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Oscillator Trend Signal

Oscillator The Trend Signal indicator is an indicator designed to generate trend signals. It uses its own set of algorithms and the moving average indicator to find signals. It has the feature of filtering the signals with the channel system. In this way, it tries to improve the quality of the signals.

Features and Trade strategy
  • There are two channels in the indicator.
  • These channels are 70 and -70 channels.
  • You will reach the signals without losing time thanks to the alarm features found on the indicator.
  • Buy signal: If the trend condition occurs under graph -70 level, buy gives signal warning.
  • Sell signal: If the trend condition occurs on the chart 70 level, it gives a sell signal warning.
  • Suggested time frame: M5, M15, M30, H1

  • Trend_period - Oscillator trend setting.
  • MA_period - Moving average period setting.
  • SoundAlert - alert setting
  • EmailAlert - Email alert setting

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