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Multicurrency Expert Advisor (Automated Trading Championship 2011 version).

It doesn't use any technical indicators, the BUY/SELL STOP-LIMIT orders (appeared in MetaTrader 5) are used as volatility indicators.

The Expert Advisor place orders every day at hours, specified in input parameters. The best hours (HourXX) and trade direction (Kuda0) can be found using optimization mode of MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester. At the end of the day the non-triggered pending orders are cancelled.

The opened positions are closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss. The triggered pending orders lead to addition, reduction or reversal of the opened positions.

Input parameters:

  • risk - (trade volume in lots for Balance $10000, used to control risk);
  • const_lot  (boolean) - use constant trade volume;
  • Lot - trade volume in lots fpr contant trade volume;
  • count_order_all - maximum number of pending orders (for the Automated Trading Champtionship 2011 restriction);
As example, let's provide description of settings for currency pair № 0 (Total 12 pairs used, 0-11)
  • Kuda0 - trade direction for currency pair №0.
    0 - sell (only short positions)
    1 - buy (only long positions)
    2 - buy and sell (both positions);
  • Trade0 - allow trade on currency pair №0;
  • StLoss0 - Stop Loss for currency pair №0;
  • TkProfit0 - Take Profit for currency pair №0;
  • Step0 - price range for estimation of daily price volatility of the currency pair №0;
  • Hour_0 - trade hour for checking of trading on currency pair №0;
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