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EA Championship 2012

EA Championship 2012 is an Expert Advisor that has been accepted to participate in the Automated Trading Championship 2012. It's a multi-currency Expert Advisor, which tries to catch the changes of the market trend.

For the Championship, it is set to work in daily timeframe, but it can also work in different timeframes.

Default values of the Expert Advisor are the ones used for the Championship. In this version you can also exclude some currencies from trading. This can be done in the input parameters. Set 'false' against the corresponding [symbol name]_enabled parameter (for example, GBPUSD_enabled).

It is also possible to change the money management by adjusting the "riskMargin" variable. The range of values for this parameter is from 1 to 100 (1 - lowest risk, 100 - highest risk). If you set a value outside this range, the default value (40) will be used.

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