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Deep Takeover

The Deep Takeover trading system is a rejection of over fitting.

It is designed to trade effectively on all major FOREX symbols and time frames.

Extremes have been tested vigorously:

  • Small Account : starting at $50 and only 1 trade per position
  • Big Account : starting at $100000 with up to 10 trades per position
  • Both show strong testing results with no over fitting

Small $50 Account:

  • Only H1 was tested
  • 0.01 Lot maximum position
  • 3240 settings in full optimization
  • The best symbols for trading are shown in one GIF screenshot presentation.

The rest of the information here refers to the Big $100,000 account, whose inputs are scale-able down to a $1000 starting balance, 0.01 lot sizes, and 10 trades maximum per position.

Big $100,000 Account:

  • 1 Lot per trade
  • with a maximum of 10 Lots per position
  • 4 time frames were tested
  • on 20 pairs
  • including M5, M15, H1, and H4. 
  • for a total of 80 full optimizations
  • with 3240 settings tested in
  • over 2 years from 2018.07.27 to 2020.07.27 
  • 3 GIF screenshot presentations

A large majority of settings of these 80 full optimizations end their test in profit. 

The best settings on each pair also test very well on a majority of other pairs.

The symbols are tested from MetaQuotes Demo MT5 and selected using the Market Watch set called "forex.all".  No Symbol from this set was left out of testing. 

With the default settings the maximum position is 10 times larger than the single trade size.  So if your maximum position should be 1 then set the lot to 0.1 and the X input to 10. You are free to raise or lower this and see how it affects testing.

The 3240 settings are from the start, step, stop values of 3 parameters: F, P, A. These values are attached in some way to the calculations used in decision making from indicators.

Deep Takeover only attempts a trade at the start of a new bar and if there is a re-quote, it will try again on the next tick.

You will find that testing in "Open Prices Only" with Zero Latency and and testing in "Every tick based on real ticks" with Random Delay yield very similar results.

You will find that the trading frequency and behavior in demo match the frequency and behavior of back-testing results.

This MT5 version is a netting strategy.

If you want a FIFO / No-Hedge version, you can use the MT4 version coming soon.

The MT4 version will be found here when published:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52867 

It is safe to stop and restart the terminal whenever you want to or for updates, just try to do it between the candle open and close, not overlapping with the candle open time or you could miss a trade opportunity.

It is recommended to trade multiple non-correlated pairs.

Feel free to publish your own signal using Deep Takeover.

Many happy returns. Enjoy!

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