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Navigator looks for the most similar cases in history and makes a forecast on the further movement. 


  • Sample - the number of the last bars of a specimen (similar case in history) the indicator will look for.
  • MaxBars - maximum number of bars in history for searching a similar case. This parameter is used to accelerate the indicator calculation and cut off the oldest part of history, as the market is changing over time. If MaxBars value exceeds the number of bars in history, the search is performed on all the available history.
  • Scaling - scaling function; if Scaling=true, the indicator looks for a similar signal pattern; if Scaling=false, the indicator looks for a speciman similar both by a signal pattern and an amplitude.


When hovering the mouse cursor over the indicator line, the date of a similar case and the total number of bars on the chart are displayed.  

It is recommended to apply Navigator to several timeframes or different symbols simultaneously. Navigator provides clearer signal when readings from different data sources coincide. The indicator application cases are displayed on the screenshots. Please note that Navigator may make mistakes, as it displays only past events. Do not enter the market if the indicator readings do not meet your expectations. If you know a shorter path to profit, then follow it. The shortest way is the one you know best.

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