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DYJ MacdSto EA

DYJ MacdSto EA uses MACD and Stochastic indicators to find signals.
Signals to buy are generated if the MACD line crosses over the SIGNAL line in the negative area below the MACD open level, and when Stochastic has crossed zoneBuy downwards, reached zoneBuy and then crossed back up through oversold.
Signals to sell are generated if the MACD line crosses under the SIGNAL line in the positive area above the MACD open level, and when Stochastic has crossed zoneSell upwards, reached zoneSell, and then crossed back down through overbought.

The EA works in any trading session. The work time1 and work time2 and work time3 parameter is intraday. It means that if you want to set a working time from 19:00 PM to 05:00 AM, for example, you should define two different intervals, such as 19:00 to 23:59 and 00:00 to 05:00.

The EA opens orders at a specific news time, such as 19:59 to 20:03 and M1 to H1 timeframe.

For more convenient search, the working timeframe has been added to inputs (Work timeframe). This is the timeframe indicators are built on and the EA receives Open prices from. Therefore, the EA is recommended for the EURGBP H1 timeframe.

Default settings are provided as example using USG variable spread ticks data for 20180101-20181231 years on EURGBP pair.


  • InpMagic:Magic number;
  • InpTimeframe:Work timeframe;
  • InpLots:Lots;
  • InpMaxOrders:Max Orders;
  • InpCurrentOrders = 1 -- Current Orders Number
  • InpMaxProfits = 10 -- InpMaxProfits($)/0.01Lots If Orders>OrdersNumber and profit>InpMaxProfits then close all orders.
  • InpTakeProfit = 200 --Take Profit
  • InpStopLoss  = 100 -- Stop LossInp
  • TrailingStop = 100 -- Trailing Stop (min distance from price to Stop Loss, in pips
  • InpTrailingStep = 5 -- Trailing Step, in pips (1.00045-1.00055=1 pips)
  • IsUseTradingTime = false - set to false to trade all the time, set to true to use trading time defined below.
  • startTime1 = 08:15 - start hour of work time 1.
  • endTime1 = 08:35 - final hour of work time 1.
  • startTime2 = 13:45 - start hour of work time 2.
  • endTime2 =14:42 - final hour of work time 2.
  • startTime3 = 22:15 - start hour of work time 3.
  • endTime3 = 22:45 - final hour of work time 3.

Нет отзывов
Версия 1.3 2019.05.01
Version 1.2- 2019.04.30
-- Added parameter: InpCurrentOrders; When the number of InpCurrentOrders is greater than the specified profit, all positions are closed.
-- Added parameter: InpMaxProfits; InpMaxProfits($)/0.01Lots, The maximum profit in the minimum trading volume is all closed.
Версия 1.1 2019.03.20
Version 1.1 - 2019.03.20
-- Added stop loss and take points
-- Added trailing stop loss