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Daily Box MT5

The indicator plots the specified number of daily boxes for convenience and optimal operation on intraday timeframes.

  • It is capable of displaying opening and closing lines inside the boxes. If the day closed in the bearish direction, then these lines are red, if in bullish - blue.
  • It is possible to change the colors of each day.
  • The ability to change the font and text size.
  • The ability to display the number of pips from the opening price of the day before the extrema.
  • Ability to change the style of boxes.


  • Days Boxes - number of daily boxes on the chart;
  • Style Boxes - daily boxes style;
  • Open Close Boxes - display the opening and closing boxes within the daily boxes;
  • Style Boxes Open Close - style of intraday boxes of day opening and closing;
  • Text Days of the week - enable/disable the days of the week;
  • Text Days Pips - enable/disable the number of days of the week (pips);
  • Font - change the font;
  • Size - change the text size;
  • Monday - color of the box on Monday;
  • Tuesday - color of the box on Tuesday;
  • Wednesday - color of the box on Wednesday;
  • Thursday - color of the box on Thursday;
  • Friday - color of the box on Friday.
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