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Dashboard Trading Made Simple MT5 Demo

For full version of this panel Dashboard Trading Made Simple, please re-direct to LINK.

It has full functionalities of the paid version, except

  • Demo version only works on W1 time-frame, full version has option for all time-frame
  • Stochastic is not available in demo version, it displays data but not works as filter.
  • TDI momentum indicator is not available in demo version, it displays data but not works as filter.
  • The Alert and send notification function is not available in demo version.
  • The HA reversal candle index limit is fixed at 1.
  • The HA candle size threshold is fixed at 10.

To facilitate you to understand and trade this system quickly and effectively, the collection of PDF manual and all indicators are provided in my first comment of this product..

For who cannot access Google Drive, please find these resources in the thread or PM me.

  • PDF Manual
  • Two Indicators: place them under /MQL4/Indicators/
  • One Template: place it under /templates/

Entry Rules

Refer to screenshot 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Make sure completing the following action items to make this dashboard working.

  1. For the first time loading Dashboard, it may takes 3-5 minutes to download historical data. For subsequent loading, it only takes a few seconds.
  2. Make sure you have all 28 symbols in Symbol window.
  3. To make your dashboard looks clear and neat, it’s better to apply the black template. Please refer to screenshot 6.

Input Parameters

  • Use AutoTrade
  • Send Alert upon Signal (Refer to entry rule)
  • Send Notification upon Signal (Refer to entry rule)
  • Single pair Take-Profit in pips
  • Single pair Stop-Loss in pips
  • Use TDI Momentum Threshold (see screenshot 3 and 4)
    • Use TDI Overbought Oversold Limit
    • TDI Overbought Limit
    • TDI Oversold Limit
  • Use Stochastic Indicator
  • HA Candle Size Threshold for Trade (see screenshot 3 and 4)
    • HA Reversal Candle Index Limit for Trade
  • Magic Number
  • Lot Size:
  • Basket TakeProfit in $
  • Basket StopLoss in $
  • Max Spread
  • Trading Session, if time is out of session, no order will be sent
    • Close all trades after session(s)
  • Note that: starting and ending time is your computer/local time, not server time
  • Session Input, pls refer to other dashboard product (Dashboard Super Currency Strength) description
  • TDI Sto HA Candle Timeframe
  • TimeFrame of new chart
  • Suffix
  • X_axis
  • Y_axis

Dashboard Objects

Please refer to screenshot 7 to 10.

  1. Pair Tick Button
    1. Black->de-active
    2. Yellow->active
  2. Pair Symbol Button:
    • Click on button to open a corresponding new window chart
  3. Spread column
  4. Current and Previous TDI green vs red status Panel:
    • TDI green>TDI red -> panel green
    • TDI red>TDI green -> panel red
  5. Indicator Status Panel: indicates which indicator is selected to generate signal
  6. TDI Momentum Panel:
    • TDI momentum>Momentum limit -> panel green
    • TDI momentum<(-Momentum limit) -> panel red
    • Otherwise -> panel white
  7. TDI Price Value Panel
    • Value>TDI overbought limit -> panel red ->sell only
    • Value<TDI oversold limit -> panel green ->buy only
    • Otherwise -> panel orange ->both
  8. Stochastic Panel:
    • Previous Sto<Current Sto<Sto overbought limit ->panel green ->buy signal
    • Previous Sto>Current Sto>Sto oversold limit ->panel red ->sell signal
    • Otherwise ->panel white->no buy/sell signal
  9. HA Candle 0-6 Status Panel
  10. Reverse Candle Index Panel: indicate current HA candle’s index as the latest reversal candle
    • Index<=Rev Limit ->panel orange -> available for buy/sell
    • Otherwise ->panel white -> no signal
  11. Current HA Candle Size Panel
    • Size>Candle size limit ->panel orange -> available for buy/sell
    • Otherwise ->panel white -> no signal
  12. For the rest objects description, please refer to other Dashboard product ((Dashboard Super Currency Strength)) description, they are the same.
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