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MarketStateIndicator analyzes the depth of market and uses the obtained data to define the current market state. As practice shows, the price moves in the direction where money can be found!

  • In Offer state, the price usually goes up.
  • In Demand state, it usually falls.
  • In Balance state, the price's behavior is unclear.
Note. Since MarketStateIndicator analyzes the depth of market, it can be used only on an exchange market. It has been developed and tested on FORTS.
  • SizeOffer - Offer size |CountOffer - displays how long SizeOffer dominates over SizeDemand
  • SizeDemand - Demand size | CountDemand - displays how long SizeDemand dominates over SizeOffer

Input Parameters

  • Number_Go_State (the value of the counter for changing the state) - CountOffer or CountDemand value, at which the state is changed.
  • Coefficient_Imbalance - how many times SizeOffer value should be different from SizeDemand in order to change CountOffer or CountDemand respectively.
Alejandro Candela
Alejandro Candela 2018.06.11 11:48 

No funciona, no muestra nada. El vendedor no responde a mensajes