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Trend Direction Arrows

Trend Direction Arrows

* Please use the free demo before renting or buying.
This indicator works in all kinds of frames and presents you the trend in the time period you choose.
You can try to enter the bars in the bars where the arrows are formed or it helps you to understand the trend direction in the time period you look at.
This trial period (Rental for 1 month) offered for promotion is valid for a limited number of copies.
At the end of the trial period, longer term rental and unlimited purchase options will also be opened in it's new prices.
My expert advisor work is continuing for the strategies I have been developing for the Trend Direction Arrows indicator.
You can follow the signal calculations I have created for my experiments in different instruments and different time periods from my signals tab. (only with your demo accounts)

When these studies are completed, you can find the article I will write for my strategies on my page.

I wish you happy trading.

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