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Hedging Martingale EA

Hedging Martingale EA is an automated system.

The EA is based on technical analysis to determine a trend and follow it. Use hedging if trend changed and wait for a new trend using martingale or grid.

The EA is very easy to use, it can run with all pairs.


  • EA name - Heging Martingale (you can change name of the EA as you like)
  • TakeProfit/StopLoss in points
  • TrailingStop - TrailingStop is active when Profit (In Points)=TrailingStop + Grid
  • MaxTrades_Martingale - maximum trades depend on balance and traders' taste of risk
  • MaxTrades_aDay - maximum trades per day
  • Grid - distance between two trades (at least in points)
  • Lots - start lot
  • Multi - lots of next trade = current Lots x Multi
  • SmartCloseOrders - ordinal number of orders, from this order the SmartProfit is activated
  • SmartProfit - when Profit =SmartProfit, close all trades
  • Drawdown - when loss = Drawdown x balance, close all trades
  • MaxSpread - when Spread > MaxSpread, do not open trade
  • Range1 (in points) - if price moves within Range1, a trade is not opened
  • Range2 (in points) - if price is out of Range1 and within Range2, a trade is opened and out of Range2, trade is not opened.

You can change the parameters TrailingStop, Multi, SmartCloseOrders, SmartProfit, Grid, Drawdown, Range1, Range2 to have many different results.

Happy trading!

Mujeeb Abdul
Mujeeb Abdul 2017.02.26 08:57 

This EA do nothing dont even rent it