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This half scaling system analyzes the market using Fractal Adaptive Moving Average technical indicator. The system can be scalping or not depending on TakeProfit and StopLoss parameters. The EA distinguishes itself by stable signals which can be used as accurate short-term signals. Please use the M1 timeframe. The EA works on any currency pair. The EA correctly processes errors, and works reliably in the market. Can work with the initial deposit from $100! It is important to choose the direction of the EA operation: both sides, only buy or only sell.

Two Moving averages are applied for entry: either by crossing, or slope angle (TypeSygnal parameter).

Input Parameters

  • PeriodWork — period, on which the EA operates;
  • Risk — risk defines the lot from the balance;
  • LotRounding — 0,1,2 lot rounding;
  • Deviation — requotes;
  • StopLoss — stop loss;
  • TakeProfit — take profit;
  • Inversion — signal inversion;
  • SignalBar — signal bar;
  • TypeSygnal — signal type;
  • ENUM_TYPE_CLASSIC — classical signal of the crossing of Moving Averages;
  • ENUM_TYPE_ANGLE — signal according to Moving Average slope angle;
  • PeriodSignal1 — Moving Average period 1;
  • Length1 — Moving Average length 1;
  • Method1 — Moving Average model 1;
  • AppliedPrice1 — calculate Moving Average to price 1;
  • Shift1 — shift of Moving Average 1;
  • PeriodSignal2 — Moving Average period 2;
  • Length2 — Moving Average length 2;
  • Method2 — Moving Average model 2;
  • AppliedPrice2 — calculate Moving Average to price 2;
  • Shift2 — shift of Moving Average 2.
Sladur22 beev
Sladur22 beev 2019.02.28 16:41 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Tomas Gajda
Tomas Gajda 2018.09.13 13:59 

Optimization and backtesting done and results looks good if good risk is set. Starting with forward test for 8 PAIRS.

Willie Freshour
Willie Freshour 2018.08.12 17:28 

Well it seems I can not make it only buy or only sell, although in the backtest for 6/1/18-6/30/18 nothing with $135 1:50 with as 1:500 $193 profit. I wonder if I can I get the code so I can compile it for mt4 -because mt4 will allow me to only buy or only sell. I think this is a newbie ea. a rookie made this because it holds the buy or sell order until it reaches stop loss/ take profit. What do you think?