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Hills trend system

The indicator is based on the Moving Average (MA), Bill William's oscillator (Awesome Oscillator, AO) and N pattern.f

It gives accurate and timely entry signals which appear as a dot on the current candle.

It is strongly recommended to use technical analysis (support/resistance lines and channels) to filter signals.

Enter by market or using pending orders on the level of the entry point.

The indicator has flexible settings to adapt to the market situation.

Indicator Parameters

  • mode: indicator type
    • Standard version_MA_AO_N: standard version of the indicator
    • version_MA_N: without the АО (Awesome Oscillator) filter
    • version_MA_simplified pattern N: simplified filter of N pattern
  • version_MA_extreme pattern N: N pattern without the filter
  • N: pattern algorithm
  • ma_period: Moving Average period
  • ma_method: smoothing methods
  • AlertOn: enable or disable sound alert
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Versão 1.1 2016.09.14
Added the "mode" tab, which contains the simplified variants of the algorithm for a more flexible customization of the indicator.

Standard version_MA_AO_N - standard version of the algorithm
version_MA_N - removed the AO filter
version_MA_simplified pattern N - removed the AO filter, simplified the N pattern
version_MA_extreme pattern N - removed the AO filter, greatly simplified the N pattern