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BlackBox Beast

BLACKBOX BEAST provides the investment market a highly sophisticated, proprietary, Black-Box trading software system and infrastructure that is fully automated, algorithmic, non-subjective input, that maximizes the application and use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), that is non-directional that makes money simultaneously regardless whether the market is going up or down, and that is revolutionary in its ability to make profits in the market in that it is a “3-dimensional” trading philosophy (making profits on the incremental small movements of a market…continuously) rather than the “old fashion” (2-dimensional) method of “buying at point A and then selling at point B” for a profit, and does this repeatedly 24 hours a day whereby the Equity Curve growth of equity (profits) is nearly perfectly linear with a slope of percentage profits being consistent over time, and in the range of 5.5% Profit Per Month with Maximum Drawdown (managed maximum risk) being able to be limited to a 25% maximum on a recommended Retail Account sized at $30,000 in the EUR/USD.

A fully and very linear Equity Curve Profit Growth line that achieves the desired percentage (yearly) profit percentage regardless of the “time of entry” into the market. This incredible trading tool took Ten-Years to fully develop, does not rely on any subjective human input no reliance on technical or fundamental analysis or decision making, no indicator-related decision making utilized, no reliance on “timing” on when to enter or exit the market in order to achieve desired profit objective, etc.

All investment systems and methods that currently exist utilize “human subjective inputs” to enable their operation. First, a human input needs to be entered as to whether the market product to be invested in is going up, or down Long or Short human subjective input. Second, a human input need be entered then of “timing…when is the “time to enter the investment” whether it is a long or short investment (human subjective input). Third, the amount of capital to commit to such long or short investment next needs to be made (human subjective input). Fourth, once the investment (long or short) is entered into, then once again “timing…when is the “time to exit the investment” (human subjective input) now needs to be watched to then exit at that profit or loss if loss-limited level.

This obviously results in multiple problems of the  investor being exact and perfect in their subject reasoning, emotion, and input, if the human input guesses the market to go up, and instead it goes down….then the problem is an immediate 50% error starting out so the rest of the human inputs from this  point forward become even more challenging to end up with a profitable trade).  Throughout every step here, human subjective input along with human emotion completely control the process. The Blackbox Beast completely and totally eliminates these BIG Problems! 

ADDITIONALLY, in that all old fashion investment systems utilize either Fundamental or Technical analysis (“reading tea leaves” to (guess) at the probable future of the market and/or market investment product, the BLACKBOX BEAST is not held hostage by such “tea leaf” reading and eliminates and solves this entire problem of reliance on analysis and indicators that are usually only useful in looking at what has already happened rather than any predictive tool for profitable investing.  FINALLY, one of the major investment problems is what we term as “Two-Dimensional” Investing. This means making an investment at point “A” (Long investment) and waiting for it to go (up) to point “B” (sell position) to close out for a profit. The BLACKBOX BEAST is a “Three-Dimensional” Investing, trading, and money-management system all in one!

“Point A” is because there is no particular starting point as the system is continuously running. “Point B” for the exit to make profits, rather it is a continuous fluid system making profits both long and short incrementally as the market progresses forward from wherever it initiates an initial beginning. Hence the term three-dimensional investing – making money incrementally on the  markets minor movements whether those movements are up or down or both!
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