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Foresight 1NN single currency

This indicator tries to forecast possible moving of the symbol with NN algorithm. NN algorithm (generally) is easy to understand, and it works with incredible high efficiency in real world. NN belongs to the best data mining solutions, however that's non-parametric algorithm. However please remember this indicator only tries to predict but it doesn't know the future and the prediction can work in short term only.

Basic theory behind the indicator is that the history always repeats in the market too.

This indicator was made for serious application, not for playing. On every new bar it recalculates and shows the most similar pattern. Thus this indicator can dramatically increase your chances to take a right position.


This version is able to use either the base symbol or another indicator data as a source.


For better result it is strongly recommended to set "Max bars in chart" to "unlimited" to provide enough historical data for the indicator.

Probably this is the fastest prediction indicator on the MetaTrader market, ideal for trading on 1 minute timeframe.


  • inp_force_cpu_opencl - instructs the indicator to ignore available GPU. If you intend to use GPU instead of CPU, it must be able to calculate with fp64 (double precision). True on default.
  • inp_pattern_length - sets the reference pattern length. True on default.
  • inp_predict_length - sets the predicted length, it doesn't matter if it is too long in real environment. 10 on default.
  • inp_use_weight - uses linear weighted patterns. In linear weighted patterns the most recent data is more important than the older data. True on default.
  • inp_price_select - selects the basic source for the indicator on the given symbol. Available options: Open, High, Low, Close. Default is Open.
  • inp_primary_data_source - instructs the indicator to take the source data from the given indicator instead of the base source (OHLC). Default is none. The format must be following: indicator name,its buffer number (comma separated).
  • inp_show_correlation_coefficient - shows the correleation coefficient on the left top side of the chart. True on default.
  • inp_show_debug_messages - this product is bug free :) But in case you found a strange feature while working with it, please turn this parameter on send the related messages. False on default.


  • OpenCL must be installed on the target machine, because massive and bulky calculations are running in background (for further information check: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/690).
  • Required RAM depends on your goals, the selected symbol and on its history.
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Versão 1.2 2013.12.09
- Fixed weird problem in Tester.
- Added input parameter "inp_calculate_by_timer" for choosing between timed running or price driven running. This option is being ignored in Tester mode.