What is the reason why the MQ language editor in MT4 cannot be opened?

1. Old Windows version: some old Windows versions are not supported by Metatrader anymore.
read post about it.

2. Several traders had this issue (it is what I can read on this forum), and this issue was related to their anti-virus and/or firewall in their Windows.
Yes, several users fixed this issue by themselves, and they told to all of us: "it is issue related to anti-virus and/or firewall."
Two users are from Russian forum and one from English forum.
So, close your antivirus (turn it off) and made an exception in antivirus for Metatrader.

3. Old build of Metatrader; try to update your Metatrader - look at this page to know about how to install any build of MT4 and any build of MT5.

4. Are you using some external VPS?
Because some VPS providers were banned from the Market and from mql5 portal.

5. It may be more reasons (broken Windows, and more).



MT4 Oanda 安装后不会启动

BohdanPawluk , 2021.09.14 15:24

问题出在我的防病毒软件上,我使用的是 AVG。

我在 Oanda Metatrader 文件夹中添加了一个例外,然后一切正常。

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