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Volume Heatmap Profile MT5

The Volume Heatmap Profile indicator details the weight of price-volume levels adjacent to the current level as a stacked bar on the chart window, and as a heatmap for the total time range on a separate indicator window. The Volume Heatmap Profile indicator is a valuable volume price analysis tool which uses the Volume by Price study and shows the resulting data in a different way than volume profiles and volume delta indicators. Identify approximate areas of low and high volume which are generally interpreted as key price levels. This indicator provides alternative views on valuable volume price relations.

Main features

  • Estimate key levels such as support and resistance
  • Specifiable price volume dataset time and price range
  • Identify price reversals and movements
  • Stronger confirmation and validation with alternative visualization
  • Key complementary tool for setting up low risk strategies
  • Use on-chart controls to adjust the amount and size of price zones
  • Identifies activity or interest with tick volume
  • Identifies value with real volume
  • Clear patterns to follow long term trends


  • Data Price Zone, Size - size per price zone specified in points, adjustable with on-chart controls

  • Data Time Range
    • All Data
    • Specified Start to End
    • Specified Start to Specified End
    • Start to Specified End

  • Volume
    • Tick Volume
    • Real Volume [1]

  • Data Price - price designating price zone for volume distribution, default 'Close'
    • Close
    • High
    • Low
    • Median
    • Typical
    • Weighted

  • Evaluation, Down - amount of zones to look-down, also offset value with parameter 'Evaluation, Up' adjustable with on-chart controls, default 8, max 32, min 6

  • Evaluation, Up - amount of zones to look-up, also offset value with parameter 'Evaluation, Down' adjustable with on-chart controls, default 8, max 32, min 6

  • Evaluation, Center
    • Current Price
    • Median Price of Current Price Zone

  • Control Price Zones, Step Size - points, default 10

  • Control Button Size

  • Draw Stacked Bar - default true


Sufficient and contiguous history data

Minimum amount of history records on start 5000, recommended 25000

Black color means no data, dark brown color means relatively low data



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Версия 2.11 2019.05.14
various feature updates
Версия 2.7 2019.04.05
various feature upgrades
performance improvements
Версия 1.7 2019.04.04
various feature updates
Версия 1.6 2019.03.29
various feature updates
Версия 1.5 2019.03.26
several improvements