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Limit X Breaker MT5

Expert Advisor Description

How does it work : 

Basically EA will open only one position each day, with a certain profit target. Within a certain time after the available funds exceeds the first deposit, all transactions will be closed either manually or by EA.

In its application you can open a transaction not only once a day, for example you can open a transaction in the opening hours of the Asian, European and USA markets. The way is that ea is attached into a different chart, meaning there are three charts and a day there are three transactions, don't forget to distinguish the magic number.

Please backtest first before buying or renting, As time goes by I will upload the results of tests that have been successful according to the purpose of this EA, or you can also find a set that suits you

Parameter Description

WEEKDAY_FILTER --> true = trade, false = no trade


- OpenTradeMode --> 1 = Normal, 2 = Reverse, 3 = Double (buy and sell simultaneously)

- CloseProfitMode --> 1 = Only TP (Position will be closed after hit TP)

                                2 = TP & Close end of the day (Position will be closed if hit TP or at the end of the day position is in profit)

                                3 = Percentage (Position will be closed if all open transactions make a percentage profit)

- CloseLossMode --> 1 = By Indicator OBOS (Position will be closed if the price has entered the overbought or oversold area)

                              2 = Manual (Position is closed manually by the user)


- StartTrade --> time to start opening positions

- EndTrade --> time to end opening position


- LotMode --> 1 = Fixed lot, 2 = Volume percent


- Maximum_OP --> Maximum number of open positions

- TargetProfit_Pips --> Target profit in pips

- TargetProfit_Percentage --> 1 = 1%, 2 = 2%, 3 = 3%, 4 = 4%, 5 = 5%

- ClosePosition_Minutes --> All transaction will be closed after so many minutes

- CloseProfit_Money --> All transaction will be closed after so many profit in money

- TimeFrames_OBOS --> Timeframes of indicator 

- Level_OS --> Level Oversold area

- Level_OB --> Level Overbought area

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Versão 4.0 2019.08.13
the addition of several features

OpenTradeMode = 1. original, 2. reverse, 3. double method
CloseProfitMode = 1. Only TP, 2. TP & Close Profit End Day, 3. Profit Percentage
CloseLossMode = 1. By Overbought / Oversold Indicator, 2. Manual
Maximum_OP --> Maximum number of open positions
ClosePosition_Minutes --> Open position will be closed all according to the specified time
CloseProfit_Money --> All open positions will be closed if a certain profit has been reached