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Semi Martingale

EA will trade base on manual entry. It will do martingale if your position in losses.

There are no backtests available. This is a semi-automated EA that requires human intervention or initial order to be triggered by user.

  • The main purpose of this EA is to open trade in the same direction with bigger lot size when initial trade losses. It is barely impossible for human being to trade like this 24 hours a day. This technique is well known to many trades and many use it to recover their losses. However this can lead to unexpected loss if you experience several losses in a row.
  • EA will monitor only 1 trade at a time on the currency pair it is attached to.

Inyiak Talago
Inyiak Talago 2019.03.22 15:38 

Sangat membantu ketika Pembukaan perdagangan berlawanan dengan arah trend, martingale nya mantap... !!!

Terima kasih

Версия 1.3 2019.03.31
add trailing stop
Версия 1.2 2019.03.28
fix multiplier
Версия 1.1 2019.03.20
fixing expert to script issue