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Advanced Trend Detector MT5

An indicator with a wide range of customizable parameters used for determining the current trend with the resistance and support levels depending on the current trend direction. After the current bar is closed values are not redrawn. The indicator can be used on any timeframe - simply choose appropriate settings before using it. Be especially careful when the price approaches the indicator levels it has moved far from it or when an arrow appears (indicating trend change) very far from the price, as well as during important news or speeches of politicians.


  • 21 methods of price stream smoothing
  • 14 variants of calculation prices;
  • two methods for calculating currency range;
  • two ways to determine trend change;

MetaTrader 4 version: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/4006


  • PriceFilterPeriod - calculation period for trend detection;
  • PriceFilterMethod - smoothing method of data on trend detection period;
  • TrendFilterPrice - applied price;
  • VolatilityPeriod - volatility calculation period;
  • VolatilityMultiplier - volatility ratio;
  • VolatilityMode - volatility calculation method;
  • TrendChangeMode - trend change detection method;
  • AddDigits - increased accuracy of values by adding decimal places;
  • AlertTextEnabled - enable/disable text message display during a trend change;
  • AlertOnClosedBar - display information on trend change only by the data on closed bars;
  • AlertSoundEnabled - enable/disable sound notification on trend change;
  • AlertSoundFile - name of a file for a sound notification;
  • ArrowUp - symbol of upwards trend change;
  • ArrowDn - symbol of downwards trend change.
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Versão 1.5 2016.02.10
- the variables for selecting smoothing types and calculation price are now displayed in the dropdown list rather than in numerical format
- added the faster calculation algorithm
- added the five new smoothing types: Simplified SMA, Arnaud Legoux Moving Average, Triple Exponential Moving Average by Patrick Mulloy, T3 by T.Tillson (correct version), Laguerre filter by J.Ehlers
Versão 1.4 2014.12.26
Added the audio and text signals (both can be disabled) when the trend change arrow appears. The signal is triggered on the current or the closed (next) bar (customizable).
Versão 1.3 2014.12.17
Fixed data update when downloading missing bars.
Versão 1.2 2014.10.16
Fixed shifting and calculation of dependent moving averages when the number of bars on chart decrease.
Versão 1.1 2014.09.12
Minor optimization of calculations.