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Dimea Two

The EA "Dimea Two" is based on an RSI indicator with the idea "Every action generates a reaction".

Positions (1 to many) will be opened when the RSI indicator hits its predefinded limits of 30 or 70.

Various settings such as "RSI-Hits" or "Multiplier" will minimize your risk and maximize your profit.

When stock prices go crazy just click on the "Dimea Two" logo to pause the EA.

In addition many useful information are displayed on the chart.

It is recommended to start with a minimum deposit of 500 USD by trading with 0.01 lots

Note: When using the EA on different charts change the Magic Number

Input Parameters (Standard Setup: EURUSD / M5)

- Timeframe: Trading Timeframe

- StoppLoss: StoppLoss in pips

- TakeProfit: TakeProfit in pips

- Maximum Open Positions: When the number is reached no more positions will be opened

- Lots: Amount of lots for the first position

- Multiplier: The value of parameter "Lots" will be multiplied with this number when opening the second/third etc. position.

- Maximum Lots: The parameter "Lots" multiplied with the parameter "Multiplier" will never be higher than this value

- RSI-Hits: A position is opened when the RSI has exceeded the values of 30 or 70 as many times as definded with this parameter

- Pips between Trades: Number of pips between the last position opend and the next position opening

- Minimum Margin level: Stop trading when margin level is reached

- Exponential Growth: If this option is activated, the lot size grows exponentially to the account size

- Show Settings: Shows all settings on the chart

Good luck and happy trading!

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Версия 2.3 2020.01.30
Little changes in GUI
Версия 2.2 2019.12.09
Small bug fixes
Версия 2.1 2019.12.04
New Standard Settings