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Expert adviser Endurance - a powerful scalper Forex robot using reduced martingale and stop loss  - fully equipped with many great safety features that makes it an outstanding scalping machine. Consists of two order modules that each trade separate time frames with signals from indicators adx,ma and rsi. Adx indicator provide these two order modules every day with signals to decide if it's safe or not to trade using momentum from higher time frame, pretty much looking for a safe market approach to trade on (this is adjustable of course but in this case default settings). Module (A) and (B) trades only if the market are quite calm and not inside a strong upside or downside trend which is not the ideal surrounding for Endurance. Module A and B trades simultaneously or independently depending on market situations or settings. A module's main priority are to aim for buy opportunities and B module to aim for sell opportunities. Depending on adx rules, there could be periods without trading just in case to stay away or get caught in big trend moves. Hour filters each day makes it possible to limit Endurance working hours to stay within certain hours or shut the whole day off and not trade outside them beside if there's open orders, then Endurance work on them til they closed and no more orders open up until next hour period or day.

Beside all this, we have a powerful news filter with all three types of news - High,mid and low which can be activated and if, well then it's getting even better because now Endurance wont trade even if adx and rsi signal confirmed , it also now stays away from trading during selected news type(s) if there's no current open orders. If Endurance has open orders it'll continue working on them as normal, if they close inside news range(adjustable) no new opens up until news and range passed.


  • News filter using Web Request - No DLL's (ideal for MQL5 vps service)
  • News filter fully automatic on/off - Real or Demo trading mode= ON, using strategy tester= OFF. It's not possible to turn off in trading mode,default high impact news always on.
  • Spread filter - Prevent order execution during high spreads
  • Period trading filter - Trade only during desired periods (date and time)
  • Profit targets
    • Total account gain including deposit - trading stops, restart ea!
    • Daily gain - if hit trading stops and continue next day
  • Time filter - Hours and weekdays
  • Adx filter
  • Order amount filter
  • Risk order stop
  • Atr hard stop loss,take profit and step calculations
  • Virtual/normal trailing
  • Default settings for EurUsd M15


  • 5 digit ECN broker,stop level zero and low spread currency pairs( CLICK HERE for best broker choice)
  • Fast low ping vps needs to be used (CLICK HERE for best vps choice)
  • Keep a tight period optimization maximum 3 months or less and no more! Back testing this bot more then it's optimized period like (1,2,3,10 years)is pointless and will fail! This bot needs to be optimized within tight intervals max 3 months...less is better.


  • During optimization - Always turn HUD and Print Journal off else it will slow down the process!
  • Easy to optimize - Just follow the guide in settings.
  • Default settings can be deployed on EurUsd M15, it's already optimized with high quality Dukas copy tick data including variable spreads and slippage, commission + swaps! Next period to start a new optimization will be in February 2020 for this pair.
  • High importance news to process (default) but i recommend both high and mid to get that extra safety!
  • I take no responsibility how you use Endurance or if you suffer losses - If you use it, then you surely understand and agree to this

News filter URL

Web Request needs an URL link to be working and download it's news file for processing upcoming news. Be sure to check ' Allow Web Request for listed URL's in tab Tools/Options/Expert advisors and copy-paste provided link into the field 'Add new url'.


Input settings

  • I refer to screenshots and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me, it's better to ask and get to know what a specific setting do rahter then take a chance thinking 'i thought' it would behave that way......but it didn't as expected....

Ekstroem 2019.06.02 23:10 

Started Endurance a month ago. Very impressed with the robot so far and the author is extremely helpful.

+ for being compatible with his other robot MagicWand. Five stars rating.

バージョン 3.64 2019.12.13
This version;
Major update

1: Upgraded re-coded dashboard
2: Sequence trigger - Max lot adjuster
3: New default settings for EurUsd - Valid to February 2020
バージョン 3.63 2019.08.01
Improved and shortened code
バージョン 3.62 2019.08.01
Bug fix related to multi trading. Small optimization improvement. Defaults version 3.62 shall always be used on(EurUsd M15). Set file in the comments tab no longer valid for version 3.62(Do not attempt to use that one!)
バージョン 3.61 2019.07.21
Some internal inputs brought back as they sometimes needed in optimizations.
1: Rsi shifts
2: Adx filter
バージョン 3.6 2019.07.17
New optimized settings valid for EurUsd m15 to late September 2019. Some inputs removed(now only internal) as they are standard and do not need any changes. Updated and simplified optimizing 'Steps how to' with all necessary inputs with
updated increment steps - simply check corresponding boxes and set increments range and start the optimization. News are suggested to use all times - medium impacts are individual but a recommendation to use anyway.

Next optimization period will be then in September and remember that i only support EurUsd, the rest is up to you!

Remider: There's no point back testing this scalper beyond it's optimized period as it's only suppose to focus on current market situation as near as it gets, not the old past which is completely out of interest. So you test max back from 2:nd January 2019 to
present time and nothing else.
バージョン 3.4 2019.06.10
Reorganization of a few input descriptions but nothing that affects trading performance!
バージョン 3.3 2019.06.09
Stop loss and take profit for orders been upgraded to a better choice of putting automated dynamic SL/TP with Atr calculation.
This means that Endurance now adjust these settings itself based on Atr (Average True Range) volatility.
バージョン 3.2 2019.06.01
Added a new function (Profit booster) - Increase profits by approximately 2.5% /month. Use this at your own risk as this function will increase equity percentage risk also. Automatic recalculation of original percentage with +8% if enabled.

Sum this up:
More profit - Higher risk
Less profit - Low - Medium risk
No profit and no risk - do not trade at all :)
バージョン 3.1 2019.05.27
Bug fix for compatibility function with my other product MagicWand
バージョン 3.0 2019.05.22
Leverage check protection removed upon client request. Make sure there's enough margin if lower leverage then 1:400 used! Always test Endurance in tester before use to make sure it's correct! I take no responsibility for losses due to incorrect leverage and margin required!
バージョン 2.9 2019.05.20
Bug fix in trailing stop function - new trailing settings applied which in return reduced the overall draw down significant to a much more comfortable one.
バージョン 2.8 2019.05.19
Removed a lot setting that was left over due to MM system.
バージョン 2.7 2019.05.19
Added the ability to turn trailing on/off. In this version it's off and all values set to zero. Using trailing stop reduces the overall profit. If the user decide to use it, select and input new values!
バージョン 2.6 2019.05.18
New improved money management system - The first one didn't work quite as i expected. Be quite careful if 3:d option in this new system will be used as here you assign you own unit input - settings this to low will wipe you out pretty fast! I suggest to use the fixed unit of 2K nothing more, nothing less.....well it's up to you how you use this!
バージョン 2.5 2019.05.15
Minor code improvements.
バージョン 2.4 2019.05.08
Added new font style for HUD objects
バージョン 2.3 2019.05.07
This version only contains information about MQL5 vps basic usage and it's very important to understand it before use! At bottom on settings tab you find this information which i strongly advise to read if you are unsure how to use a MQL5 vps with Endurance.
バージョン 2.2 2019.05.06
Update to automatically turn HUD and chart newslines off when using MQL5 vps as they are not needed to be active when in use. Also there's a problem with DailyFx news source which i have not yet fixed so for now in this update i have removed that source and there's only investing.com as default. This has no negative impact on the functionality of Endurance!
バージョン 2.1 2019.05.04
Major update to the ordersystem. Orders where sometimes assigned with wrong TP/SL values and have now been fixed. Also an order stoploss system been added to each modules.
バージョン 2.0 2019.04.30
Added HUD functions
バージョン 1.9 2019.04.28
This previous critical error that i thought was ok in v1.7 still existed and it was a huge misstake by me as i had some bad type errors in my code. Also there's been problems with spread filter on both modules which in return didn't send correct orders sometimes. Theese issues now been corrected!
バージョン 1.7 2019.04.27
Important bug fix that made Endurance crash during optimization
バージョン 1.6 2019.04.26
Added the ability to select if all orders should be closed upon certain news. This come in handy when strong move expected by news release.
バージョン 1.5 2019.04.25
Minor changes to targets
バージョン 1.4 2019.04.25
Added extra function - forced closeure now available monday to thursday...this function force Endurance to close orders at specific times to prevent trading on unvanted sessions (if) there's open orders thats not been finished up outside general trading hours.
バージョン 1.3 2019.04.24
Upgraded newsfilter, fixed minor bugs related to daily and total targets and objects. Virtual(hidden) trailingstop function added
バージョン 1.2 2019.04.23
Freshing up the code a bit, removed some stuff that wasen't really needed.
バージョン 1.1 2019.04.23
Fixed an issue with trailing related to trading mode VS optimization mode