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Hexa MA

"The trend is your friend, until the end when it bends".

The "Hexa MA" custom indicator is a trend following indicator. It uses 6 Moving Averages to spot the trend and follow, and also to filter the bad signals for the fast Moving Averages. The basic is simple, yet the strategy is powerful.

Recommended settings for the indicator :

- Moving Average periods : SMA 5, SMA 10, SMA 20, SMA 50, SMA 100, SMA 200.

- Timeframe : M15 is the default. But any timeframe can be used.

- Currency pair : Since it is a trend following indicator, it can be used with basically any currency pair.

Indicator inputs :

- 3 Fast Moving Averages : The default values are SMA 5, SMA 10, SMA 20 consecutively.

- 3 Slow Moving Averages : The default values are SMA 50, SMA 100, SMA 200 consecutively.

- Moving Average line width : The width of the line drawn on the chart.

- Signal width : The signal arrow width. Accepts any value between 1 and 5.

- Signal distance : The signal distance from the candle in pips.

- Buy signal color : The color of the buy signal. Default is set to Green.

- Sell signal color : The color of sell signal. Default is set to Red.

- Window alert : TRUE to enable window alerts, FALSE to disable window alerts.

- Email alert : TRUE to enable email alerts, FALSE to disable email alerts.

- Push Notification alert : TRUE to enable push notification alerts, FALSE to disable push notification alerts.

For any suggestion, issues, or question. Please, feel free to contact me at : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/amiine90

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Версия 1.2 2020.07.28
- General Improvements.
Версия 1.1 2020.02.21
- Improved the algorithm of signals,
- Added the Moving Average method to inputs.