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Auto Trail and SLTP

This Utilities work as an Expert Advisors that can manage (Current/Selected/All) Symbols that currently in Trades.

The features are:

  • Hidden/Place Stoploss and Takeprofit
  • Profit Lock
  • Trailing (if Enabled) has 3 modes:
    1. Classic
    2. Step-by-Distance
    3. Step-by-Step
  • Basket Profit for All Open Positions.
  • Has Visual Tester Modes (only on Backtests)
Can Works if need only Stoploss or Takeprofit to be modified.

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Versão 1.2 2020.10.16
Bug Fixes
Versão 1.1 2020.10.16
Fixed SL and TP if value of either one is 0.