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Probability Model

Probability Model

Probability Model is an EA that uses a model that estimates the probability that the price will move in a given direction.  The model identifies from the price history of a symbol variables that are used to determine the likely direction of price action.  

In the event that the price action contradicts the predicted direction, the EA engage a hedge.

Only when the probability of the price of the symbol to go in a given direction is computed to satisfy the required condition will a position be opened.  The EA performs best when the TakeProfit parameter is high relative to the StopLoss parameter.  

Probability Model can be used on any chart.


  • High lot size.
  • $10000 or more.
  • High leverage.
  • Account that allows hedging.
  • High TakeProfit relative to StopLoss.
  • 15 minute chart.

  • LotSize
  • LotIncreaseFactor(Factor to increase the lotsize in a hedge position).
  • MaxSlippage
  • TakeProfit
  • TrailingStop
  • EnableWeekendTrading
  • FridayStopTime
  • MondayStartTime

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