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ViTrades Expert Advisor is based on the custom indicator ViTrend.

Entry points are determined using values of the ViTrends indicator. Positions are closed when opposite signals appear.

Input Parameters

  • Period Main - Period Main input parameter of the ViTrends indicator;
  • Period Signal - Period Signal input parameter of the ViTrends indicator;
  • Reverse Signal - change the signals to reversed;
  • Fixed Lot - fixed lot value;
  • Variable Lot - variable lot as a percentage of the free margin.

The screenshots demonstrate the backtesting results. The backtesting was conducted for the period from 2013.01.07 to 2013.10.26 on EURUSD and M30 timeframes using the "Every tick" option. The Expert Advisor was set to a fixed lot of 0.1, Period Main was 5, Period Signal was 12 and Reverse Signal was set to "true".

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