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Expert Dual RSI

This is an implementation of a universal trading system based on crossing of two RSIs.

TP, SL and Trailing values should be specified in "normal" points (2/4-digit).


  • LotsType - volume calculation type: FixedLot (fixed lot) or Percent[1..100] (percentage of free margin).
  • Lots - lot size depends on the type selected.
  • Take Profit - take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points.
  • Trailing Stop -  level for trailing the stop loss in points.
  • Trailing Step -  trailing step in points.
  • Magic - unique number that the EA will assign to its orders.
  • Time Frame -  timeframe of the indicator.
  • Fast Period [1..10] -  period of the fast RSI [1..10].
  • Slow Period [12..40] -  period of the slow RSI [12..40].
  • Applied Price - base price used for calculating the indicator.
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