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Deep Takeover trading systems are highly adaptable and not over fitted. If you are sick of seeing good screenshots in the marketplace and losing in real trading, try a beautiful, adaptive, under fitted system! Available for FIFO, Netting, and Hedge accounts.

MT4 - FIFO :
MT5 - Netting, not hedge:
MT5 - Hedge://

Deep Takeover YouTube Channel :

Deep Takeover Discord community chatroom:

***** Important! Please Read *****
It is your responsibility to find settings (.set files) to use on your Metatrader platform with your broker.
If you don't know how please check the channel and learn, again:
I have already put much time into producing videos and full optimization records for so many symbols and time frames.
Please respect my time.
It is disrespectful to ignore my helpful training videos and ask me to do something you can easily do yourself.
If MQL work could replace my income, then I would be more than happy to continually produce .set's


I have been a trading system developer for a decade and have learned many valuable lessons.

If it works on only one or a few symbols or only one time frame- don't bother. It is over fitted and will probably not stand price behavior changes over time.

If it makes billions of dollars in back tests- you cannot trust it. I made a system that turned $100 dollars into more than a billion in a couple years, only on EURUSD backtesting. Look me up in the articles, this was my system "Freak" from many years ago.
This type of system looks good in the strategy tester but not in real life. In fact if billions can be made in the strategy tester, it is likely that such a system takes advantage of tick generation mechanics of "every tick" instead of "every tick based on real ticks" and real trading will suck and blow the account in live mode.

If it uses a martingale strategy then with time the chances continually increase that the account will be blown. You can win small for a while, but it is gambling and high risk.

Most indicators are not reliable. Most combinations of indicators are not reliable. Especially with the way most developers use them.

Trading with the trend, especially the "strong trend" indications, is less and less reliable. Increasingly, by the time a trend is identified, it is over.

Breakout systems, due to a rise in fake-outs are less and less reliable- that's a sharp breakout with an even sharper reverse in the opposite direction much sooner than expected.

Stop losses, while every broker and most popular traders recommends them, has never proven to make an under-fitted system more profitable.

Trailing stop losses are the worst thing you can put on any system other than ultra-strong breakout trades, but typically the strong breakout fakes will reverse and hit your SL fast.

Without trying to predict anything at all a counter trend grid system can be the best (almost) guaranteed way to earn money, however requires a huge account balance and small per trade lot sizes to stay profitable without blowing the account in times of strong trend. Not friendly to accounts under $10,000

A good general trading strategy is to trade in the direction of a higher time frame trend on a lower time frame's movement against that higher time frame's trend as macro forces are more reliable than micro forces. For example 20-50 trades a year on H4 timeframe can be just as profitable as 50000 trades a year on M1 timeframe and with much higher win %

I believe my current system "Deep Takeover" for MT4 and MT5 is the best I've ever done. Testing shows a majority of settings passing on a majority of time-frames and symbols. The best settings for any symbol also work on a majority of other symbols.
It doesn't follow any mainstream trading ideology (that I know a word for anyway!) It's not a grid, not a martingale, not a scalper, not a trend "follower", not a "counter" trend trader, no visible SL/TP, yet because the trend does affect its targets i have placed it under the trend category.
You can expect consistent trading frequency, reliable trade execution, fast testing, and a high probability of profit (no *guarantee* of profit is legal or ethical to make).

Now if you're looking for that EA that will make you millions in a year from under $1000 starting, you aren't yet mature or experienced enough to know that those are always a sham- if they worked like that you would see at least one signal with such results as MQL5 has been around for 10 years. Go ahead, learn your lesson, lose your money, and when you wise up, come find me.
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Hi friends, allow me to introduce a fantastic trading system I built for everyone!

V-Ultra is a Volatronix trading bot that guarantees the unbiased growth of cryptocurrency.

"Unbiased growth" means that the sum of gain percentages is higher than the sum of loss percentages across all assets traded.

As the number of trades increases the probability of achieving both base and quote currency growth approaches 100%.

Youtube Playlist:
Read the Manual:
Download the Bot:
Join the Discord Chatroom Server:

A guarantee of dollar value growth cannot be made as it is illegal to do so, but unbiased growth is a mathematical certainty depending only on the continued existence of the assets and the exchange platforms they are traded on.

Volatronix works on every price chart, real or randomly generated, to produce unbiased growth.

Backtesting on any cryptocurrency for any length of time produces unbiased growth.

Testing Volatronix on totally random prices for ten thousand trades at minimum 10% price distance between trades always ends up with more money than all the atoms in the universe.

Testing Volatronix on all the stocks on Robinhood, thousands, performs on *average* 4x better than the S&P500.

You can trust the trading system to grow cryptocurrency, but you might not be able to trust the exchange you are trading on.

Every person, hundreds, who have used some version of Volatronix in the past saw unbiased growth of their assets.

Many of us on Cryptopia lost everything because the exchange was shut down after it was hacked. We should pick reputable exchanges with a low chance of abandonment or theft.

This may be one of the only, or, the only "risk free" trading systems out there. Risk free as long as you have an "unbiased growth mindset" - meaning you know that if the basket is always growing and full of all the "things" it doesn't matter what percentage of things are in there currently, because eventually, the basket will be big enough that some of all of the items in it are profit.

This should not even be considered "Trading", as trading is generally high-risk gambling, but rather should be considered as a machine that rewards you over time for helping to slow down the volatility of markets. You're not gambling. You are always buying at relative lows and selling at relative highs. You never run out of coin to sell. It's more like a grocery store than a prediction-dependent trading system.

There is no need for the trading language concepts like "stop loss", "take profit", "trailing", "indicators", "fundamentals", "trend", "breakout", blah blah blah. We don't care about that. We are here to grow everything in a systematic and provable way. We don't just hope to make correct predictions. Predicting the future accurately every time is impossible.

V-Ultra is guaranteed to grow assets in an unbiased way.
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
No need for FX when crypto trading is so good:
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
This is financial advice! Trading cryptocurrency with Volatronix: V-Ultra guarantees unbiased growth of cryptocurrency assets.
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
starting with 1300 this year, profit around 4500 so far, best guaranteed unbiased growth bot in the world. works on more than 120 cryptocurrency exchanges. check it out:
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Note: the person who rated my system with 1 star and called me and my product rubbish, never sent a single message to me personally. Obviously this is a competitor trying to squash something better than him or her.
3der 2021.05.12
Could u explain why your system is in DD since 6 months, and more important, why you deleted your signal ?
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Big thanks to those who bought my trading system. I will be adding most of the funds to my personal trading account also using the Deep Takeover system. Only profit this far things are looking good :)
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Apologies today to those trying to message me: message center is broken, again. I cannot load, read, or send private messages from any device, whether connected to vpn or not, pc, android, brave or chrome. Sorry!
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
HEY GUYS I have some messages that I cannot view here. MQL5 messages is glitching out on me- if you tried to contact me, looks like 3 people, 2 new customers, please come to my Discord Chat server. I am TriphiusFire there :
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
The first two days of live demo trading with Deep Takeover Hedge!

You can monitor the signal:

Check out my YouTube Channel to learn more:

Rent or Buy the bot:

And join the community chat I made at Discord:
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
WOW! I could not be happier

At the end of my testing, when I was ready to publish, I tried start step stop values far outside my normal ones and the results blew me away on EURUSD- then it happened again and again on 9 other symbols with the same values.

100% winning sets on half the possible FOREX.all market watch set symbols with my new system
Deep Takeover Hedge for MT5!

Truly, you have never seen a trading system so NOT OVERFITTED!

ALSO the price is low for the first buyers! Renting 3 months =$50, 1 year=$100, Lifetime owner=$300

The price will definitely go up when this gets popular :D

For now- May the odds be ever in your favor :D

Get it:
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 2020.08.14
Oops the time should say 2017.08.13 to 2020.08.13
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1250.00 USD

An adaptive and under fitted trading system like no other The best settings of one symbol also work on a majority of other symbols The majority of settings within the optimization parameters test well Three versions for different types of accounts This version here is designed for MT5 hedge accounts The MT5 netting version is here: The MT4 FIFO version is here: Check out all 3 versions for

Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
May the odds be ever in your favor!

18 time frames with same start/step/stop parameters for all tests!

the 3rd Deep Takeover - "Hedge" version for MT5 coming very soon.

These results are trading 0.02 lots / trade, 5 trades max / position. Over 5 years 2015.08.01 to 2020.08.01

MT4 version (FIFO, no hedge):
MT5 version (netting):

This MT5 hedge version will be here when published (not ready today, still testing):
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Here is proof of NO OVER FITTING with my new Deep Takeover system for MT4 (obeys FIFO / no-hedge for Americans). The EXACT SAME SETTINGS tested on 20 FOREX Symbols. Is there another EA that can do this?
Deep Takeover could be the most adaptive EA in the world- certainly the best I have ever created.
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 2020.08.09
note- i picked the setting at random, and this is the first try. "A" here is actually twice the maximum recommended optimization stop value. I also did this with the MT5 version 8 times, testing the best settings from 8 symbols each on 19 other symbols with a huge majority ending in profit
Jeremy Scott Выставил продукт

An adaptive and under fitted trading system like no other The best settings of one symbol also work on a majority of other symbols The majority of settings within the optimization parameters test well Deep Takeover MT4 now comes with a 2nd EA for free : "Agility" EA!  See comment section for details Three versions for different types of accounts This MT4 version respects FIFO rules The MT5 netting version : The MT5 hedge

Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Are you DONE with over-fitted EA's?

Get ready for my return, coming soon, with the best testing system I've ever made or seen.

Say Something if you are interested!

Tested on 20 symbols and 6 timeframes with 343 settings: m5, m15, m30,h1, h4, h12

I took a long break from FOREX to make amazing cryptocurrency trading machines. Now that I mastered that and stock market trading I am back to TAKEOVER FOREX!

I am testing it in demo right now and see that it works exactly as simulated, plus handling requotes, writing and restoring, etc. Also in strategy testing it handles every tick based on real ticks with random delay execution for bad server simulation- and tests FANTASTIC.

It is a netting system for MT5 only right now, but if there is interest I will program it for MT4 and FIFO/ no hedge accounts
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Over 6500 passes optimization on eurusd on a new EA, every single one in profit! All of them, not a single loser! Let's see how this works live...
Christer Loekset
Christer Loekset 2016.09.15
Any plans to recreate this masterpiece?
Joao Henriques
Joao Henriques 2016.09.22
Any plans to "bring it back from the dead"? That would be awsome news...
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 2017.04.14
Yes. I really really want this. I haven't worked on FOREX at all since this catastrophe. But rather cryptocurrency trading if you are interested, pm me ;D
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Yes! Look at this, a full optimization showing almost all passes in profit and only a few passes all less than 15% draw-down. With this EA I mix the "zone recovery" technique with high and low consolidation after a strong move. Should I publish it or keep it to myself huh? I spent a much longer time working on an artificial intelligence EA, where every possible pattern has an associated price prediction based on the last X examples of the pattern, its a complex and somewhat profitable EA, however the results are not as strong as this EA which does not try to 'predict' anything. Amazing. I'll be putting this on a demo account soon.
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 2015.05.27
This EA has a name now, "Radiance"
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
All of my programs on can now be rented! This is great news for people who just want to try it out for a month up to a year for a much smaller price. Anyone who buys an EA of mine after renting it can have their rental charges refunded by me through Paypal.
Here are the rental prices of all my EAs
1 month: 79.99 USD
3 months: 199.99 USD
6 months: 349.99 USD
12 months: 499.99 USD
This is the coolest thing to hit in a while I think!
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Anyone who I gave Pure Energy to, please write back to me, because I just noticed the automatic lot function doesn't work in the one I gave you. I've been using fixed lots, so didn't notice, and the trading is great, but now look what can be done if autolot works right! I'll send it to you, just write to me if I already gave you one and I'll send you the fixed version. in two years 10k became over 160k. It's just one example.
map.q5 2015.02.07
Looks good results
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
finally, so you know I'm not playing around and cherry picking- I've made a fast frame rate gif of the 38 symbols tested- each image shows all 10,000 possible setting combination results. It's the best system I've ever written! Keep your eyes on the red line and notice that a huge majority of possible settings work across all symbols. This EA is truly flexible and adaptive.

I should mention that there are two separate period inputs for Purple and for Red/Blue, when the periods are close together the EA doesn't work right, there are also many settings that are just rediculous and fail on most symbols, but the good news is finally here is an EA where the same settings (lots and lots of different ones) will individually succeed on most symbols. Cumulative profit tests on "All symbols in Market Watch" are highly positive when summed over all 38 symbols showing that the EA is adaptive to a huge range of unique price behaviors.
Arnold Bobrinskii
Arnold Bobrinskii 2014.12.28
When I saw it I almost went blind. Please stop it!)))
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 2014.12.30
@Dr.Trader- both models are finished, MT4 and MT5, testing MT4 gives fantastic results on the 22 forex pairs on metaquotes server :) I'm filtering the optimizations and choosing sets tomorrow. hoping to start new year with both an MT4 and MT5 signal for this EA
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 2014.12.30
@Arnold, haha, the point is to see the whole picture of the 38 symbols within 2 seconds, following the red line with your eyes so you can get an intuitive feel for how the EA trades on the whole market with arbitrary settings.