Can you shut down MT4 and computers on weekends while EA is running?

Sergey Golubev  
Generally - yes.
But you should be sure that you are still connected with your trading account after turning computer/Metatrader ON, and that you are still have internet connection.
Renjun Gu  
在这周结束之前。 如果我关闭MT4和EA,我将在星期一再次打开计算机和MT4。 EA仍然负责原始订单吗? 再一次,EA将在重新加载后无法识别之前的列表。 它将在星期一下订单吗? 具体如何,请指点,谢谢!ky

其实很简单,在”ontick “里面最前边检查已经成交未结束的市场价单子,然后再判断开仓条件里面加上对应内容。

In fact, it's very simple to check the market price list that has been closed but not closed in the front of "ontick", and then judge the opening conditions and add the corresponding content.