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Power Average

This Indicator is a affordable trading tool because with the help of Popular Developers & Support of M Q L Platform I have programmed this strategy. I tried to combine logic of Moving Averages, Parabolic Stop And Reverse, Trend Strength, Oversold, Overbought. Furthermore, I have also care about Support Resistance that Trader can easily get in touch with market by selecting one indicator only.

What is in for Trader?

  1. Trading Modes: This selection is for activate whole strategy "Power Average"
  2. Special MA: This will active the price movement which I am calling Power Average. 5 Types have added Quick 10 Period, Fast 20 Period, Medium 50 Period, Slow 100 Period, Slowest 200 period
  3. Reversal Mode: This will indicate trader the reversals activation, Reason for this function, if we are in positive position and active in profit so if reversal activate then we must have to close or other plans to move out, whenever reversals are not normal 
  4. Buy & Sell Strength: This indicate the strengths, I used A D X function with buy sell power (Trader may choose his/her own periods)
  5. Over Zones: This indicate Oversold & Overbought Zones, I used R S I & C C I
  6. Support Resistance Pivot: Trader can find here 3 ways to watch P S R Daily, Weekly and Monthly to Analyze better opportunity
  7. Font Name & Size: Trader can change Name & size, Default font name is Cambria and size is 8 
  8. Color Change: Trader can change all colors which he/she likes
  9. Alerts: Trader can active screen, mobile & email alerts.

After all description, I like to say that this all settings are part of good trade, If any trader don't want to use any one of them please deactivate that option in settings

Finally, we all knows that Forex Trading needs completely concentrate & proper cash management, So I never promising that my program is never give you loss but I tried perfection. Wish You Best Of Luck - Good Day :)

fate asadi
fate asadi 2020.03.14 15:06 


Aravind 2019.09.24 07:13 

Nice, and good confrimation to enter trades

sunnychow 2019.03.17 17:27 

Thanks for share