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Multi Strategy Trade Panel Demo

Multi Strategy Trade Panel

  • It is one of the most advanced trading panels available.
  • Its advanced algorithm and feature rich user interface allows you trade on different strategies.

The Trade Entry Strategies features (ONLY BREAKOUT ENTRY IN DEMO):

  1. Retracement % Entry - enter the value of Retracement % as your trading strategy.
  2. Previous High/Low Retracement Entry
  3. Breakout Entry - enable/disable options to select Current candle High/Low Stop and Avoid Asia Breakout Entry.
  4. Manual Entry - enter the Entry Price and Stop Loss Price for manual entry trading strategy.


  • Traders have the option to set a trade target.
  • Under this option, one can select from risk/reward target and manual target (ONLY RISK REWARD TARGET IN DEMO)
  • In case of risk/reward target, the Risk/Reward Multiplier can be set.
  • While in the case of Manual Target, the Target Price can be set.
  • The Lots size can be selected from Account %, Fixed % Risk and Manual Lot Size.

A Trade Risk feature is associated with this Lot Sizing which is automatically calculated using the following parameters:

  • Account % - account % value can be entered and the Trade Risk is automatically calculated and shown (ONLY ACCOUNT % IN DEMO)
  • Fixed $ Risk - amount in USD you wish to invest.
  • Manual Lot Size - lot size.
  • Trailing Stop Options - enable/disable trailing stop. Select an option from the Trailing Stop setting. The available options (ONLY RISK/REWARD TRAILING IN DEMO):
    1. Risk/Reward Trailing - stop specifying the risk/reward value.
    2. Trail by EMA - set the EMA period
    3. Candlestick Trail - allow trailing inside candles and only trail on a closed candle in a trade direction
  • Split Money Management

Finally, click either on Execute Long Trade for a Buy order or on Execute Short Trade to place a sell order.


  • Default Percentage Risk - default risk %
  • Default Risk - default risk
  • Default Lot Size - default lot size
  • Default Risk Reward - default risk/reward
  • Default RR Trail - default RR trail
  • Default EMA Trail - default EMA trail
  • Show Last Event On Chart (true/false)
  • SL Add Pips - stop loss add pips value
  • Breakout Entry Add Pips - breakout entry add pips value
  • Magic Number - magic number
  • Trade Comment - add a comment
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