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Traffic Pro

Traffic © Pro is an automatic trading system with double protection of account funds.

Traffic © Pro shows consistently high results in several modes of operation: scalper/grid/grid scalper. 

Traffic © Pro uses unique built-in systems to increase profits and protect account funds:

  • Split - system of closing profitable orders in parts;
  • Overlap - system of overlapping of unprofitable orders with profitable ones;
  • DDStop - loss control system regarding the account balance;
  • Trailing stop; 
  • Spread control; 
  • Progression - system of using arithmetic or geometric progression for the grid of orders (if necessary); 
  • Autolot - system for calculating the start order depending on the account balance.

The Live signals:


Input parameters:

  • MagicId - unique number of the EA;
  • MaxSpread - maximum value of the spread for opening / closing orders;
  • MaxNumber - maximum number of orders for each direction;
  • MaxLot - max lot for each order;
  • MainLot - first order lot value;
  • Timeframe - working timeframe;
  • OnBar - opening orders at the opening of a new candle (true) or when a given Grid level is reached (false);
  • OrderSignal - enable / disable indicators for opening the orders;
  • Start Hour, End Hour - time interval for opening first order;
  • Friday End Hour - the end time of opening first order on Friday;
  • Close Hour - closes all orders at selected hour (disabled if Close Hour<=End Hour)
  • RSI - period, upper and lower levels of RSI;
  • STH - period, upper and lower levels of Stochastic;
  • WPR - period, upper and lower levels of WPR;
  • ATR - period and level of ATR;
  • BB - enable / disable Bollinger Bands indicator for opening the orders;
  • Mode - the mode of calculating the lot value of the first order of the series:
    • ManualLot - the lot value of the first order in each new series corresponds to the value of MainLot;
    • AutoLot - the lot size of the first order multiply increases, based on the ratio of the size of the account funds and AutoLotSize.
  • AutoLotSize - amount of balance funds for each value of MainLot;
  • Progress - switch type of lottery progression:
    • Arith - arithmetic;
    • Geo - geometric;
  • ArithFactor (Mode = Arith) - size of increase in lottery;
  • GeoFactor1 (Mode = Geo) - coefficient of lottery change before opening an order;
  • Grid1 (points) - the distance between orders;
  • Takeprofit1 (points) - take profit level;
  • Takeprofit2 (points) - take profit level for the orders starting from TPNumber; 
  • TPNumber - the number of the order, starting from which the take profit value changes; 
  • Stoploss (points) - stop loss level for each order;
  • Overlap - enable / disable the overlapping of the first losing order with the last profitable with a profit of OverlapPercent percent; 
  • OverlapNumber - order number, starting from which it is possible to overlap orders;
  • OverlapPercent - profit from the last order when it overlaps the first unprofitable;
  • Trailing - enable / disable the trailing stop mode;
  • TrailStart - trailing stop start level;
  • TrailStop - distance from the price to the stop loss in the trailing stop mode;
  • Split - enable / disable the Split mode - partially close the order in the amount of SplitLot after every SplitStep ;
  • SplitStart - Split mode start level;
  • SplitStep - Split mode step;
  • SplitLot - % of the remaining order volume, closed at each step;
  • DDStop - the mode of closing all orders for the current instrument when the specified drawdown level of DDStopValue is reached:
    • None - the mode is off;
    • Currency - drawdown in the deposit currency;
    • Percent - drawdown as a percentage of the balace;
  • DDStopValue - currency units (DDStop = Currency), % of account balance (DDStop = Percent)
  • NewCycle - enable / disable a new series after reaching take profit;
  • ShowInfo - enable / disable information panel, breakeven and take profit levels (disable to increase the speed of optimization);
  • UpColor - color of the buy series;
  • DnColor - color of the sell series;
  • ShowButton - enable / disable button to close the orders;
  • Button color.

All products https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/quattordici/seller

Sofar 2019.03.21 12:01 

EA - pro. Developer - pro. Support - pro. Everything pro!

hyperteddy 2019.03.21 06:36 

Consistent profits. Few trades in a week but most close in profits. Keep up the good work!

raj1980 2019.03.12 17:33 


FredNYC 2019.03.12 08:05 

Makes profit with proper money management but has a clean history in the last couple of weeks for me

Damon M
Damon M 2019.03.07 13:51 

Too few trades in the last month

sss101990 2019.03.04 23:14 

Только что купил по акции. До этого по совету знакомых около месяц пробовал на демо счёте. Сделок было мало, но около 10 % с минимальной просадкой получил. Ставлю на реал с минимальным депозитом. Автору респект

ManuBoss 2019.03.02 19:11 

Cheap rental

William Barou
William Barou 2019.02.28 09:16 

Trafic is my first EA in market. It was doing its job perfectly for over a month

4xB 2019.02.26 11:52 

I've been using the safest settings. Low return system will always beat high risk systems so my 10-20 % per month will always be better than high dd. Just updated rent

Bob83 2019.02.25 06:54 

So far so good. Follow the developer, don't be aggressive that's the key to be a winner

icyou 2019.02.23 15:01 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Vladimir Vorobiev
Vladimir Vorobiev 2019.02.22 10:46 

Friendly seller, really profitable advisor

SvetaKo 2019.02.21 20:05 

Отличный советник. После недели использования на реальном счете только самые хорошие впечатления. Алексей очень помогает с настройками. Рекомендую

nn245354 2019.02.21 18:30 

One of the best EA with excellent support!

indihome 2019.02.17 10:34 

i have tried several EA but in my opinion this one is the best... Absolutely a must have EA: 5 star*****

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.02.01 18:41 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Sutatong 2019.01.30 07:06 

Great job, Aleksei. Thank you very much. I love the overlap function and arith/geo choice.

4core 2019.01.21 12:44 

Very satisfied with this EA and other autor's products. I think it has a great future. Thanks to Alex

GrDln 2019.01.21 12:12 

Thanks, great job!

Apmdept 2019.01.21 07:22 

Backtest looks amazing! This is the type of scalper i have been looking for!

FxWebpro 2019.01.20 21:19 

Great ea and support

Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2019.01.13 18:03 

I downloaded the product on the date it was released.

I have been using the product at M5 and M15 timeframes. The results obtained have been satisfactory so far.

The lot sizes can be increased considerably when the EA makes an average price strategy using the default settings. This is a point of attention regarding risk management. In compensation, entry points for opening new deals are usually good.

Thanks to the developer!

Inyiak Talago
Inyiak Talago 2018.12.30 02:45 

Dengan Mengubah Nilai Grid1 menjadi 50, menjadikan hasil yang lebih baik dalam pengujian.

Great Job ! Thanks !

Версия 5.30 2019.03.14
Close Hour - closes all orders at selected hour. disabled if Close Hour <= End Hour

DDStop - closes all orders if DD >= DDValue
Версия 5.0 2019.02.26
Improved Autolot perfomance
Changed AutoLotSize 125->150
Версия 4.20 2019.02.19
Comm - comment
Версия 4.10 2019.02.10
default settings
Версия 4.0 2019.01.29
Takeprofit2 (points) - take profit level for the orders starting from TPNumber.
TPNumber - the number of the order, starting from which the take profit value changes.

Default settings
Версия 3.20 2019.01.24
Default settings
Версия 3.10 2019.01.13
Bug fixed.

- Split System
- Stoploss
- ATR indicator

- GeoFactor2
- Grid2
- Takeprofit2
Версия 2.0 2019.01.02

DDStop - the mode of closing all orders for the current instrument when the specified drawdown level of DDStopValue is reached:
- None - the mode is off;
- Currency - drawdown in the deposit currency;
- Percent - drawdown as a percentage of the Equity;
DDStopValue - currency units (DDStop = Currency),% of equity (DDStop = Percent)