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Trendline Trader Line Angle

The indicator will draw a trendline, with a description of the price and the angle of inclination.

Can be used as a Trendline angle detector if you don't activate the Draw Trendline.

When the chart is zoomed in / out, tilt angle description will not change.

Double Click Trendline if the angle description doesn't appear.

Double click the trendline and drag it wherever you want.

Ctrl i to unload the indicator from chart

Usage suggestions:

This indicator can be paired with a Trendline Trader MT5 expert, open position mode: Manual Trendline 2.

Main Feature:

+ Draw Trendline : If false, the indicator functions as an angle detector for all trendlines depicted on the chart.

+ Fill in Trendline name : Enter the name of the trendline.

+ Show prices : Will display prices with the slope angle of the trendline on the chart. If false, will only show the slope angle of the trendline.

+ Place Trendline Below/above the current price : Choose to place the trendline above or below the current price.

+ Distance from the current price, in pips: The distance of the pending order from the current price

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Versão 1.1 2020.10.02
Update code for draw at trendline