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TTT FX new MT5

Take a look at the market in a new way! This is the newest trading method worthy of your attention!

Tired of catching the market movements? TTT FXnew is an essential tool for trend followers. This is a unique breakout indicator that automatically plots new trend lines every day forming blue and red triangles using OCHL values of the previous day. A market entry is performed when the price exits the triangles through the dotted line. If the yellow line crosses the red one after opening of the day, there is a high probability of price moving upwards, if it crosses the blue line - downwards. Use any oscillators from the standard MetaTrader 4 package to confirm trade entries. The profit target is at the green label levels towards the breakout. A stop level is placed according to a trader's strategy. The indicator features arrows, audio alerts, price label history, auto updates and the indicator color auto configuration at different chart background colors.


  • History - number of days in history data.
  • Future - display the future flag and future trend lines.
  • Triangle - display using triangles, otherwise - trend lines.
  • Display_prices=ON - enable/disable price label history.
  • Arrows_on=ON - enable/disable the arrows.
  • Sound - audio alerts.
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