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AGS Scalper

EA developed for very aggressive scalping on 15 min timeframe. (5min works too) Using multi timeframes and indicators: Stochastic, RSI, BBands.
Trading strategy is basically identification of overbought and oversold conditions on the market.

Can be used with most major/minor pairs and metals, optimization of input is needed. Its possible to optimize input for most pairs to get stable small profits each month,then some pairs just cannot work with this strategy.

Good setup of input can result in 100%-200% monthly profit just from one pair.

(That is while using lots above 1.0 per 1000$ account balance (or big TP), and with such big lots it is crucial to use adequate money management eg. every week or two take out half of profits!)

Every order with SL/TP.
For very aggressive strategies is good to optimize them every few months or even weeks, depending on market.

Also it is possible to choose very safe options for stable low profits without risk, however I use big lots with this EA as it was usually quite easy to achieve winratio over 90%.

(Optimized for ECN accounts with leverage 1:500)

I have launched signal with this EA few months back, in screenshots you can see first month of this EA making 264% profit, its capable, its powerful,
that was just on one pair, and it was early version of this EA, it got few upgrades since then.

Best works with: 



Input parameters 
  • -Entry_Amount =  lot size (recommended 0.1-1.6 with use of dynamiclot)
  • -dynamiclot =  lot size is multiplied by every 1000 of account free margin
  • -delay = if true program will wait at least 30 min before doing another trade.
/I recommend using all above as true.

/Next are values for RSI, RSIsell and RSIbuy are values that will trigger trade opportunity and RSIselllimit and RSIbuylimit are thresholds needed to maintain (next candle)for confirming trade

  • -RSIsell = rsi top starting limit <75-95>
  • -RSIbuy= rsi bottom starting limit <5-25>
  • -RSIselllimit = rsi top ending limit <45-75>
  • -RSIbuylimit= rsi bottom ending limit <25-55>
  • -Stop_Loss = I use range 200-300
  • -Take_Profit = I use range 60-200
  • -sell_stop_ratio = for different stop loss value for sell trades (1.0 means same value, 1.50 means 50% bigger sl for sells than for buys)
  • -mindif = minimal requested size of last candle (difference between open and close) for confirming trade, this is really just for 'fine tuning', might not use at all. <-100,100 >

(if 0, sell needs last candle to be bearish and vice versa,if mindiference is negative value it allows boolish candles too to launch sell-trade and vice versa, with maximum allowed candle size equal this value,
mindif is adjusted by number of decimal digits of current pair
mindif=1 means smallest possible size for current pair eg.: for EURUSD 0.00001

example best fit values for EURCHF 1, EURUSD -7, AUDJPY 1, XAUUSD -95

Example sets of full  "bestfit" parameters from backtesting with Strategy tester:  

XAUUSD (+103% feb 2020)             RSIsell=81 RSIbuy=16 RSIselllimit=66 RSIbuylimit=35 mindiference=-78     Entry_Amount=1.4 dynamiclot=1  delay=0 Stop_Loss=250 sell_stop_ratio=1 Take_Profit=70

EURCHF (+764% 01.2020-03.2020) RSIsell=85 RSIbuy=10 RSIselllimit=67 RSIbuylimit=35 mindiference=2 Entry_Amount=1.5 dynamiclot=1   delay=1 Stop_Loss=240 sell_stop_ratio=1 Take_Profit=160 

EURUSD (+11382% 02.2019-10.2019) RSIsell=89  RSIbuy=6  RSIselllimit=66  RSIbuylimit=48 mindiference=6 Entry_Amount=1.9 dynamiclot=1     delay=0   Stop_Loss=310 sell_stop_ratio=1 Take_Profit=80
-working just on one pair for 8 months may result  in 113x multiple of account starting balance,  also its good idea to not use this EA for December and January

XAUUSD (+770% dec 2019) RSIsell=88  RSIbuy=12 RSIselllimit=65  RSIbuylimit=55  mindiference=7 Entry_Amount=1.5 dynamiclot=1   delay=1  Stop_Loss=240 sell_stop_ratio=1 Take_Profit=180

EURCHF (+140% feb 2020) RSIsell=88  RSIbuy=12 RSIselllimit=65  RSIbuylimit=55  mindiference=7 Entry_Amount=1.5 dynamiclot=1   delay=1  Stop_Loss=240 sell_stop_ratio=1 Take_Profit=180

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Версия 4.4 2020.04.15
Simplified use of parameter "mindif" (now automatically adjusts to decimal digits of current pair)
Версия 4.3 2020.04.14
Reduced count of input parameters (additional simplification coming)
Версия 4.2 2020.04.10
Fixed unintentional "off-step" min and max lot behavior
Версия 4.1 2020.03.09
Price for stop loss and take profit is calculated from MarketInfo not from graph BID/ASK anymore (= no more errors if your broker's candles dont match market watch perfectly)