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Trajecta Smart

Trajecta Smart is an innovative semi-automatic trading signal indicator, for any pair or period, that has a built in system to detect the best and worst moments of the signal.

The idea is to give visibility to the trader to the best time to trade, with a trend panel and easy visual backtesting of the strategy for any pair or timeframe.

You don't need any adjustment, since the indicator will look for the buy/sell signals and alert you with an optional popup alert message and was adjusted using data mining of the most profitable Trajecta Labs setups for the signal algorithm.

The main idea of this trading signal indicator is to help traders find the best pairs and timeframes, and improve the visibility of the best and worst moments of the signal.

Trading Signal Strategy

The Smart strategy is based on smart identification of support and resistance momentum and price volatility. It can be used on any timeframe or pair, but it is very important to choose the best one with a performance higher than 90%.

Trajecta VTP - Visibility Trend Panel

This indicator is our first trading signal indicator with the Trajecta VTP - Visibility Trend Panel, an innovative panel alert of Trajecta to help traders decision when using trading signal indicators. The panel has an algorithm for smart best and worst moments probability detection and real time information, using the following convention:

  • Gray: probably a weak trend (typical state of a signal starting)
  • Green: probably a strong trend (good moment to close a position partially)
  • Blue: probably a near end of a strong trend
  • Red: probably a bad signal (be aware to stop the trade)

Trajecta VIB - Visual Indicator Backtesting

We work hard to create a visual way to backtest a trading signal indicator and to create the Trajecta VIB - Visual Indicator Backtesting technology.

With our innovative system, now you can create several backtestings of any pair or timeframe, as fast as a click on one button, and that you can select using your market experience.

To do this, you just need to Zoom In a Graph to the maximal you can, and after that inspect if you have more Green/Blues than Red bars. The more Green/Blues the better.

Quality Control Panel

With the Quality Control Panel you can get some information about the last signal and the signal quality:

  • Version of the Indicator
  • Strategy
  • Last Signal (BUY or SELL)
  • Signal Average Period (average period duration of all signals)
  • Signal Quality (a real time measure of the quality of the signal)

Alert Panel

You can select and enable the Alert Panel messages, to alert when signal changes from long to short position.

Step by Step Usage Guide

  1. Select the pair you want to trade
  2. Select the period you want to trade
  3. Wait for a Buy or Sell signal alert (be patient if you are using periods higher than M30).
  4. Select a Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  5. If the winning trades performance is lower than 90%, go back to step 1 and change the pair, period or Stop Loss/Take Profit.
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