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Mathematical Trading System

This is a fully automated Expert Advisor using a grid algorithm and additional modules for determining entry points.

It combines several systems:

  • Trend trading system - orders are opened in the direction of the price movement.
  • Countertrend trading system - orders are opened against the price movement at potential price reversal points.
  • Advanced averaging system - if an open order or a series of orders becomes unprofitable, then an additional order with an increased volume is opened at a set distance from the furthest order, after a signal is received from the module for determining the direction of the price flow.
  • Buy and sell orders are closed independently of each other.


  • Improved algorithm for calculating the opening of orders.
  • Easy setup and installation of the EA.
  • Built-in functions to search for price direction in combination with basic indicators.
  • The robot is resistant to broker manipulations.
  • It uses a modified function for increasing the volumes of the opened orders when a buy or sell grid becomes unprofitable.


  • EA Settings: use the default settings or set files.
  • Symbol: EURUSD
  • Chart timeframe: M5
  • Brokers: there are no special conditions, but ECN, low spread and low commission are desirable.
  • Trading Condition: ranging market is preferable.


  • Min Lot Size - the minimum lot size.
  • Max Lot Size - the maximum lot size.
  • Work with a fixed start lot - fixed position volume for opening the first order in the series.
  • Fixed start Lot size - fixed position volume.
  • Starting lot for calculation - value for calculating the volume of the first position when "Work with a fixed start lot: = No"
  • Amount to increase the lot - amount in the deposit currency to calculate the volume of the first order in the series. The volume of the first order of the series is Total balance/Settlement balance for raising the lot*Starting lot for calculation. That is, if your deposit is $1000, "Settlement balance for raising the lot" = $500, and "Starting lot for calculation" = 0.01, then 1000/500*0.01=0.02. The volume of the first opened order will be 0.02.
  • Percentage of the distance between deals to close - close the series, if the price exceeds the specified percentage of the total distance of the extreme unidirectional orders of the series.
  • Grid Step - distance between orders for averaging positions.
  • Step of a grid on a trend - the minimum distance between orders for the trend-following trading system.
  • Step grid by countertrend - the minimum distance between orders for the countertrend trading system.
  • Waiting after an unsuccessful opening of the order (sec) - pause after a failed attempt to open an order, in seconds.
  • Period MA - period in bars for the trend identification indicator.
  • Number of trend bars - the number of bars in the same direction for calculation of the price direction.
  • ID of orders - identifier for detecting the EA's orders.
  • Comments to the order - comment to placed orders.
  • Information panel - enable/disable displaying information.
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