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Average OHLC ZigZag

The 'Average OHLC ZigZag' indicator was created for scalping but could even be used in day trading.

Key Features

  • This indicator looks for custom patterns, based on a range of 2 bars, to plot arrows.
  • Repaint is limited to flat markets as this is primarily a trending signal indicator.

Input Parameters

  • ZigZagPos = Averaged OHLC; - ZigZag Position: "Averaged OHLC" or the traditional "Highs & Lows".


  • This indicator produces prices of the zigzag and of the arrows which can be compared with it's adjacent buffer.
  • There must be a value on one buffer and not the other, represented by a value of EMPTY_VALUE.


  • Please be sure to leave any ideas, tips and suggestions in the "Reviews" section and they may be included.
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