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The Expert advisor was created based on ORDER BLOCKS AND SMART MONEY CONCEPTS  and Pit floor trading strategies. TRADING SETTINGS: Working Time frame                                         : Current to 1 Month i recommend trading from 1Hr to Daily time frames as lower time frames are more prone to markets noise Stop loss                                                          : Use this to set your stop loss per trade taken Take Profit                                                       : Us
The strategy for this expert advisor works more effectively only if you set buy only or sell only,the most important part I took into consideration are the main market turning points.You would want to say reversals or change in direction in trends,the key to making profitable trades with this advisor is to set your stop loss on the previous high for sell only signal and previous low for buy positions ,This advisor can trade any Market,but mainly was developed for Boom and Crash,vix75 and Jump 25
Bu Gösterge, bir tüccar olarak piyasanın yönünü belirlemenize yardımcı olmak için geliştirilmiştir, Ticarette Üç tür hareketimiz vardır ve YUKARI, AŞAĞI ve YAN YOLLAR, Piyasa hareketinin yan yolları, çoğu tüccarın fiyat olarak sıkışıp kaldığı yerdir. konsolidasyon, bu basitçe yön olmadığı anlamına gelir. Scalpers için bu, YALNIZCA varlık sınıflarının bu dönemde olduğunu nasıl belirleyeceklerini bilirlerse onlar için bir avantaj olabilir. Trendleri belirlemek için çapa geliştirme girişimi, bu
This Expert advisor trades any Asset class, Try it on any market, When you download PM so you can be added to my channel for all support related issues. There are three trading strategies available  * The Wyckoff trading strategy, Channel trading and trend trading.  Input Parameters Lots   - the volume of position to open; Stop Loss BUY (in points)   - the stop loss of BUY positions; Stop Loss SELL (in points)   - the stop loss of SELL positions; Take Profit BUY (in points)   - the take profit o
This system   doesn't   use any Grid or Martingale strategies, buy has been careful developed to trade synthetic indexes apart from boom and crash on Binary.com or now known as deriv   ,Careful  mathematical calculations have been taken into considerations for any type of trader ,either ,Scalper ,Day trader ,intra day trader , swing trader  ,real tick prices have been used to get the most accurate price levels for trades to be taken. We mainly focused on these Synthetic pairs but surprisingly we
This is a Scalping robot for Currency pairs and also for synthetic indexes  When you download ask for my telegram channel where you can PM and assist if you are having any challenges  I recommend the top 8 currency pairs as well as Volatility indexes, Step index, Jump indexes  Trading time frame for currencies is 5 minutes The Expert advisor also has market filters where you can chose sessions to trade, I mainly prefer market overlaps where there is more volatility in the market. I have also add
This Expert Advisor is meant to trade Boom ,Crash Indexes ,Nasdaq and all other Major currency pairs . Upload the trading robot to any 1 minute time frame set your lot size and let it run. My recommendation on lot size is 0.2 you can play around with it based on your risk appetite  This is a free version set files will be given to those who purchase the full product. The expert advisor was coded using The MACD ,RSI the CCI and classic pivot points. When you download it ask for my telegram channe