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Haskayafx Pasha

This indicator is producing accurate signal based on distances between crossection
    point of 571 period moving average with 632 period bollinger band and 17 moving average and 171 moving average.
    You can also use this signal with expert advisor with below code


double v1=0;
    if(v1==0 )  return(0); // No Signals 
       //Send BUY Order...
       //Send SELL Order...

       Although this indicator can work for all time frame, 
       most suitable timeframe is M5 and All Symbols. 
       Below you can find indicator inputs.
    MA_Period=528; // Moving Averages 
    BuySellLimit=0.0005;  // Buy Sell Entry Limit
    ArrowGap=35; // Close+-Arrow Gap Pips
    SecondOrderEntryLevelPips=300;// Second Limit Order Entry Level Pips
    HareketliOrtalamaGiris1=19; // 1. Moving Average
    HareketliOrtalamaGiris2=71;// 2. Moving Average
    HareketliOrtalamaStopGirisDegeri=171;// TP Moving Average

    BBandGiris=632; // Bollingers Bands Period
    BBandSapma=2;   // Bollingers Bands Deviation
    HareketliOrtalamaAlimGirisSeviyesi=0.0015;      // Correct Signal Entry Level 
    CepUyariGonder=false;      // Notification 
    SesliAlarm=true;           // Sound Alert
    SendAnEmail=false; // Send a E-mail when Signal Alert
    AktifGrafikGoster=true;    // Change Chart when Signal Alert
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