все советники Рамиля, но пользуюсь только своими разработками)

Peter Lee
Peter Lee 2019.01.12 06:11 

It is an Excellent EA in the right time & right time band,

but it will be a little difficult time until change the summer time band & the market conditions...IMO.

There is no holy grail, everything is come and go.

It is the time to learn proper manual trading to make a reliable & consistent profit and to be independent.

Please join YouTube Forex Live Trading Channel, if you want to learn, share manual trading skills together.

Anyone in interesting, please see below link:


Vladimir Sadov
Vladimir Sadov 2019.01.11 18:24 

Что вам не нравится ? Не пойму.

Пользуюсь Хомяком с первого дня его рождения.

Я доволен !!!!!

Dodardo 2019.01.11 15:33 

Devastating drawdown when stop losses are taken, I only use it with 0.01 lots on my account.

Yingnan Li
Yingnan Li 2019.01.11 02:48 

You gotta have correct setting with this product and risk management. Demo signal with initial deposit of $10,000. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/519654

Secure Risk
Secure Risk 2019.01.08 00:36 

Simple Amazing EA and the BEST community!

Nikolay85 2019.01.01 12:54 

Лучший советник на маркете! Разработчик отзывчивый и дружелюбный!5ть звезд!Удачи в Новом Году-)))

Ievgen Alantiev
Ievgen Alantiev 2018.12.31 06:30 

Как и любой другой ЕА требует тонкой настройки и постоянного контроля синхронизации с рынком тем кто не шарит будет тяжело спасибо Sami Cem Talu и Eleni Anna Branou за помощь

Xin Tan
Xin Tan 2018.12.29 09:25 


micuccis 2018.12.27 22:19 

I have tried several scalper EA but in my opinion this is definitively the best. Absolutely a must have EA: 5 star*****

The developper is very talented and supportive.

Vfcbv 2018.12.26 17:13 

на трех разных брокерах на практически всех популярных парах показал плюс на реальном счете.

однозначно рекомендую

Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 2018.12.25 23:36 

This is the best advisor I've tried! very profitable if you follow the rules. good job Ramil!

yei wang
yei wang 2018.12.25 11:46 




pantherrilla 2018.12.23 17:20 

So far great scalper but you do need to set max trades to 5 or less if you have a small account...other than that I've had no losses using this EA...support is great unlike other sellers

tamer nj
tamer nj 2018.12.21 19:25 

Simple and effective EA , also i bought Hamster Scalper MT5

Ramil very helpful and response for every message .

simply it's a money machine i tested on both MT4 & MT5

Thorsten Rohweder
Thorsten Rohweder 2018.12.20 14:04 

Good EA , but i prefer my own programmed Hamster clone (EA ForYou)

KB70 2018.12.19 08:34 

Unreliable. IcMarkets: Open orders were not closed tonight even though they were in high profit. Instead, I am now twice as high in the minus. Axitrader: Same settings, here they were closed. Hamster has been deleted.

SethVic 2018.12.18 17:24 

Great EA, use default settings, follow team advice, have patience in case of DD and have a sufficiently large account and you will never lose money.

naushadbacha 2018.12.16 11:35 

EA working is Good, but one big problem is it is not taking autolot, when we select autolot in ea then it is taking 0.05 lot only on balance of 2300$. i think some mistake in ea. Ea seller is also not replying me why. EA is working good but seller response is not good.

Thechaser 2018.12.14 18:14 

This is the best EA by far, Since l have been using this EA no loses only WINS, you give 5stars l give it 10stars.

What makes it to be a top draw EA is because of the team, Ramil, Eleana, Sami you are the best.

In Hamster we win.

Indy1000 2018.12.13 18:05 

There are people who base their reviews on backtest results, these people are naive. A backtest can only be used to verify the mechanics or shall we say strategy of the EA. A backtest is not representative of the EA performance, period.. I'd go so far as to say a Backtest is totally meaningless and anyone who believes in the performance relevance of a backtest needs to listen up and get out of that mindset!! If you like backtests that's fine, use the visual backtest, observe how and when the EA trades but most importantly IGNORE all results, end of story.

There are folks who think the EA is risky??? Oh please... Those folks need to read the documentation as we expect a total loss of our hamster trading account at least twice each year. So far in 2018 that hasn't happened. Small losses are expected, bring it on! We can't wait.. I'm sure a SL or a Stop out will happen one day, when it does we just follow the rules, replenish the account from our profits and be happy. It's all part of the Team strategy.

For every negative review there are likely 1000 positive and happy Hamster traders who are doing it right.

IsmaeleDaniLod 2018.12.12 18:55 

Today I did 30 working days with Hamster. Excellent performance, no stop loss. Only small profits and constants. Well done!

The team is always at your disposal for any problem, doubt or clarification. In the community they warn in time for any economic news, whether to keep ON or OFF Hamster. They are always operational.

What to say? This EA is a blessing. They have done and continue to do a good job. I recommend it to both beginners traders and experts.


Tuan Phung
Tuan Phung 2018.12.12 17:04 

This is amazing EA with scalping strategy. I'm using it for my signal.


I hope EA will grow more in the future. Thank author !

wish89 2018.12.12 15:36 

This EA is awesome. In one month i got only profit trades on a real account. It works as a night scalper, using a team setting very powerful and a great support from the creator and team.


Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro 2018.12.12 13:46   

So far, so good. Results are very good. I believe that the potential for this EA is huge and I miss a reference of settings for pairs and timeframes. In order to do that you need to go through the discussions and commentaries that keeps growing and as time goes by the effort to look after that kind of info requires more effort.

Олег Олег
Олег Олег 2018.12.11 22:22 

Пробовал на демо,не могу подобрать правильные настройки,неделю торгует в плюс,потом сливает.

Panda 2018.12.11 13:50 

Backtest annually 10000 demo account with your magic Sami setting,the accounts annually destroyed maybe because in backtest mode,the news filter is absent.

Panda think the wonderful performance of Hamster in 2018 is just lucky.


0 stars,and 1 star for the creator's kindness which offer me a discount to buy it.


well,maybe i am wrong.This ea is a community-assisted semi-auto system.so,one more star.

DenFis 2018.12.11 00:42 

отличный ночной помощник, который приносит прибыль по ночам.

Adam G
Adam G 2018.12.10 21:57 

При правильных настройках и соблюдении рекомендаций разработчика это отличный советник! Я бы сказал один из лучших советников на этом ресурсе. Рамиль спасибо!

sireiw 2018.12.10 15:20 

good ea

Andrey Lyulyaev
Andrey Lyulyaev 2018.12.10 13:35 


pappo 2018.12.09 14:02 

I follow the product since March 2018, it has unbelievable results! Don't believe to bad comments and enjoy Hamster with us!

Charles1590 2018.12.09 07:49 

Very good EA. More people who use it, the higher the probability.

Ubah Chetachukwu
Ubah Chetachukwu 2018.12.08 18:54 

This is a bullshit ea . Loses upon loses. Don't buy it or you'll come here crying. Nonsense

Kley Barros
Kley Barros 2018.12.07 13:05 

Hamill, repent that price. a team so responsible, it demoralizes the work itself ... put this Ea for 30 $ ... ??? It is best to give away for free. If 2 million people are using this same strategy, then it will be invalid.

maik972 2018.12.05 18:53 

Прекрасно умножил депо. Главное правило - не лезть руками , если не нагрубили с размером лотности и не пожадничали с тейком , то просадки будут редкостью.

Olivier Nomblot
Olivier Nomblot 2018.12.05 04:57 

Always buy Ramil 's products. This one works great with my own system I have used since 2001 on my PA. I do not use too many orders and no martingale. So far good trades. Well done.

Cicero Santarossa Carlin
Cicero Santarossa Carlin 2018.12.04 12:37 


Ruben81 2018.12.04 10:58 

I still use the Hamster for a couple of weeks. Very Good EA, with a great, professional and quick support. If you just follow the 'golden rules' and the recommended settings it’s a good EA to make profits. Don’t forget to withdraw profits to manage your account (in good and bad times....)

Ramil and the rest, thanks a lot for your hard work, time and sharing Hamster.

Artem Salonnikov
Artem Salonnikov 2018.12.04 08:46 

Отличный советник. С должными настройками и управлением капиталом можно преумножить свой депозит в разы.

За 3 месяца сделал 400% прибыли!

Fabricio Paladini
Fabricio Paladini 2018.12.03 15:38 

Hello To all! After more than a month i post my review here. I bought this ea on october 22th. Since that day to today (12-03-18) in EURUSD M5 the hamster did 124 trades. 122 wins and 2 loses (98,38 % winning rate and very low drawdown). I optimize the settings and i used max trades 6 for have a low drawdown. This is a very nice ea! This EA is very good but you have to combine it with proper risk management for manage the posible drawdown in the future. In 1 month i will post a new review of this hamster ea. Have a nice Day! Thanks Ramil.

17-12-18 The last month and a half went well with this expert advisor.

For all those who need a "live signal" that is why I decided to create a signal for all those who want to see and follow it: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/507909

I invite you to check it and have a nice day.

¡Hola a todos! Después de más de un mes publico mi reseña aquí. Compré este EA el 22 de octubre. Desde ese día hasta hoy (03-12-18) en EURUSD M5, el hámster realizó 124 operaciones. 122 ganadas y 2 perdidas (98,38% de victorias y muy baja reducción). Optimicé la configuración y utilicé max trades 6 para tener una reducción baja. Este es un muy buen asesor experto! Es muy bueno, pero hay que combinarlo con una gestión de riesgos adecuada para gestionar la posible reducción en el futuro. En 1 mes publicaré una nueva revisión de este hámster. ¡Que tengan un buen día! Gracias Ramil.

17-12-2018 El último mes y medio me fue bien con este asesor experto.

Para todos aquellos que necesiten una "señal en vivo" es por ello que decidí crear una señal para todos aquellos que quieran verla y seguirla: https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/507909

Los invito a que la chequeen y que tengan un buen día.

mlucouw 2018.12.02 19:14   


fl-fx777 2018.12.01 17:52 

Right after I've bought it $99 now it's only $30. Can I get $59 refund? It works great at current market situations, however if you back test it, it will give you horrible results. If the market trend changes lookout below!

Ash Bope
Ash Bope 2018.12.01 03:35   

Its sad to see developers have brought down the price from 100 to 30 after I bought this last week.. can I get a refund?

Juan Enrique Pitarch Herrera
Juan Enrique Pitarch Herrera 2018.11.30 23:10 

Really nice EA!!!!

First I checked the demo account and after I bought the EA, I can't tell that it is one of the best EA I have seen.

Good work

Markus Krejci
Markus Krejci 2018.11.30 18:46 

Very good EA in 2018, BUT you have to know, what you are doing. Load the correct sets, using the right money management. In the comments sectiona re very helpful people for this.

Stefano Diamante
Stefano Diamante 2018.11.30 11:29 

Great results up to now ! Thanks !

INDAH CAHAYA MUSTIKA S 2018.11.28 21:48 

Hamsters are the best trading robots I have ever had. This robot allows me to develop funds in the long run. Enough to set the risk that we can accept. Don't forget to use 25% - 35% of the total funds used to trade with Hamsters. Thank You Ramil and Your Team

Aleksei Petrenko
Aleksei Petrenko 2018.11.27 14:42 

Приобрел хомяка пару месяцев назад. За первые две недели при стандартных настройках +80% к депо. Очень доволен, что нашел стабильно зарабатывающую сову. Просыпаюсь Почти каждый день в профите. За всё время пару тройку раз был в просадке, но если грамотно использовать ММ и не складировать депо, то Колян не страшен. Юзаю два сета Hakan 90 35 и стандартный team set. Спасибо Рамилю!)

Gleidson Azevedo
Gleidson Azevedo 2018.11.26 00:58 

The best robot in the world, can trust, the team is very spectacular, thousand note

many profits daily, congratulations!

Tristan Thoraval
Tristan Thoraval 2018.11.25 20:05 

Best program I've tried.

Hamster Scalping works very well on the EURUSD.

Also on other pairs with graphical analysis and monitoring of economic news.

bsandaruwan 2018.11.25 17:36 

Excellent Product

Key thing is always stick to the Developer recommendation.

Then you will be in happy all the time.

Excellent support from Developer too


xray 2018.11.25 14:37 

Hamster is a simple, but very effective and versatile EA. If used with recommended settings and rules as outlined in the comment section, you can make good money almost everyday. The key to this EA is to double your first deposit, and then withdraw your profit on a regular basis. If you do this, it is truly a money making machine.

Martin Metzler
Martin Metzler 2018.11.25 14:03 

Great EA and with the setting of Sami very profitable. THX

Sundaymorning 2018.11.25 12:36 

Very good EA, good and quick response vendor, always willing to help.

Thanks to some users like Sami and Elani, ... They are helping a lot too (comment #12859).

You have to do a little homework, i know that there are too many comments but you have to read almost last two months if you want to learn.

You will need to follow Sami´s rules and have a good Money Management if you want to make money wit this good EA

Thanks Ramil and thanks to all users working with this EA that help.


Juan Perez Pereira
Juan Perez Pereira 2018.11.25 12:01 


Dmitriy Kashin
Dmitriy Kashin 2018.11.25 11:15 

Спасибо за хорошего робота!!!

Fafx 2018.11.24 19:51 

Till now good performance. Hope do good future too.

Gabbaziy 2018.11.24 14:16 

Отличный советник, с золотым правилом и манименеджментом приносит постоянную прибыль!

Спасибо Рамиль!

JINQUAN123 2018.11.24 11:57 

good ea

hkking 2018.11.24 06:28 

Bought and tried the EA few months ago. Missed the new development. Like to have the updated manual trading.

Caybell 2018.11.24 03:08 


cyberlife 2018.11.23 21:42 

Лучшиё советник на маркете, в дополнение сильное комъюнити, группы в телеграмме с сетами с прибыльностью 60-250% в месяц. Главное не забывать выводить профит

Amos Eka Kurniawan
Amos Eka Kurniawan 2018.11.23 19:52 

1 month using this smart EA, already up 50%, good job Ramil, thank you

vladikkk2 2018.11.23 15:21 

Замечательный советник !

Отдельное спасибо Рамилю !

Cong Danh Nguyen Pham
Cong Danh Nguyen Pham 2018.11.23 15:04 

Incredible EA

Marina Malk
Marina Malk 2018.11.23 12:48 

Still trading this EA!

Alberto Lauricella
Alberto Lauricella 2018.11.23 12:45 


I'm curious about the manual trading indicator...

Hussein Saade
Hussein Saade 2018.11.23 07:46 

Been using this EA for quite few months now, so here is my comprehensive review:

The strategy relies on a high win rate, with an extremely low Reward-To-Risk ratio. When some or all of the trades hit SL, chances are most people are blowing their accounts, get frustrated, and leave with a bad review. It is no one's fault if some of us are expecting to make millions overnight and set ridiculous risks!

Even if you consistently withdraw from your account, if your risk is high, 2 close hits will blow your equity. DO NOT DO THAT!

The EA is very simple, and the settings are even simpler. Either know how to take full advantage of that, or try to find the holy grail somewhere else (good luck, honestly!)

I have been intensively testing the EA on some pairs with different settings and LOW RISK, and the results are promising if you carefully manage your expectations, risk and money. The trick is not to allow consecutive hits make a huge drawdown.

Here is a monitoring signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/503168

Walid Ayyadi
Walid Ayyadi 2018.11.22 19:42 

This ea is terrible believe me samy set files are only temporary working but is just not gonna last to long-term jump-of you still have the opportunity

Chalermchai Kochaphun
Chalermchai Kochaphun 2018.11.22 07:53 

By proper setting and MM, Hamster is greatest EA.

Christophe Godart
Christophe Godart 2018.11.21 12:48 

I find it disrespectful to change the price of the EA so often

The EA is ok if you know how to use it, MM IS THE KEY

Equinix 2018.11.21 10:00 


I used it on ECN account and most of the time one of position was open while Sami signal closed in profit. This EA is not 100% automatically expert, so huge DD would be occur at anytime.

Jhs 2018.11.20 16:41 

Much risk for little gain, Ramil and his team are not reliable, they only look for newbies to sell their product, and the Hamster code is already circulating there, here in mql5 there are already several Experts very similar, even free. There are better experts than this in market with less popularity, do not be fooled...

Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.11.19 15:48 


DonkeyTrader 2018.11.17 00:27 

Simple logic but very effective. Tested on a Real account for 2 months and results were excellent. Be aware of proper risk management and this EA will bring you joy.

Qamber Albaloshi
Qamber Albaloshi 2018.11.15 11:40   

very good expert advisor for ever

Mohammad Wahdat Wassel
Mohammad Wahdat Wassel 2018.11.15 01:55 

Hello Traders,

This is not the type of EA that you can trust to run it on a 10k or 20k account. The recommended setting is not holding a proportional sl:tp ration and it just relys on price going towards the favored direction by allowing huge DD room.

I recommend if you guys focus on developing something that can accepts losses more often but still be profitable. I might change my review if a new update or .set that is more realistic comes out.

richard-Zhu 2018.11.15 00:35 

This is my first EA through read more than 10000 discussions and I choose it for one week since then, I think this is a good tool for me to enjoy Forex trade. There isn't perfect ea in this market, it may cause loss once or twice. But I have to say it is still a excellent work and great team. You will get money and will not loss your account if you follow team's strategy strictly. Even I loss my account I will not complain any one. This is my own choice. Isn't it?:) Actually the account money has been increased every day. I am happy even though this is a demo account.:)

dburley22 2018.11.14 20:53 

I bought the Hamster EA at a very good time to test it´s capability. After enjoying a profitable run of trades the market turned severely against us. The Hamster was able to manage all my open trades to eventually return a profit

It is very important to use the correct settings - this Hamster EA makes money so don´t be greedy!

There is a very active Hamster community where you can find the latest news on setting changes and trade management - you must read this every day

Do not be tempted to try any other settings or you will probably crash and burn your account

You will need a 1:500 broker with ECN and low spread - if you are UK/EU then IC Markets in Australia can offer you a solution

You need a VPS near your broker server - mql5 vps is a good starting option

When I needed information setting up Hamster then Ramil, Sami and Eleni were all very quick replying before and after I purchased

This is an excellent EA and very low cost compared to others on the market

Big thank you to Ramil for sharing your work

Banar Rodion
Banar Rodion 2018.11.14 19:24 

Оценка: 5 (но не 5+) увы еще пока не "грааль" т.к. если проседает то больно смотреть, Но Рамиль его обязательно напишет рано или поздно.

Пользуюсь 3 месяца, только в +.

- не завышайте риски!

- внимательно следите за сообщениями сообщества (когда Включить / когда Выключить и т.д.);

- устанавливайте актуальные настройки от Sami ...

Спасибо, большое, за достойный продукт!

ajmclen 2018.11.14 10:27 

rsi is not enough for strong ea, you will loose your balance in 1 wrong trade, need to work more on money management and stop loss

Maiara Bernardo
Maiara Bernardo 2018.11.13 17:13 

Hamster is a money making machine. Whoever makes a big downgrade in the account is because he does not do a good risk management.

Many thanks Ramil for the creation, you are a genius!

1000 stars.

Sven Markus Weller
Sven Markus Weller 2018.11.13 11:37 

One of the best EA I've used successfully for over a year, win 10% per month. The bad reviews are the result of bad money management and are not meaningful. Again, as in the entire system forex: greed eats brain.

Thank you Ramil for this perfect HAMSTER!

I recommend him fully. Take note of the golden rule. (see the comments)

mostafaessam8 2018.11.13 06:09 

amazing strategy

Kerstin64 2018.11.13 04:23 

I start at Thursday last week with 4000€. Today I have 1700€ because the open Positions running in the SL. I don't know why the EA have 5 Stars.. The EA is Bad !!

Georgi Todorov
Georgi Todorov 2018.11.13 00:16 

Today I need to change my review. The vendors ran signals on mql5 with their live accounts. I suppose they believe in fate. Salute them! And wish them lots of luck because they will need it desperately someday as a Traders. The Chief here Is pretty lucky for now! :) However I cant change my “only 1 star” review today. The manual part of the strategy is still weak that making the community to panic from time to time.

famepalashscm 2018.11.12 23:18 

for 0.02 lot, I have lossed 92 euro...Biggest mistake in my life...

WaveRidr 2018.11.12 22:26 

just another 'scalping' ea that aims for 6 pips will risking 200. Avoid if your serious about long term profitability.

Jean Fermigier
Jean Fermigier 2018.11.12 22:02 

Excellent and amazing EA!!!

Very high ROI.

Thanks Ramil for this great work! ;-)

5 stars for EA and 5 stars for author's support!

atotheb2 2018.11.12 20:36 

EA can give consistent profits for a longer time but will eventually hit a stop loss, which is WAY higher than profit target, which makes it a dangerous strategy. Have had 2-3 weeks of profits but one order can destroy everything. Author and the team might help to prevent this, but seems like they‘re more into selling the product, instead of making the ea more secure. I can recommend the EA if you can afford to loose money and make money short term but not as a long term strategy.

Marcelo Kuriyama
Marcelo Kuriyama 2018.11.12 12:35 

It was okay until last friday 09/11/2018. Two opened buy orders on EURUSD and 50% less of my account today. It s enought for me. I ll never use this Ea again. Very dangerous strategy.

Aitor Romero
Aitor Romero 2018.11.11 20:19 

The robot is great but the support team is even better: Ramil, Sami and Eleni. Thank you for your work, You have formed a PERFECT team.

Greetings also to the entire Hamster community.

David Barros
David Barros 2018.11.11 04:33 


forexautom 2018.11.09 21:42 

Uno dei migliori expert da me utilizzati. Ottimo support Team ma nel forum c'è un pò di confusione. Troppe domande e osservazioni ripetitive e dispersive.

Wai Ming Tsui
Wai Ming Tsui 2018.11.09 12:38 

One of the best EA in my life which provide me stable profitable result.

ibuspies 2018.11.09 12:28 

Great EA! So far so good. Awesome community! 👍

Atila Recep Akdeniz
Atila Recep Akdeniz 2018.11.09 11:58 

Very good EA, great support and an excellent community.

It has been on a winning streak for months, delivering huge profits.

However, risks are great too, (SL=1,500, TP=60, 8 orders max), it can wipe out your account very quickly if you are greedy. Sooner or later it will hit some rocks as the backtests suggest.

So, use it with vigilance and good money management. Adjust the lot size to suit your risk apetite and don't put all your money on it. Then you can still make good profits in the long term.

Charles D
Charles D 2018.11.09 01:51 

So far so good! Very impressed with the results! ^_^

Lorraine Pierce
Lorraine Pierce 2018.11.09 01:24 

Impressive EA so far. I like that it trades during the quiet time of the market. I'm not sure what logic it uses, but it's good logic.

Mohammad Oladi
Mohammad Oladi 2018.11.09 00:59 

So far, that's great

I hope to work well in the future

Thanks dear ramil for create it :)

John Kindbom
John Kindbom 2018.11.09 00:51 

Great EA!

Thank you very much Ramil for EA!

Thank you Sami for team setting!

winterry 2018.11.09 00:44 

I have been trading FX for 10 years. I’ve seen it all. I’ve gained lots of money, lost even more. I’ve been scammed, tricked and fooled by my own greed as well more times than I can count.

I’ve given up many times as well. But always there was something that said to keep going.

I finally decided that there HAD to be a way to make it. That with my personality there was no way that I would be able to have to time or be as consistent as a computer. So I set out to find something that actually worked.

It had been three years since I have looked on this site because my experience with EA’s had been terrible. However I didn’t realize how relatively new automated trading was. (According to wiki took off in 2009-2010)

Long story short I’m glad I waited around for people to test out and retest, and have years and years of LIVE trading to really develop and de-bug these EA’s. They are incredibly technical and there is NO room for any errors.

Now thanks to Rami, Eleni & Sam I will be able to finally be successful!!! Their hard work and dedication has made this possible and I really believe the SKY is the limit. I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to finally finish this EA and get it optimizated. Had I lost hope I would have quit a long time ago.

Special thanks to Rami!!! For doing the excrishiating work of testing and figure out this fantastic bot. I never thought this would be possible. Your work will truly change lives!

I’m not being over dramatic. After 10years I didn’t believe anything like this was even possible. This is truly a powerful system of you follow the rules.

Thank you to the TEAM as well! Let’s keep growing. This is the power that will keep it going and how I know after 10 years, it will continue. There has never been anything like this.

jyuan 2018.11.08 20:40 

I've used Hammy for two months and like others are profitable so far. Thanks to the big 3 of course for their contribution for which without them this system would not be this successful. Ramil for creating the EA, Sami for optimizing the current settings and Eleni for money management strategies. These are the critical elements of this system and yes it is a system, not just an EA. Another value contribution comes from the rest of us in our support of the system to trade together as a group. I didn't think much of this impact until recently I'm noticing the trades are moving in our favor with waves of orders, let's keep the force strong team!

Evgeny Bukreev
Evgeny Bukreev 2018.11.08 20:39 

Рамиль, спасибо.

Oscar Calderon Castillo
Oscar Calderon Castillo 2018.11.08 19:56 

Thanks to Ramil, Sami & Eleni for their work and help to us, up the hamster and the Team work!!

Lorenzo Roiz
Lorenzo Roiz 2018.11.08 19:07 

Excelente robot y consistente en las ganancias.

Oleg Bondarenko
Oleg Bondarenko 2018.11.08 18:38 


haseo101 2018.11.08 16:59 

i have been using it for past 4 months , everyday we are making progress , no loss trade at all . what a miracle EA , thanks ramil , sami and eleni . Excellent EA with low price tag , yet work perfectly

maxforex13 2018.11.08 16:41 

very good, be patient be consistant

mcante 2018.11.08 16:40 

Great EA, very stable, profitable with the best support ever!

sparky7818 2018.11.08 16:34 

brilliant robot. used this on 4 different accounts simultaneously in order to see how it reacts to the differences. It has been making consistently successful trades on all. Really good support from Ramil. Really happy

Thanakorn Poolsawat
Thanakorn Poolsawat 2018.11.08 16:25 

Great EA and good team work

Luis Morales
Luis Morales 2018.11.08 15:02 

excellent ea and work team

denisjohn 2018.11.08 14:31 

Excellent EA, patience required and your a/c will grow. Thanks Ramil

Michaela Zinke
Michaela Zinke 2018.11.08 14:18 

Many thanks to Ramil, Sami and Eleni for the opportunity to use this "money making machine" properly.

You only have to follow the advices and you WILL make money - for sure!

Rajiv Ishwar
Rajiv Ishwar 2018.11.08 14:14 

Great EA that has proven itself with a history of winning trades. Follow the team set and daily advice on the comments page, be patient and do not be greedy and you will be successful.

Thank you Ramil for such an amazing product.

Masson Geoffrey
Masson Geoffrey 2018.11.08 13:27 

Just perfect !

Nelson Adolf Del Rosario
Nelson Adolf Del Rosario 2018.11.08 12:25 

Excelent ea and very helpfull autor and good pricing too..... keep the good work

Weifan Xin
Weifan Xin 2018.11.08 11:54 

do not greed.you can make money.team work is important.

djconte7789 2018.11.08 11:52 


mert basar
mert basar 2018.11.08 11:37 

Thanks to Ramil and Sami Hamster is very stable and profitable EA. For sure It's the best EA in the market according to ratio of Profit Trades (I had just 1 losing trade in 86 Trades which is amazing) . You just need to listen their advices and follow the team set. Do not forget to glance over the comment section daily to be updated about their advices.

yapings 2018.11.08 11:23 

Using the team set and the money management. This EA is unbeatable, i can say that this is EA is the best EA i have used in my life.

clauscbh 2018.11.08 11:22 

After about 2 month of using Hamster i would like to give my honest review!

Not a single loss and I'm amazed of how solid this EA is! I have never seen any EA with such solid results. I manage an acount in denmark and i'm a propriatry trader for a firm in London and i feel very comfortable using the EA on both accounts.

If you use solid and smart money management, then this is an absolute money making machine!

From the bottom of my heart i would like to thank you Ramil for sharing this EA... Yor are truely helping a lot of aspiring traders becoming profitable... Also a huge thanx to Sami for his PERFECT settings. Lastly i would like to thank Eleni aswell for your engagement in the fantastic Hamster community, you are allways here to answer questions.

For everyone thinking of buying the hamster and joining this family/community... JUST DO IT!... But tjeck new comments EVERY day, because crucial disicions are made from day to day weather or not hamster schould trade the following day... That way you minimize some tough trading days... You have to do a little work yourself... And if you are willing to put in a 1-2 hours daily reading comments from especially Sami, Ramil and Eleni, then you will have great success!

Once again... Thanx!

neotradefx 2018.11.08 11:04 

This ea with team set and smart money management is a real money making machine. I invite all members to respect rules and the results will be awesome and stable for very long time.

Faizalzafira 2018.11.08 10:55 

This is an amazing EA. The Team support is the best. today is my first day using the ea and it made me profit. amazing. Ramil the inventor, Sami the developer and Eleni fine tuning. Thanks for being patient and all the guidence. god bless you.

Brian Yiu
Brian Yiu 2018.11.08 10:20 

Stick with team setting and you will be surprised

nyiohec 2018.11.08 09:44 

Remember still to the setting and rules, believe with in then you will be fine, Thanks Ramil, Sami....

vinceho 2018.11.08 09:44 

Very profitable with higher risk but manageable with money management skills. Be sure to read about 50 pages of comments before you start with the EA, so that you cover all the newbie questions. For example it would be helpful for me to know this EA only open trades at the quietest 2 hours daily, but the open trades will be managed by the EA throughout the day.

Vladimir Bormotov
Vladimir Bormotov 2018.11.07 15:42 

Рамиль, спасибо за отличный советник!!! В "оценке" только 5 звёзд - я ставлю 1000 звёзд!!! Сначала, конечно попробовал на демо, ни одной сделки в минус! Три недели советник работает на реальном счёте и здесь ни одного промаха все сделки в плюс!!! Самое главное соблюдать правила и настройки, указанные в "обсуждениях"! Я уже 5 лет на Форексе, но такого робота ещё не встречал! Работает великолепно! Сам использую и другим рекомендую!!! Буду продолжать пользоваться твоими продуктами! Спасибо тебе Рамиль за такие чудеса! Продолжай в том же духе!!!!!!!

Massimo Petranzan
Massimo Petranzan 2018.11.07 09:12 

Good results following the recommended rules and settings.

The community and developer is very helpful.

fxcugor Chen
fxcugor Chen 2018.11.07 07:47 

REALLY GOOD Result in REAL, THANKS TO Rami, sami

iwilllonger 2018.11.07 02:27 

very amazing !!

Sergey Lisnyak
Sergey Lisnyak 2018.11.06 23:12 

Молодец Рамиль

Kong Jian Hshung
Kong Jian Hshung 2018.11.06 11:30 

I know there is no EA 100% guaranteed win in this world, in future if this ea got some loss I won’t give up because I believe it can success.

I’m really thanks to Ramil and Sami for the hard work specially they non stop helping the group.

I hope everyone can be success in the future, let’s have a wonderful life together.

Thank you!

Hing Wai Tang
Hing Wai Tang 2018.11.06 08:38 

Great & great profit in using this EA. Thanks Ramil & Sami!!

jkapf 2018.11.05 19:29 

21 winning trades in a row in two weeks ... I could not believe my eyes! Why did I not find this EA earlier? Good money management, strong discipline, emotional detachment (the most difficult thing to learn in Forex) and follow the rules by the book is key to success. There is no way to quick success, trading IS hard work. But this EA can help to be profitable in the long run, at least that is my intention with it although I am realistic the Ferrari won't be standing any time soon in front of my garage ... the Lamborghini will do. :-)

Thanks Ramil and the team for creating this phantastic EA!

Robinson Mori
Robinson Mori 2018.11.03 19:29 

Hi, I bought the bot, can someone give me a manual how to configure it please?

Thank you

Lai Yin Wong
Lai Yin Wong 2018.11.03 15:49 

It is amazing EA, tried in 8 weeks and still keep in profit ! thanks Ramil & Sami

Marcel Pfeiffer
Marcel Pfeiffer 2018.11.03 06:59 


Smart Trader JO
Smart Trader JO 2018.11.02 14:01   

I purchased the Hamster Scalping EA today. The price is super amazing to me. Thank you my dear Ramil.

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2018.11.02 12:44 

Purchased the robot in promo, I will update the review soon.

Barry Hendriks
Barry Hendriks 2018.11.02 09:59 

Something strange or I was drunk :)

When checked last I could swear the price for Hamster Scalping was much higher :)

Bought it, loaded set file and sync with VPS.

My laptop shows EA is disabled but I trust it is running on the VPS :)

From the reviews above and checking the account on MyFXBook I will retire soon ...

Artem 2018.11.02 08:52 

После месяца работы могу сказать, что Hamster Scalping показывает прекрасные результаты, надеюсь и в дальнейшем будет также. Автор молодец и отличное сообщество.

Jimmy 2018.11.02 07:50 

Awesome EA. Cannot thank Ramil and the team enough for producing an absolute profitable gem at such a reasonable price. The intellectual property and thought that has gone into the logic,

development and fine tuning of the EA is outstanding in my view.

Max Brown
Max Brown 2018.11.01 17:32 

Good results so far but it is early days. The community and developer is very helpful.

Petrus Jacobus De Wit
Petrus Jacobus De Wit 2018.11.01 16:29 

Good results so far, will update if results change

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2018.10.31 15:30 


AJITH SEMASINGHE 2018.10.31 11:26 

It's amazing results. Found the best EA on the market

Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen 2018.10.30 11:19 

This EA deserve 1000 stars. Follow Sami Team settings and you are all set. This community is growing and reshaping forex market !!!!

k775kkkk 2018.10.28 08:04 

Very good

Ovied 2018.10.25 13:31 

Great Value. Very good profits.


November update - Still a very excellent EA. This is my primary EA!

Paul Thatcher
Paul Thatcher 2018.10.24 17:22 

Fantastic EA .... Ramil the inventor, Sami the developer and Eleni fine tuning. Respect to Ramil for not increasing the price.

This is the most profitable EA I have used over the past 3 years. You do need good money management and withdraw profits regularly.

Always be prepared for the losses and drawdown which will happen whether it's tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

So thank you Hamster team for all your hard work .... I'm off on a Hamster sponsored holiday next week.

ebb 2018.10.24 15:34 

My only regret is not buying it quicker.

Works great if you’re greedy)

Mihail Ezhov
Mihail Ezhov 2018.10.24 10:48 

Советник достойный. Автор отзывчивый. Оценка 5+

Josef Aigner
Josef Aigner 2018.10.21 23:55 

Hamster Scalping ea is for short term investors. It can grow your account 40% per month and much more. There is a great community behind the project. Many thanks to Ramil for creating and selling this expert, as well to Sami for his genius set and to Eleni for her steady support!

Recommended to buy for everybody. Use money which you risk to loose and follow Samis golden rules.

Daniel Veloza
Daniel Veloza 2018.10.21 00:03 

Best EA on the market. Profitable, Ramil always answers questions. Great community (Sami, Eleni etc). Just buy it and use Sami team set!

brdia 2018.10.18 14:07 

Speechless!!!!. Great job Ramil and special thanks to Sami and Anna.

Denis Izotov
Denis Izotov 2018.10.17 17:22 

За что пять звезд?

1. Техническая реализация (фильтр новостей, возможность оптимизировать и менять настройки у индикаторов, наличие виртуального и физического stop loss и take profit)

2. Прибыльность: при оптимальных настройках (популярные сеты в обсуждениях к советнику) робот может четко брать прибыль ежедневно.

3. Поддержка автора (рекомендует оптимальные настройки, ставит робота на свои реальные депозиты, улучшает продукт, открыт к новым идеям)

Что вам обязательно следует учесть перед использованием робота?

1. Риск менеджмент (вы ставите робота на рисковый депозит или хотите консервативно торговать небольшими объемами)?

2. Как вы будете ограничивать убытки (стоп лос, до полного слива депозита или маржин колл). Просадка обязательно случится, робот входит оптимально, но цена рано или поздно нырнет против вас (сразу определитесь, как вы поступите, когда цена уйдет против вас на 600-1000 пипс, пятизнак), такое случится, не питайте иллюзий. Может цена и вернется к точке входа, но ваш депозит выдержит при открытом объеме ордеров такую просадку?

Тут либо жестко торговать (высокие риски и лоты) для разгона депозита, либо выбрать консервативный стиль.

Thomas 2018.10.16 21:11 

bester scalper und ein super support. Danke für alles

Sonali Chathurika
Sonali Chathurika 2018.10.14 23:14 

This is good EA. Thank you Ramil, Sami and Anna.

My account monitoring,



Join my free facebook group.



Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss 2018.10.14 21:30 

A very good EA with supportive community of people.

Benson Huang
Benson Huang 2018.10.13 05:15 

It's an AMAZING EA! Just follow the SOP and discipline, you will make profit easily.

Donaldson Rassolim Filho
Donaldson Rassolim Filho 2018.10.12 10:07 

This EA is very cool, go to sleep and wake up with profit, using the Sami setup until now only profit, my opinion is that you have to keep only 100 eur in the account and take out every day profit and trust in EA in good and bad moments, reinforcing, so far only good moments.

P.S: Here is the link for Sami setup: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/25853#!tab=tab_p_comments&comment=8939518&page=417

R3P3NT 2018.10.12 09:40 

I bought this a few weeks ago - thus far, absolutely amazing!

Thank you, Ramil, Sami, Eleni and this community!

kami1978 2018.10.11 20:37   

im personaly thank Ramil for create wonderfull great Ea hamster.it

double my acc within amonth....5star for hamster

Pankom Sriboonlue
Pankom Sriboonlue 2018.10.11 02:24 

+1 mighty Hamster, My very first EA that MAKE money.

loving it!!


Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2018.10.10 11:36 

I like this one. Works fine.

Jörg Mortag
Jörg Mortag 2018.10.08 20:59 

thx, well-behaved hamster

Addin Rusken
Addin Rusken 2018.10.08 12:46 

Hamster is the best EA i ever encounter for the past 10 years i involved with forex. Hamster has so many potential that had been discovered and has not been discover yet. The author Ramil i can consider as a very good listener to his clients.

I can also see he always try to do his best in improving hamster from time to time.

For potential hamster users, u will not regret buying this EA. Join the Hamster community and continue learning together how to optimize and look after your hamster. There are already well established set ready to be use.

note : i had purchase this ea 3 month ago and i already withdraw my profit more then 10 times.

Ilya Skokov
Ilya Skokov 2018.10.08 12:43 

Приобрел робота более месяца назад. и сразу кинул его в бой. с настройками которые посоветовал сам Рамиль (разработчик) за месяц он принес мне без головной боли 100% к депозиту. плюс еще 100% ребайлы и комиссия с подписчиков на счет которые сами подписались. ведь счет бы новый и рисковый но тем не менее результат есть результат. Есть большое комьюнити в телеграмме как Русско язычное так и международное которое более активное в общении и делятся своими идеями и сет файлами.

в общем я очень доволен советником и Рамилем отвечает быстро и по существу. даже готов оказать помощь удаленно.

Oscar Gasparini
Oscar Gasparini 2018.10.06 11:39 

L'ho installato su 5 Computer, Piattaforma MT4, e devo dire che si comporta super bene, è controllato, e fa profitti!!!

16.10.2018 From yesterday to now, the "EA Hamster Scalping" of Ramil, has made a profit of 1,195.56, IN REAL, (with a deposit of € 15,000 uroCent.), But yesterday morning around 11 am and after around 7 pm open 4 positions that still (about 15:00 hours) are at - 724.85, actually they are now at € uro: + 470.71, (1195.56 - 724.85 = 470.71) But now that I'm dgt has sold 2 operations x a tot. of 180.00 € uro. if it goes like that it's fine.

So from yesterday to today 17.00 hours are in profit of € 1,375 uro cents. Maybe you had invested in € uro and not Cent. However I see that so far the "EA" behaves well!

Thanks to the Ramil Producer

Does anyone know on what input item can the time be changed? That is put "it gmt +3" Where? Write me.

Thanks Oscar

extremeclimax 2018.10.06 02:53 


Serhii Stovba
Serhii Stovba 2018.10.05 06:32 

Хорошая робота! Торгую на реальном счету.

fellowjoy 2018.10.05 01:40   

Quelqu'un pourrait me dire comment bien paramétrer le EA pour faire le maximum de profit car pour l'instant j'ai que des pertes ?

illownQ 2018.10.05 00:35 

Read comments and try it!

udyweb1989 2018.10.04 12:53 

I made my first profit in forex with this EA.

Boris Tikhanovich
Boris Tikhanovich 2018.10.04 06:43 

Утро начинается с профита. Так же приобрел версию для мт5. Однозначно 5+

jamver 2018.10.03 19:26 

Is not a good system

Bad EA 2016 KO 99% Qualitu Tick Data Suite simulating commisions, swap and slippage the EA loss all the time and Febrery 2017 loss very money all the time

Finally i change my review of the EA...because with a control of money we can make a good system with this EA...Thanks

Sorry 21-11-2018 my rating down!!!

JHA17 2018.10.03 12:46 

Probably the best EA I have come across. Great work from Ramil and credit to Sami and Elani also for all the help in this community.

Borosoiu Lucian
Borosoiu Lucian 2018.10.03 12:02 

Little Hamster brings big profits. You can have low risk with low returns but also high returns with a good Money Management. Live working signals in my profile.

Felipe Camargo
Felipe Camargo 2018.10.02 18:16 

Excellent EA

Thank you

Viktor Sidorov
Viktor Sidorov 2018.10.01 21:50 

Огромный респект Рамилю за его труд! Советник Hamster Scalping очень хорош!

Alsaedi Hjaj M
Alsaedi Hjaj M 2018.10.01 16:35 

Excellent support

traderjoe 2018.10.01 15:50 


tvlad23 2018.10.01 12:16 

Два дня на реальном счете +10%. Отмечу отличную обратную связь. Спасибо Рамиль за помощь!

John Huang
John Huang 2018.09.28 04:12 

it's pretty good so far with around 4.5% profit this week.

Update i currently have 350 profits with 1500 Deposits

Update just lost all my profit due to no exit strategy

Aliaksandr Aliakseyeu
Aliaksandr Aliakseyeu 2018.09.27 20:33   

Приобрел хомяка, два дня тестировал на разных настройках в тестера, результаты хорошие. Сегодня поставил на реал, через неделю напишу о результатах!

Julio Guerra
Julio Guerra 2018.09.27 19:00 

Excellent EA. Good Profits.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams 2018.09.27 09:04 

Excellent EA. One of the best profit generators. You know you want to, just buy it!

Seksan Puttasan
Seksan Puttasan 2018.09.27 07:51 

I read the message

I can not run it, please check it.


kingsway1000 2018.09.24 14:03 

I really dont get people, this is a good EA.....

Patience is needed OMG....we really live in a Micro wave world.

This EA will deliver....if you not making money from this you are doing something wrong

talk to the right people in this forum and they will help you...

So please no more Negative comments

Nelson W
Nelson W 2018.09.21 22:02 

This EA is NOT a quick-rich scheme, not everyone will like the possibility of DD. So make sure you as buyer/user will follow what team set and rules. Discipline in trading is important, don’t you agree?

olivermolden 2018.09.20 13:40 

Отличный сов. за 2 недели с депо в 100$ отбил свою стоимость+vps, теперь буду ждать когда превысит депо. Спасибо Рамилю и всем участвующим в комментах!

Обновляю коммент после 2 месяцев работы - за 2 месяца он нарубил 400% на реале. У меня очень большие надежды на него. Всем советую!

Andreas Peters
Andreas Peters 2018.09.20 13:10 

Отличный советник

tony70 2018.09.20 09:23 

Very good EA, Ramil and the Hamster Team always provide excellent support, thanks a lot.

andrew wijaya
andrew wijaya 2018.09.20 04:53 

Very potential ea. Great support and team !!! Top recommended

Bluefox 2018.09.20 04:06 

Great work Remil, First time I'm giving a positive review for a product. thank you

Richard Bethsold
Richard Bethsold 2018.09.19 13:14 

Awesome EA, excellent support, Thank you!!!

Andre Costa
Andre Costa 2018.09.18 15:37 


ZHE WEI 2018.09.18 06:57 

1, can not control the risky

2,profit /risky ratio is so small. your profit of one/two/three months will be wiped by only one loss.

3,the long sl distance will attack your heart every day once you enter into a false trend. and you only to wait from some "forum leader"'s openion.

4,The leader's live signal is different with your result even on same broker, maybe they use hamster and bind some others trading stratege.

Galih Ridha Achmadi
Galih Ridha Achmadi 2018.09.17 02:50 


Lenni 2018.09.16 16:07 

Рамиль, спасибо большое за Вашу работу! Великолепный советник, вернувший веру в алготрейдинг после многих неудачных попыток!

Все причитания о его "плохой работе" и плохих результатах - это оправдание собственной лени и жадности пользователей(имхо). Лень прочитать всё, что заботливо собрано командой, ежедневно терпеливо отвечающей на все вопросы, и жадность, которая заставляет нарушать правила.

Гибкость настройки ММ позволяет использовать его и инвесторам и любителям экстрима.

Уважаемые,вам предоставили отличного бота, сделали всю работу по оптимизации, дали готовые сеты с отличной статистикой, выложили правила управления капиталом... (спасибо команде!) Что еще надо?!?

Как вы будете ездить на этом суперкаре - ваше дело, можете наслаждаться спокойной ездой, можете газовать на автобане или поучаствовать в off-road... Выбор за вами)))

P.S. Цена советника - это почти благотворительный проект со стороны Рамиля.

Рамиль, надеюсь хейтеры не повлияют на Ваше желание творить))

BelyAnt 2018.09.15 16:58 

Соглашусь с рядом авторов, что при определённых условиях советник может быть очень рискованным, а также требует тщательного подбора брокера. Однако потенциал для получения реальных прибылей при его использовании просто гигантский. Главное не жадничать и профит придёт. Сам использую советника с достаточно консервативными настройками в дополнение к другой стратегии на одном счёте. Результат радует глаз, счёт уверенно растёт. Плюс к тому, я не говорю уже (ладно, упомяну) про соотношение цена/качество при использовании данного советника. Автору огромное спасибо за работу и дальнейших успехов!

Michael Ogbonnaya
Michael Ogbonnaya 2018.09.15 05:57 

I'm going to be as honest as I can in this review.

First, I'd like to thank Ramil specially for creating this masterpiece called Hamster Scalping EA. I call it a masterpiece because it deserves that. I've never seen another EA perform as good as this one at the same price range. It makes good profits with relatively low drawdown. You see lots of crappy EAs that sell for hundreds of USD but hardly earn you a tangible profit and high DD. That's not the case with hamster. It earned close to twice it's cost on the first day of trading and continued earning. It surely deserves a 10 star rating and I'll recommend it to my friends. I purchased it together with Ramil's Manual Trader EA and both are trading on the same account. What I do is let Hamster trade during the quiet hours of the night and once it's done, I try to find a good entry point (not like I really need a good entry point) and place a semi-automatic trade with the Manual Trader and walk away. Both combined are earning me really great profits on a daily basis and have already covered more than twice their cost of purchase in just 3 days. You can checkout my signal/monitoring @ https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/472245 and you'll see both have made almost 12% of my account in 3 days. You do the math.

A good money management plan is a must with the Hamster Scalping EA or, if like me, you plan to combine the Hamster Scalping EA and Manual Trader EA. Use Sami v7 set file and follow the golden rules and you should be good. Please ensure to read the comments section daily.

My thanks equally goes to Sami. His v7 .set file (you can find it in the comments section or just ask and a good member of the Hamster community will provide you with the link to download) for the Hamster is an almost "HOLY GRAIL". Stick with Sami's set file and you're good to go.

My thanks goes to Eleni Anna Branou for her immense contributions and help in the community.

Lastly, thanks to 475QPTa for his encouragement on my first day of trading with the Hamster.

I'll update this review in a month's time and I'm optimistic that it'll continue to be positive.

retireyoungretirerich 2018.09.15 02:06 

I dont' see why this EA does not worth a 6 stars

Andrey Antonov
Andrey Antonov 2018.09.14 10:26 

Потрясающие результаты! Это мой четвертый советник Рамиля. Все работают на реальных счетах со стабильной прибылью.

При соблюдении ММ и хорошем терпении гарантирована постоянная прибыль.

Жду выхода новых работ. Всем удачи и большого профита!!!

Nicholas 2018.09.14 06:52 

Fantastic EA, never seen failing..very profitable. If you need minimum 30% growth per month then this is the EA you are looking for. Support from Ramil is awesome also Sami team set files are very good, just follow golden rules and you will be amazed. One need to do proper money management to remain in the market and keep earning profits. Very good guidance and support is available from Ramil, he will go far and beyond to develop, test, and provide you back the result of testing.

This EA shall be No 1 soon and available almost free. I have recover EA cost with in first week. Highly recommended and best EA i have ever seen.

Freddy Ruiz
Freddy Ruiz 2018.09.13 12:03 

Very good EA, Ramil and the Hamster Team always provide excellent support, thanks a a lot

jonage 2018.09.12 17:02 

Brilliant EA. Very stable profits in the longer term! . Superb support from Ramil, Sami and Eleni.

Just follow Sami's recommended TEAM settings with discipline and have no fear.

Five stars!

Ariel Andreiu
Ariel Andreiu 2018.09.11 23:37 

Very good EA. With good risk management, the EA is very profitable. The EA is easy to optimize and can get set of several pairs to diversify. EA highly recommended.

Chamnane Krang
Chamnane Krang 2018.09.11 09:12 

very profitable EA. if you want 30%-50% per month steady growth, this is the EA you need to have. A so called Sami set file v7 or Team set is your best choice. Do not listen to anyone who provide you a better set with some money, the set file is FREE.

Author is very supportive, you can get his support as well as ask for more function. He will go far and beyond to develop, test, and provide you back the result of testing.

there are many people who use this EA and become a successful trader on other social trading platform. This EA shall be 10 stars not 5.

Hurbs Max
Hurbs Max 2018.09.07 13:52 

I bought the robot 3 weeks ago.

All the trade was profitable.

Broker : ICmarket ( true ecn account)

VPS: www.forexvps.net ( 30 dollars/month)

With samy.set ( see the comment section)

Very good robot ! I recommande

Dawood Khan
Dawood Khan 2018.09.06 10:07 

Purchased this product 2 days ago, have not had a trade since setup so i cannot comment on EA itself, but i must say Ramil is an amazing person, he is always there to help you out.

Min Richard
Min Richard 2018.09.05 14:55 

Just like magic, I can't believe it. This is the best EA I have ever used.

Great author

Austin Combs
Austin Combs 2018.09.05 10:57 

The HAMSTER is one of the best designed EA's on the market today. It could be selling for thousands but it's only selling for $99. Definitely a steal!

For beginners, please use Sami's Team setting and read the comment's section to brush up on information! If set right, the HAMSTER will consistently make you 2% gains every day!

Taras Tyukhrin
Taras Tyukhrin 2018.09.04 18:11 

Все работает отлично!

Blechschusster 2018.09.03 08:39 


Mikhail321 2018.09.02 11:12 

Стратегия работает! Денюжка капает! Поддержка автора на высоте!!

Sk Chan
Sk Chan 2018.09.01 19:46 

Amazing EA. Profit trades most of the time. Gain back the EA cost quickly. Very useful information in the comment.

Lord 2018.09.01 18:26 


ISMAIL 2018.08.31 21:41 

Wonderful, best expert, undisputed.

bwinks310 2018.08.31 15:13 

No tutorial provided. Comments section has an tutorial for a add-on set-up called Sami.

But if your anywhere in the US, you are boned.

No assistance or explanation for US brokers, only EU

Bryan Decipulo
Bryan Decipulo 2018.08.30 18:23 

I am new to forex trading, I was just lucky I saw the signal provider(My Hamster) using this EA which has no losses with all winning trades. It made me decide to use and purchase HAMSTER SCALPER as my pioneering EA. Thank you Ramil for your work. Good support. Special thanks also to Sami settings. will update in a month.

Arnold Kellermann
Arnold Kellermann 2018.08.30 16:58 

This is an excellent EA, which can be tremendously profitable in the longer term! Sami settings are recommended, but you have to decide how much risk you are willing to take. Using the Sami settings (with a virtual stop loss limit of 1.500 points and max orders 8) Hamster might blow up your account in a single night if the market turns against your positions! In order to reduce the maximum DD to 20%, I use Sami settings, with Initial lot 0.1, a virtual stop loss limit of 600 points and max orders 4.

Norman Zakaria
Norman Zakaria 2018.08.30 12:02 

Excellent EA. It's very profitable and if you configure it just right, you can either earn a good and stable income or get a lot of profit but with bigger drawdown. Try it out yourself and set it to your risk appetite.

Dzmitri Kharuk
Dzmitri Kharuk 2018.08.29 21:57 

Сейчас в работе более года 12 роботов этого автора, но Хомяк - это нечто. С сетами Сами 24 недели безубытка впечатляют! При такой надёжности можно расширять возможности извлечения профита. Как всегда молниеносная поддержка и техпомощь по любым вопросам от автора. Спасибо Рамилю за работу и всей команде трейдеров в целом!

Semen72 2018.08.28 09:55 

Уже длительное время слежу за произведением автора Ramil Minniakhmetov или просто Рамилем. Некоторыми вещами уже воспользовался на реальных счетах а именно Manual Trader совместно с индикатором TraderDream, и не жадничая можно получать значительную прибыль к депозиту, но это хорошо для тех кто занимается ручной торговлей. А вот Hamster Scalping для автоматической торговле меня очень порадовал. Сначало хорошо погонял его на тесте и соответственно приобрёл!!!

Не первый год пользуюсь советниками и слитый не один депозит, но этим поработать стоит. Зачёт автору. Если не жадничать , то можно хорошо приумножить свой депозит.!!!

Jullfiqur Rahman
Jullfiqur Rahman 2018.08.27 23:58 

Amazing EA. I have been using this EA for a while and even backtested it and consisted profitability. I will be buying more of Ramils EA on the market. Fantastic

Worapot Sommool
Worapot Sommool 2018.08.27 11:29 

Very smart and good EA.

I run on a live account for 4 months in Tickmill Pro account, initial deposit $100 with a Sami setting (Hamster Scalper EURUSD M5. Setting shared page 173 comment #3448). It made me profits about 35-45$ monthly with a low %DD.



Cheers !!

Artjom Potapow
Artjom Potapow 2018.08.26 21:30 


I create HAMSTER SCALPING Telegram Group:


Cmon guys join us and lets rock this together!

Ivan Sampaio
Ivan Sampaio 2018.08.26 03:25 

Very satisfied with this EA. I think it has a great future. Thanks to Ramil and all the Hamster Team

karshe 2018.08.26 00:04 

i have rented this for a month, i find it really amazing, the best EA out there and Ramill is the best person who will help you with anything you need, i highly reccomend this product if you want financial freedom

Grace-FX 2018.08.24 05:28 

UPDATE on 2018/11/23

It is four months since I started trading with the Hamster Scalping EA, and I felt I should update my review, especially as the results keeps getting better. "The best secrets are hidden in the open", and this EA is so prominently placed that you have no excuse for not being part of the great success that the EA has recorded, by owning the EA. Ramil keeps giving away this EA for a small fraction of its true worth, and you need only $100 to trade with the EA, so everyone can be part of the Hamster success, and be successful too. The Hamster community is a happy and successful community, as it wins everyday. That's what the community does- it wins and wins and wins everyday. It is simply magical.

Those that gave negative review for this EA were just being malicious, and those that have ever lost money with this EA would be honest to admit that they did not adhere to the recommended Team setting and money management which are a core [part of trading with this EA. I will refer any prospective trader to Sami's signal which tells the true story of this great EA : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/410865#!tab=tab_account

The best part of trading with this EA is that in two months you make more than 100% of your initial capital. You owe it to yourself to be a part of this great experience.


Great EA. I got 22.25% return in two weeks which was much in agreement with past performance of the EA from March 27, 2018, as shown by Sami's Signal. The Signal clearly shows that this EA has not had any loss trade since March 2018. As with every trading system and strategy, the black swan do occur. I rate this EA five stars because it holds a great profit potential in the long term.

Gerhard Füssel
Gerhard Füssel 2018.08.24 04:10 

If everyone who is interested in buying this EA would read the comments first, no one would give a bad rating caused by frustration; this EA including the idea of Teamtrading is an absolutely profitabable moneymaker over the year. Good Moneymanagement without becoming greedy lets you multiply your accountsize time after time. I'm writing this in a time while this EA is running against me: i don't care and relax as i know my moneymanagement is well and after a few weeks nevertheless i'll make a lot of profit. Just do your homework and let the EA do it's job, which is a great one.

Tanveer Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed 2018.08.23 21:35 

No doubt about the EA I am just waiting to buy another copy for MT5.

ivankuzmin 2018.08.23 12:44 

За 2 недели слил все деньги (8k USD)

Lost all money in 2 weeks

Andrew Lin Chuan Lee
Andrew Lin Chuan Lee 2018.08.23 05:01 


forexkarthi 2018.08.21 22:18 

I have being trying to earn some monthly income through forex consistently since many years. Tried many EAs and practised some manual trading stratagies. Every one of them gave positive results only for very few months and eventually made my accounts vanish. But this particular Hamster Scalping is really extraordinary EA which i have never seen anything like this before. An EA with 100% success rate is not something easy and possible to create and all this credit should go to Ramil for his intelligence and hardwork. Above hardwork, I should appreciate Ramil for selling this EA at mql5 for such a low price which shows his kind heart and intention to help fellow traders without spending thousands of dollars somewhere else. The beauty of this EA is that it only works for two hours a day and when thousands of people use the same EA with hundreds of lots, then we may decide the movement of currency and make it move in our direction. We all should be very much thankful to Ramil and I personally treat him as my forex GOD.

Thankyou Ramil for your Great Work.

Eleni Anna Branou
Eleni Anna Branou 2018.08.20 20:11 

This EA is a money making machine, if you apply Sami's settings and employ a strict money management. It can give you 25-35% each month with these settings, so don't waste your time searching for a better set up. If you want to start profiting with Hamster Scalping EA just follow Sami's advice below:

Make sure you use an ECN 1:500 leverage account with tight spreads.


Sami's Golden Rules, Settings and Broker Server Timing for Hamster Scalping EA:

Dear Friends and Users

GOLDEN RULES and SIMPLE way to make money with EURUSD M5 timeframe settings

1- Respect the settings

2- Divide your capital in 2 parts and start trading with 50% of it

3- Save your deposit

4- Continue withdraw money periodically

5- On catostrophic scenario NO panic, restart same settings with your same deposit (Never give up your strategy and settings after big loss)

6- Accept DD, margin call, full stoploss are part of the game. Importance is in how much time you recover your loss

7- After saved your 1st Deposit you can make easy 25-35% every month with M5 settings

8- If you follow this cycle you are always a winner



GMT+0 23 1

GMT+1 24 2

GMT+2 1 3

GMT+3 2 4

GMT+4 3 5

GMT+5 4 6

GMT+6 5 7

GMT+7 6 8

GMT+8 7 9

GMT+9 8 10

Also its very important to use a fast VPS with low ping (1-5 ms is best), close to you broker's server.

A New York VPS for New York broker server, a London VPS for London broker server etc.

Please respect the settings and remember that as Sami is saying if we all follow the same settings and rules, we can move the price to our advantage!


A step by step guide for installing and setting up your Hamster Scalping EA.


dirtycole 2018.08.20 14:16 

so far ....so good

Iury Mendes Da Silva
Iury Mendes Da Silva 2018.08.17 14:28 

One of the best EAs, with Sami's set. But, don't be greedy: don't risk all yout capital in a single account. All EA can fail someday.

Guillermo Bilbao
Guillermo Bilbao 2018.08.17 14:18 

Great EA. TEAM settings work perfect!

John Patrick Siao
John Patrick Siao 2018.08.11 05:55 

Great EA and good support. Thanks for the TEAM Settings!

Tito Mubarak
Tito Mubarak 2018.08.09 11:30 

I would support Ramil with his great EA. I would also credit Sami too for his excellent settings. I use it more than a month and currently I gained more than 200%. Thank you Ramil and Sami for the good work.

Elyad Hakimi
Elyad Hakimi 2018.08.09 01:03 

this EA is amazing. it's magic. too good to be true. but it's TRUE :D

Mike A.G.
Mike A.G. 2018.08.07 08:12 

Стратегия Хамстера - это очень точные входы, поэтому он позволяет стартовать с маленьким депо и быстро его наращивать. Однако если вход оказывается неудачным, то запаса прочности почти нет и депо можно потерять. Фактически стоп-лоссом является маржин-колл. Поэтому разбивайте капитал на части и рискуйте только теми суммами, которые не страшно потерять, и наращивайте депо одновременно с выводом прибыли. К преимуществам советника надо отнести ночную торговлю - днем как правило сделки закрыты и скачки рынка не будут вас беспокоить. Благодаря большому количеству активных пользователей в комментариях есть множество стабильно работающих сетов настроек, плюс всегда можно получить совет и поддержку. Ну и разработчик - Рамиль - всегда на связи и готов помочь. Всем удачи, не забывайте выводиться и рассчитывать риски!

ivaneus 2018.08.06 15:47 

Отличный советник.

Ralf Fink
Ralf Fink 2018.08.03 15:44 

EURUSD with the new settig nice resultas dont use it with GBPUSD...:)

Kwok Kam Kau
Kwok Kam Kau 2018.08.03 13:39 


Shamlik Ahamed Endummudilil
Shamlik Ahamed Endummudilil 2018.07.30 22:02 

Great product. Never seen any EA like this. Appreciate the work. Thanks Ramil, Thanks Sami

MIMK19 2018.07.29 12:32 


Michel Lacroix
Michel Lacroix 2018.07.29 00:36 

"The secret of making profit from the stock market is consistency."

From the trades it did this week, it reflects the affirmation above.

This EA will trade for a specific calm period (around 3 hours a day) and filter news and take account for commissions (not swaps).

From my experience, you'll get a return of 5% - 10% per lots invested. (5M-0.01-EurUsd)

To get the best results check for the "team presets" ( #4407 ) or ask Ramil or any members which are very helpful in the comments section.

This EA is very time sensitive with your broker's time (not your actual location) be sure to check. I use a GMT+2 broker (FxOpen-ECN) which trades successfully on 1 to 4 settings.

I'll update this review in 1 month.

fmarinski 2018.07.28 20:44 

Great product, consistent growth. I am using 3 weeks in the actual account and the results are amazing I recommend to all. Great service from Mr. Ramil

thanatchai soeykratok
thanatchai soeykratok 2018.07.26 00:07 


Arthur Aquino
Arthur Aquino 2018.07.25 14:18 

Seems like a great EA. About to complete the first month and happy with the results.

Kim Foong Chan
Kim Foong Chan 2018.07.23 08:40 

Don't greed! you can make money slowly and steady!

Arthit Arunroj
Arthit Arunroj 2018.07.22 20:24 

*** Real Trading *** , http://bit.ly/myFxbook

Alan Lee
Alan Lee 2018.07.12 10:18 

Going well so far.. just make sure you get the set files in the forum. Also Ramil (author) is very helpful and always available to assist!

palteraf 2018.07.09 20:15 

This EA is AMAZING, with Sami settings works like a charm

Sarkis Tatevosyan
Sarkis Tatevosyan 2018.07.07 14:41 


Joao Galaio
Joao Galaio 2018.07.06 20:31 

After one Month of using, its amazing. Just need too create the right environment to make everything works.

Rep to the Dev and Community!

borg245 2018.07.05 23:00 

Great Scalper if used correctly. Thank you Ramil.

Bernhard Falkner
Bernhard Falkner 2018.07.04 18:57 

Thats the Best Ea Ever!!!!

Sami settings eur/usd m5

Radhakrishna Sahoo
Radhakrishna Sahoo 2018.07.03 09:37 


Banpodj Titipat
Banpodj Titipat 2018.06.27 09:50 


Evgeniy Suvorov
Evgeniy Suvorov 2018.06.26 19:46 

Супер Робот!!! Имею обе версии mt4 и mt5, пока только Демо. Тестирую. Очень помогает в подборе настроек обсуждения автора и пользователей, читайте, изучайте, вникайте и будет вам профит!

Рамиль, Вам Спасибо Огромное!!!

VaWa 2018.06.26 14:26 

Its a good sclaper. I recommend using 5M EURUSD during the EOD of NY and beginning of Asian session for short pip trades!

Nikolay Chepikov
Nikolay Chepikov 2018.06.22 19:49 

Советник отличный. Настройки найти легко в обсуюдениях. Рекомендую ММ 0.01 на 50 единиц и будет вам счастье. Автор как обычно на высоте!

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.06.22 16:53 

мне нравится

cantomy 2018.06.22 00:41 

Por ahora funciona perfecto , es un excelente bot.

Makar Anoshin
Makar Anoshin 2018.06.20 21:51 

Five stars! Этим всё сказано! Моё почтение Рамиль!

Daut Junior
Daut Junior 2018.06.19 18:39 

I am a user of Ramil products, EA Black Star, EA Forex Star, EA Brazil System and Hamster and all are great. Hamster for MT5 works excellently on the Brazilian Stock Exchange. Besides, Ramil is a great person, always willing to help everyone and always present when we need him. I recommend to all your products. Thanks Ramil!

Daniel Messier
Daniel Messier 2018.06.16 15:45 

Thanks Ramil for the EA Hamster Scalper (MT4)

I use it with ICMarkets broker since June 1st with a yield of 42%. You are a brilliant developer.

Finally a robot that is profitable has a very affordable price.

Thanks again

Daniel from Canada

John Brennan
John Brennan 2018.06.11 22:09 

I have just one word to describe this EA... AMAZING!!!

A must for any serious investor. Its not perfect but what is... 10/10

Recommendation for all new users: spend time to read all the comments and learn how to use and optimize Hamster as it is easy to get it wrong. And don't be to aggressive with your trading.

Update: 10th June 2018.

Another good month but did have one or two issues which I managed to resolve and still working really well

Update: 10th July

Still going strong. Not one single losing trade since my last update. If you are not making money from Hamster, then something is wrong

StephenMan 2018.06.11 16:11   

Hi, my win10 has been updated automatically, and seems voided my activation, so I can't use without doing new activation...

Ron David Klassen
Ron David Klassen 2018.06.08 14:52 

Set file for EURUSD: http://ge.tt/2VmvH5p2

The same set file is useable for GBPUSD as well! Give it a try.

Backup links:




Jens Bruns
Jens Bruns 2018.06.07 20:28 

I would have to give 10 stars! Ramil has created a brilliant robot. Sami has found brilliant Team setting. It's so accurate that I got 600% in one month. But I also have to say that I have acted more aggressively than recommended by Sami. But it shows that it works. Thanks again to both of you for this great work!

Update 08.08.2018: After 6 Weeks my Gain is over 1200 %! Now I have secured my earnings and start again. Thank you again again again .... and so on ;)

Sami Cem Talu
Sami Cem Talu 2018.05.29 12:22 

Power of the little Hamster will be heard very soon on Forex World

I recommend all smart investors to join us

qingqing2018 2018.05.28 04:49   

I test result is very good, but how about at my real account not working, pls help what mean is download successful, eur usd m1 initialized?How to set up this?Thanks

RobotGrail 2018.05.24 16:38 

Советник очень крутой - мой отзыв будет в стихах !

Решил денег заработать - запускаю хомяка!

Это очень крутой робот знаю я на верняка !

Хомячок - грызет,грызет - прибыль все идет идет !

P.S.Очень хорошо, что продукт развиваться - целая армия поклонников есть ! Нужно следовать всем рекомендациям обязательно! Не жадничать с рисками !

Ну а кто его не купит будет точно идиот :)

Jaldip Ramani
Jaldip Ramani 2018.05.24 08:27 



zarakata79 2018.05.23 18:26 

Рамиль,я в настройках указываю одни значения стопов и профитов,а советник почему-то при открытии сделок ставит другие.Почему?

Leonard Jancorda
Leonard Jancorda 2018.05.21 10:10 

I never got any profit from this EA. Tried it on 5 accounts, and all went busted. If you see Ramil's signal, they don't last for more than a month. Cause it's always get broke. He also trades on them manually that's why it has different results. I don't recommend this EA to anyone.

lrimondi 2018.05.19 09:00   

I’m sorry, but I have to agree with Nurettin Kilincarslan. I don’t believe in Ramil’s products any more. At https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/25853#!tab=comments&page=2&comment=5905801 I consider Jeferson Nickma’s (https://c.mql5.com/31/208/Comission.jpg) and Toma Tomov’s (https://c.mql5.com/31/208/Capture__5.PNG) backtests reliable. A simple golden rule to all traders who want to buy a product of Ramil’s: wait for the related signal to be at least 6 months old and then make your decision. Don’t rush and don’t trust short term performance.

EvaChiamingwai 2018.05.18 05:26   

Do you any setting for this EA?

ufo300 2018.05.17 20:05 

ya iz kitaya Спасибо kak EA nastroit , tebya lublu , надеюсь, zto vashi новые произведения bydet! ya tvoi fans:)

Jianhui Jia
Jianhui Jia 2018.05.16 14:03 

This EA can do conditional selection of good market, can get satisfactory returns, DD is relatively small, has been purchased and run for a few days, and now it looks quite satisfactory. Thanks for this great EA

suiyi520 2018.05.16 00:55   

I found that hamsters were trading heavily in reverse direction while stopping high and ending up small; opening was a trend of small levels which could easily lead to a small profit loss situation. Don't know if there are good parameters setting up hamsters running along trend.Otherwise it will cause huge losses and increase danger of exploding silos

Bing Xie
Bing Xie 2018.05.15 01:17 

I see that there is a trade about USDCHF in your signal, but you didn't give me the setting of USDCHF. Can you provide it?thank you very much

Denis Komosov
Denis Komosov 2018.05.09 04:35 

При умелом использовании это очень хороший советник! Можно зарабатывать, как небольшие суммы с небольшим риском, так и очень большие проценты (что продемонстрировал сам автор).

Update: первоначальный отзыв писал в мае, сейчас уже середина июля. Продолжаю пользоваться Хомяком с настройками, выложенными в обсуждении к советнику. Робот зарабатывал сам всё это время! Руками вмешался всего 1 раз и то зря. Риск бывает очень высокий и можно потерять депо за 1 день, поэтому думаю, что прибыль надо выводить ежедневно, делая внутренний перевод на другой счёт. Если не считать того, что в МТ4 у меня по прежнему не работает функция "end time friday", в целом советник мне нравится!

Jose Oliveira
Jose Oliveira 2018.05.08 13:24   

Ramil, quantos pares de moedas e quais você me aconselha?

Alguém me pode ajudar por favor?

windstern 2018.05.06 14:46 

Good EA, I'm glad to have it

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo 2018.05.06 02:05 

muy buen sistema siempre que se haga su optimizacion correcta , muchas gracias Ramil por su ayuda

RomanKurz 2018.05.05 13:39 

I have tried in the meanwhile many different scalper. The Hamster Scalper is still the best one. Relatively easy and straight forward to use. As well the support from Ramil is really great.

So absolutely a must have product!!!

PRMQLAMCH56 2018.05.03 18:53 

Торгую данным советником на реальном счете , очень много вариантов настроек, но надо выбирать пары и не жадничать с TP

Franck 2018.04.30 09:05 

Fantastic EA. High Frequency trading on 1 minute time frame. Exactly what i was looking for. Withdraw your money often. I know Ramil for quiet some time now, and he is the expert for those EA's. Night time scalping with AXI trader is working fine for me. So Hamster is perfect.

Alexander Podtelkov
Alexander Podtelkov 2018.04.29 20:51 

Хороший советник.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.04.28 09:51 


Wilson Chandra
Wilson Chandra 2018.04.25 14:22 

great product with great developer. I'm still using this EA and will update again. for now 5 stars.

Jakub Kucharczyk
Jakub Kucharczyk 2018.04.25 12:07 

Very good job like always Ramil. well done.

gasik 2018.04.25 01:07 

Дмитрий Авраменко 2018.04.24 08:34 #


Рамиль ты КРАСАВЕЦ! Взял на пробу сразу 4 советника. Каждый в своем роде интересен. При должном подходе зарабатывать можно. Ну а бобер это бомба! По поводу предыдущего высказывания, что это риск великий для долгосрочной перспективы, так покажите где его нет :-) Считаю соотношение риск-прибыль в советнике бобер оправданым. Следуйте рекомендациям Рамиля и будет Вам счастье.

Это не Бобер а Хомяк не обижай животных)))

Atiwat Boonsin
Atiwat Boonsin 2018.04.25 00:46 

Best Scalping

Eric Robinson
Eric Robinson 2018.04.24 21:33 

I own 4 of Ramils EA's and I have been completely satisfied with all of them. This scalper easily extract profits from the market and I highly recommend anyone giving the Hamster scalper a try, you'll love the returns!

New Update. Fresh settings and we can use many pairs. This is by far the best EA that I have in my catalogue of about 25 Ea's. This ea offers great entries into the market and with conservative settings, the drawdown is minimal. I've never been so excited and this may be the best ea on MQL5! You finally did it Ramil!

Diego Zancoli
Diego Zancoli 2018.04.24 09:58 

After a long time, I can give an opinion on Ramil EA.

I saw negative comments on the page. People who gave negative comments have not seen Ramil in the long run.

His Ramil robots are at high risk, which is why they have big gains + 4000% is the example.

After this long period of observation, I never saw a trader make so much money as Ramil did, this means that we need to understand how to manage capital and distribute it over time.

My opinion is that a trader who uses robots must diversify robots, with robots, low risk, medium risk, and high risk.

Thank you Ramil for sharing your experience.

Dmitriy Avramenko
Dmitriy Avramenko 2018.04.24 08:34 

Рамиль ты КРАСАВЕЦ! Взял на пробу сразу 4 советника. Каждый в своем роде интересен. При должном подходе зарабатывать можно. Ну а бобер это бомба! По поводу предыдущего высказывания, что это риск великий для долгосрочной перспективы, так покажите где его нет :-) Считаю соотношение риск-прибыль в советнике бобер оправданым. Следуйте рекомендациям Рамиля и будет Вам счастье.

RK99 2018.04.20 08:41 

13 - 9 - 2018

This is update of my review for Hamster, my last review was 5 months ago. So far with proper money management & risk control, this is still the best Risk Reward ea in MQL. For those who got their account wiped out before sorry to hear that but i believe if you have a good money strategy plan you will not be in much trouble.Again i would like to thank you Ramil, Sami, Eleni and everyone who contributed to the Hamster community. Happy Trading folks !!!

20 - 4 - 2018

This is the best risk reward ea i ever use. You need to understand how it works and optimize the ea by your own settings. There are several set files can be used in the comment section read and study them as many people had contributed their own set. Do not be lazy to read and learn. Thanks Ramil for the ea and thank you for those who contributed for the set files.

Mikhail Beloborodov
Mikhail Beloborodov 2018.04.19 18:00 

долго тестировал этого советника 1 месяц работы на дэмо счете отличные показатели, главное не ленится оптимизировать из всех что у меня были советники это лучший, создателю огромное спасибо за поддержку и разработку. Моя оценка наивысшая!

Chengxiang Hu
Chengxiang Hu 2018.04.19 10:18 

Add URL http://ec.forexprostools.com 为什么一直提示这个?怎么回事

Venna 2018.04.18 08:35 

great EA

update: after 3 months of use I have to say: it's the most profitable EA I've ever seen

jinqi 2018.04.16 17:57   


Jaroslav Kvapil
Jaroslav Kvapil 2018.04.16 12:12 


Zhuo Hu
Zhuo Hu 2018.04.16 11:24 


ifatedi 2018.04.12 07:48 

Хомячит прибыль как надо :D

Отличный робот , Рамилю респект !

Very Good EA !

Tang Ou
Tang Ou 2018.04.11 09:09 

Now, it is this EA keep my account profitable. All other top EAs are suffering. Running more and more, and have more confidences on this EA. I have much small risk with 0.1 lot/1500 to 3000, but still very high return. And I don't turn it on all the time as well.

Nurettin Kilincarslan
Nurettin Kilincarslan 2018.04.09 13:39 


Tjommas M
Tjommas M 2018.04.06 02:30 

No martingale, no hedging, no grid (unusual for ramil) and it seems to be a big win! Hamster scalping is a well crafted, no toxic, and very promising night scalper. I use it on a real account with a tighter virtual stoploss than adviced (I feel safer than with default settings). Backtests are good and it's doing a good job for the moment, maybe better than my other night scalper.

Edit : I'm testing with 9 different pairs on demo account now and for a duration of 2 months. 1 or 2 months more before I filter which pairs I'm going to keep on real. For the moment only 2 or 3 pairs happen to be unprofitable. EURUSD and USDCHF work very well (more than 80% wins). And on all my pairs I've set a hard stoploss of 400, and virtual stoploss of 250 because I don't want huge drop at a moment, I prefer small win but safe. Then I don't use Ramil's settings, I made my own. At the end of the test I will show results and my settings for each pair.

Chi Fung Lam
Chi Fung Lam 2018.04.03 14:58 

Worth a try

Ertac Hassan
Ertac Hassan 2018.03.27 16:50 

5 Starts ✌🏼

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.03.22 17:18 

Peligroso trading.

Tarde o temprano te cazan.

Estrategia mala.

Wanjun Yi
Wanjun Yi 2018.03.21 13:39   

2018.03.21 20:38:00.086 Hamster Scalping EURUSD=,M1: Error Forexprostools WebRequest. Error =4060


Andrey Sablin
Andrey Sablin 2018.03.21 04:48 

Отличные результаты. Спасибо Рамиль!

k312308 2018.03.20 14:42 

Отличный доходный инструмент! Главное правильность настроек!

Спасибо разработчику Рамилю за содействие в работе! Будем ждать новых таких же крутых разработок!

Vasiliy Sigachev
Vasiliy Sigachev 2018.03.19 20:06 

Шикарный робот, с хорошей доходностью! Работает без мартингейла, что особо важно для некоторых. Главное соблюдать ММ и настройки. Автор всегда на связи и быстро отвечает на вопросы. Спасибо Рамилю за него, так держать!

Almaz Garipov
Almaz Garipov 2018.03.19 18:57 

Однозначно ПЯТЬ! Советник и Рамиль молодцы. Спасибо Рамилю за отзывчивость и терпение, очень помог мне при настройке для новичка. Всё популярно и доходчиво объяснил. Советник пашет на трех парах, с маленьким депо в 200 баксов. За день прибыль 13 баксов, для меня это вообще отлично, самое то для разгона депо. На myfxbook зарегистрировал портфель, пока только не разобрался как открыть общий доступ, разберусь - буду делиться результатами.

Fredy Tello
Fredy Tello 2018.03.17 14:56 

This EA is excellent EA, like all of Ramil, now I want to try the Hamster MT5

akmor 2018.03.15 11:24 

Хорошая работа! Нужно только оптимизировать, от этого зависит размер профита.

hhhisam 2018.03.15 00:06 

Perfect EXPERT,

My recommendation:

1- Use agk77 Set files "Comment 2641"

2- Drive slowly and you will get nice profit

Alexander 2018.03.14 10:01 

Коллеги вот и мой черед настал писать отзыв. Использую Хомяка с ноября месяца примерно с середины месяца. Мониторинг реального счета по ссылке https: //www.myfxbook.com/members/Agk77/ham1/2314767

Могу сказать что бот очень хороший инструмент для получения прибыли, но со здравым подходом к делу. Оптимизируйте и проверяйте сеты и если Вы увидели при прогоне в тестере стоп лосы то изначально их принимайте при расчете торгового лота, а не надейтесь что именно у Вас такого периода не будет. Рамилю огромное спасибо за советника и удачи в дальнейших разработках

Andrey Balashov
Andrey Balashov 2018.03.01 07:47 

Easy -6000$ at next ramil's signal ))

Carlos Emmanuel Carlos
Carlos Emmanuel Carlos 2018.02.27 09:22 

With this EA, you have to understand how to work with ATR and RSI. There are pairs that perform really well just by using these technical indicators. You have to find those pairs and if you do, you'll be rewarded greatly.

I have departed from Ramil's sets and created my own. I have dropped EURUSD even if that set is 95% win. However, that only happens at 1500 points stop loss. There are pairs that will profit 95% of the time even with 200 point stop loss which if far less risk. I have created a new account to monitor the performance of my new sets. I will publish the signal after a month of satisfactory performance (end of March).

For now, I will leave at four stars due to the simplicity of the EA. Will update to five when these sets prove to be as good as the back tests.

Kader Mechrouh
Kader Mechrouh 2018.02.26 13:54 

Hi Ramil . I just bought hamster, I hope to have good results with him as with blackstar ... I work a lot with the currency in nzd can you provide me a setfile for gbpnzd (spread of 3 to 8 pips) and nzdusd. thank you in advance .

Giordan Costa
Giordan Costa 2018.02.17 15:47 

I find that Hamster is the most profitable EA I've tried.

We must also deal with some loss sometimes.

All ea have wins and losses,there will be good days and bad days but with the right risk setting Hamster will never burns your account.

I never stopped thanking Ramil for his geniality and always being available for our constant requests to improve the Ea.

For me it s already very good Ea.THANKS TO RAMIL.

Thank you so much

Cashcoward 2018.02.14 10:07 

I am a Ramil fan. The documentation to his EAs might be not as good as from others, but with a bit testing by yourself you are going to make them all profitable!

Hamster is a damn great Robot!

Paolo Ronchetti
Paolo Ronchetti 2018.02.11 21:00 

Great robot, with the right settings is making a lot of money on my real account.

Memon 2018.02.07 19:48 

Excellent product.

You need right management, right broker, right pair and settings.

and this EA works fantastic.

Ramil's support is excellent

Spiros Galiatsatos
Spiros Galiatsatos 2018.02.07 13:45 


xiajiantao 2018.02.07 13:18 

非常好Very nice

60012345 2018.02.06 21:16 

Высокая прибыль, если повезет войти в удачное время. Надо следить руками за выставленными ордерами, если пошло не в твою сторону.

Yongxin Jiang
Yongxin Jiang 2018.02.05 15:13 

high profit , high risk.

maybe lose all your money.

Vladlen Oleynikov
Vladlen Oleynikov 2018.02.05 13:43 

Второй продукт который беру у Рамиля, все отлично рекомендую!

bullish15 2018.02.04 22:30 

It's blown up my account twice... give I put it on a $100 account twice, with 0.01 as the lot size.

Edit: Upon the vendors recommendation,I'm changing my account size and risk to try it out.

Sebastian Burger
Sebastian Burger 2018.02.01 20:21 

Keep up the great work Ramil, hope to see more from you in the future! Those Hamster EA is really collecting the profits like Peanuts :)

Sergey Telitsyn
Sergey Telitsyn 2018.01.31 21:06 

Very precise entry points.

Steady profits.

Always bear in mind risk and money management.

Almost Holy Grail :)

claire1121 2018.01.29 14:22 

不错, 须要找我,还有即或

GreenV 2018.01.27 22:43 

It is time to give my 5 stars to this product and his developer! Hamster works smoothly as a night scalper in RANGING market, but be careful with the proper settings and pairs, etc. brokers! Test on demo in advance and choose the right set, with different brokers EA performs differently. Admirations, Ramil...for the product and the support!

melayelen 2018.01.25 05:46 

I did not test EA yet. But also I'm not a "fake review". I'm just a happy costumer of Ramil's products. I have 5 so far. I paid three with money that I generated with one of his EAs. So, they actually work. U need to know how to handle. That's all. Thanks Ramil, once more. As I said before, you are a hope for this mql5 site. I learn a lot from your EAs. And thanks for your honesty!


Update 25/1/18

Thanks Ramil! It's working fantastic!

floria0891 2018.01.23 16:06 

Недавно приобрёл советника,сейчас уже 3 недели на реале всё отлично.

В ходе теста советника,возникали вопросы по настройкам,спасибо Рамилю за своевременную поддержку,

конечно же не жадничать с объемами,и соблюдать ММ. 5+ Так держать !!!

Markkm 2018.01.18 13:35 

Great scalper! Ramil always provides the best!

SevStol 2018.01.17 23:57 


Win Thu
Win Thu 2018.01.17 06:20 

So far so good with proper risk profile.

Anton Saykin
Anton Saykin 2018.01.11 09:23 

Спасибо за отличную работу, Рамиль !

Советник огонь! Господа, выполняйте все технические требования для корректной работы сова.

За обратную связь отдельное спасибо ;)

luxea 2018.01.07 17:49 

Спасибо за хомяка!!!!Приятно сотрудничать с автором.Быстро отвечает и всегда старается помочь!!!5+

Спасибо Рамиль

Sergey Pronchenko
Sergey Pronchenko 2017.12.31 21:15 

Советник с большим потенциалом

Торгую им в плюс. Не такой, как у Рамиля, но все же плюс ))

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2017.12.29 08:31 

Sometimes good, sometimes big risk.

Alexey Pankov
Alexey Pankov 2017.12.26 17:32 

прекрасная работа. Рамиль всех благ тебе.

Владимир Махин
Владимир Махин 2017.12.26 10:09 


Vasiliy Kolesov
Vasiliy Kolesov 2017.12.26 09:24 

Хороший советник. есть что доработать, но пока идёт стабильно в плюс.

26.12.2017 обновление. сов работает замечательно. Все претензии про опасность и далёкий стоп - бред. Кто мешает изменить размер стопа и оптимизировать настройки под себя? Можно найти варианты, где мах. просадка меньше 10% за два года. Но и прибыльность не большая. Просто не нужно лениться и тупо копировать настройки Рамиля, если они вам кажутся через чур агрессивными.

Apostolos Petrakis
Apostolos Petrakis 2017.12.23 22:55 

Here is what you were looking for!

Mikhail Rozhkov
Mikhail Rozhkov 2017.12.23 11:49 

Хороший Советник! За день 150% от депо поднял! Можно как с умеренными рисками торговать, так и с большими рисками, на удачу! Спасибо Рамилю за работу! Делайте бектесты с правильными настройками, смотрите на результаты,покупайте советник и торгуйте!

Volodymyr Dromov
Volodymyr Dromov 2017.12.18 11:10 

Хороший советник , с настройками Сэми , выводите прибыль во время

Zhenzhou Yin
Zhenzhou Yin 2017.12.15 09:09 


Brendan Lu
Brendan Lu 2017.12.13 23:16 

12/13 - Doesn't work, risk management is very BAD, the SL is set so high there is really no point. It is also not very accurate, so if your trade goes bad, you will lose a lot of money before it hits SL.

Anton Savitskiy
Anton Savitskiy 2017.12.10 09:11 

Всем, привет! Купил хомяка не так давно, сейчас занимаюсь выбором брокера и попутно гоняю на демке, думаю попробовать с небольшим депо на реал. Очень важно протестить много брокеров потому-что хомяк очень чувствителен к разным брокерам!!!

Yu Wai Lau
Yu Wai Lau 2017.12.07 09:46 

Excellent EA, most recommended!!!

Imtiaz Chowdhury
Imtiaz Chowdhury 2017.12.06 12:42 

Top product, well done Ramil!

puapennychan 2017.12.06 05:58 

nice scalping EA!

Anton Rumyantsev
Anton Rumyantsev 2017.12.06 02:13 

Отличный бот, за неделю с агрессивной оптимизацией отбил вложенные средства, теперь идет прибыль но нужно постоянно выводить средства потому что рынок есть рынок. Спасибо Рамиль.

lisienko-sv 2017.12.04 10:15 

Отличный робот, неделю использую на реале, до этого около месяца тестил и оптимизировал. Доволен результатом, за неделю прирост 20% - две пары, евро и фунт, настройки свои по результатам оптимизации. Пока без просадок. Для этого робота очень важно подобрать брокера с низким спрэдом по ночам. Пожалуй, это самое основное требование. Большое спасибо Рамилю за его труды!!!

makita 2017.12.02 17:47 


Ilnur Shakirov
Ilnur Shakirov 2017.12.02 06:42 

5 звёзд!!!

Victor Minaev
Victor Minaev 2017.11.29 11:56 

Очень хорошо!!!

alexsxs72 2017.11.27 12:03 

Отличный советник!!!

Andrey Inkin
Andrey Inkin 2017.11.22 10:05 

Рамиль, спасибо за сову, спасибо что движешься дальше, и спасибо что не обращаешь внимание на негативных господ, которые хотят всё на блюдечке, и сову потестить и сеты глянуть. Так держать Рамиль. Класс!!!

Alexsvv 2017.11.21 22:22 

поделюсь своим опытом и впечатлениями

приобрёл хомяка, с месяц назад

сначала ставил на виртуал

и вот три недели на реале

итог: прибыль около 50%

торгую парами, что и на сигнале плюс пара своих

входит и выходит со сделок на удивление чётко!

но! иногда утром вручную закрываю оставшиеся с ночи позиции, если вижу, что движение сильное и не в мою сторону

в целом - ну очень доволен! 5 звёзд