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Wave Finder EA

This automated Expert Advisor is designed to work with any broker and with any value of spread. It does not require ECN accounts.

The EA parameters are optimized for EURUSD by default. The EA can work on any timeframe as it does not affect the results of trading. The Expert Advisor automatically detects the number of digits in the quotes.

Recommended leverage is 1:500 (1:400). If the leverage is smaller, the risk parameter should be reduced.

Real account monitoring can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/falcon_aiki

The recommended minimum deposit is 1000 USD or higher for a standard account or 10 USD for a cent account.


  • Risk - risk value used for calculation of a dynamic lot;
  • Single Take Profit - the expected profit of a single order in points;
  • Maximum Orders - the maximum number of simultaneously open orders in the same direction;
  • Lot Multiplier - multiplier for the second and third orders;
  • Lot Multiplier for 4 order - multiplier for the fourth order;
  • Lot Multiplier for 5 order - multiplier for the fifth and subsequent orders;
  • Order's Interval - minimum distance between the orders in points;
  • Force Order - distance to force open the order, in points;
  • Profit Multiplier - multiplier of the total profit. When it is reached the orders will be closed;
  • Profit Multiplier for 4 orders - multiplier of the total profit for 4 orders. When it is reached the orders will be closed;
  • Profit Multiplier for 5 orders - multiplier of the total profit for 5 orders. When it is reached the orders will be closed;
  • Price Shift - the price offset after occurrence of the signal to open a trade;
  • Additional Price Shift - the additional offset of price;
  • Signal's Period - the period to search for the entry signal;
  • Signal's Level - threshold at which it is allowed to open orders;
  • Trade on Friday - allow the EA to trade on Friday;
  • Late TP - enable delayed placing of TakeProfit for the orders.
  • Fixed Lot - fixed initial lot size. If set to 0, the EA uses the dynamic lot size;
  • Candles - number of candles used to determine the buy/sell areas;
  • Buy Zone Level - the area in which the EA can open the buy trades;
  • Sell Zone Level - the area in which the EA can open the sell trades;
  • Order's Comment - comment of the Expert Advisor's orders;
  • Slippage - maximum allowed price slippage in points;
  • Magic Number - unique number of the Expert Advisor's orders (any number);
  • Text Color - the color of the data displayed on the chart;
  • Background Color - the background color of the displayed data;

For any questions please send me a private message. I will be glad to help you.

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
2018.01.26 01:11 

good ea

Sundaravadiveal TV
2017.09.12 18:32 

It is just a gambling EA. It blew my account.

Bing Lu
2017.05.17 23:58 


Pier Gaetano Novara
2017.05.05 11:05 

good EA but I would like to have

- TP level set (in case VPS will stop work and EA will stop also)

- clear explanation about when orders are closed

- behavior replicated in both trading direction in case orders are going against trend


I still think that automatic closure level TP should be introduced for security reason.

From 2017.03.16 to 2017.04.14 in 3 ECN account 2035.5 pips but even if this good profit still the behavior is not clear and it seems to me that with leverage = 100 (like in my case) the calculation of profit at close prize is wrong (I have now 2 BUY positions with this value set to lower value compared to both opening value so in case I will have not a profit but a loss for both ... very strange)


risk parameter must be set very low to avoid big dd (the best is to set so that start lot size is 0.01).

In this moment I have around 12% and I'm worried.


now I have dd around 17% and I will risks keeping the positions opened but this EA is very dangerous if You put risk high

2017.05.04 18:04 

Today... i close me position with -77% of me profit (27k account). And it was low risk settings Risk 1.0

This EA can't handle the situation on the market at the moment (Presidential Vote in France) and all Brokers increase margin requirements up to 5 and more.

The same same shit with UCDCAD 55% DD and the Price goin up.

2017.04.30 05:18 

Trades against the trend and then uses a martingale method. On my $200,000 demo account with VPS on Traders Way ECN after about a month and a half I lost $216,000 with standard settings

Do not use live

Jiayi Huang
2017.04.23 21:14 

Opposite trend trading ,risk too hight.

2017.04.03 19:05 

Sergey is a great guy and always ready to answer for the questions. EA itself is also one of the best in the market. With a proper settings, it is a very safe and profitable product.

Fallet Willy
2017.04.01 09:11 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Dennis Hein
2017.04.01 00:43 

The EA is good working but the DD ist a liddle bit to high.

I have minimized the risk and the DD is much lower. My recommendation is therefore 1.2% at a no dealing desk broker with a leverage of 1: 500. EURUSD and USDCAD I run at the same time in an account with a different risk. Example: EURUSD 1.2% and USDCAD 0.8%. Instead of a DD of 68%, DD should currently be at a maximum of 30%. The DD is okay because the EA runs stably.

Stefan Marjoram
2017.03.31 04:53 

This is a pretty good set and forget EA although I do use it on a 1H time frame it seems to give less draw down than others have stated. Nice work over 100% on my cent accounts.

Back testing never seems to last longer than a year though will be interesting to see how it progresses.

Markus Fettelschoss
2017.03.29 14:49 

Very good EA but a detailed discription would be nice to understand what exactly is happening and to set up config file for other currencies.

Yansong Sui
2017.03.27 15:31 

Fortunately , I didn't use this EA this month , or I'll suffer the huge drawdown since the EA opens transactions totally oppositely from the trend .

2017.03.27 13:54   


2017.03.15 08:52 

If you want a EA that make good profits and without worries (of course with low risk setting) this is the EA for you. I've used WF since last week and i'm getting profits of $33 so far. Half of the EA cost recovered !!! Great Job Sergey !!!

2017.03.09 21:31 

excellent ea 5 stars and the support is excellent :)

Serafin Perez
2017.03.06 15:29 

Big EA

Konstantin Stepura
2017.03.01 11:57 

Использую советник 3-й месяц. Результатами более чем доволен. Очень оперативно и полно автор отвечает на вопросы. Отдельное спасибо!))

Tomas Kacinauskas
2017.02.17 16:25 

Great seller and great idea!

Anton Valladares Poncela
2017.02.02 05:58 

EA is very profitable and stable if you optimize the settings correctly for the timeframe you want to use, however, this takes time.

2017.01.26 06:06 

just bought it today .back test showing good results .still monitoring real account

5 stars for Sergey very helpful and supportive .i will evaluate the system after testing life

2017.01.24 06:40 

Performing bad in 4 ECN Demo Accounts after 3 Weeks oft testing. Average Drawdon = 11% (Standart Settings)

Ahmed Ibrahim
2017.01.22 20:34 

This is a good product but in 2014 a 1000$ account is blown away according to backtests .. just be careful and use minimum risk

Nono Winarno
2017.01.20 20:59   

Just bought this EA, review later.

Chris Mechen
2017.01.17 19:26 

Very good EA works great on USD/CAD too!

Milan Tomas
2017.01.04 23:27   

Just bought after impressive backesting last two years. I'll keep this reserved for review.

Giedrius Seirys
2017.01.04 18:22   

робот тестируется

2016.12.23 11:35 


Tobias Domeier
2016.12.02 03:09 

The EA works great and if you need any help, write Sergey and he will answer soon.

5 Stars for this EA

Anton Smagin
2016.12.01 09:44 

Очень хороший советник.

2016.11.19 18:31 

1) The entries are really good.

2) Smart and fair use of the martingale orders.

3) Very smart money management.

4) Non expensive.

5) Flexible configuration, you can disable martingale and it is still works good.

6) Stable.

7) Mr Sergey Belov polite and attentive.

Wave Finder EA deserves 5 stars.

Plamen Ivanov
2016.07.15 17:06 

Great seller and great idea behind the expert! 5* product with live results here - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/158797

Update: 5% with minimum risk on EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

Versão 1.3 - 2017.05.03

Added separate parameters "Lot Multiplier" for the fourth and fifth orders.
Added separate parameters "Profit Multiplier" for the fourth and fifth orders.
Added the ability to open the first order without TakeProfit. TP is set by modifying the order.
Changed the default parameters.
Versão 1.2 - 2017.01.26

- Added on-screen information about the closing price of orders group.
- Improved mechanism for calculating the lot for the orders.
- Added the ability to set a fixed size of the first trade.