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USDCatch MT5

USDCatch is a new scalping expert for МТ5. The trading system is based on tracking short-term signals during a trend via a built-in indicator. It is optimized for use with EURUSD, and can be used with other pairs with properly selected inputs.

Minimum account balance is $100

Recommended account balance is from $500 and higher

Input Parameters

  • _stopLoss—Stop Loss value in points;
  • _takeProfit—Take Profit value in points;
  • MAGICMA—Expert Advisor's magic number;
  • TStop—The trailing stop value;
  • TrailingStep—The step of the trailing stop;
  • minLot—Minimum lot;
  • maxLot—Maximum lot;
  • stepLot—Lot step;
  • fixedLots—Lot size mode for pending orders (false—Trading percent of deposit, true—Trading minimum lot);
  • Lot—Minimum lot for trading with fixed order volume;
  • MaximumRisk—Maximum percent of the deposit in trades;
  • MinimumRisk—Minimum percent of the deposit in trades;
  • MaxSpread—Maximum allowed spread;
  • TimeM—Trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE—Trading end time for the Expert Advisor;
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------;
  • IntegratedIndicator: Built-in indicator parameters;
  • *wits—Integer value; the 1st parameter of the indicator;
  • *body—Integer value; the 2nd parameter of the indicator;
  • *sense—Integer value; the 3rd parameter of the indicator;
  • *points—Number of points from the market to place pending orders;
  • *delta—Non-integral value; the 4th parameter of the indicator;
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------;
  • ModOrders—Whether to modify pending orders (possible values: true—To modify, false—Not to modify). The default value of this variable is false.
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Versión 7.2 - 2016.07.21
Due to introduction of a new feature to perform testing "Based on real ticks" to the terminal, optimized the key functions and logic of the EA operation.
Versión 6.15 - 2016.05.26
Changed the function of the built-in indicator.
Added the 'checkTime' input variable (if true - the check of the indicator status is performed by timer, if false - by ticks).
Fixed minor errors.
Versión 5.1 - 2015.10.28
Added the new function for managing the current profit - '_checkProfit'(true - take a part of the current profit, false - use a trailing stop).
Updated the default input parameters.
Minor fixes.
Versión 4.2 - 2015.07.08
The key function of the EA (built-in indicator) now works by timer in seconds - Input-variable _sec.
Deleted several input variables and functions which complicated the EA operation.
Versión 4.1 - 2015.06.22
1. Added ability to trade by the bar history:
Input - CheckBarTrades variable (true - trade by bars, false - trade by ticks);
2. Fixed some errors.
Versión 3.3 - 2015.05.06
Added new rule of placing pending orders:
In case of an open position pending orders can be only opposite ones (SellStop orders for open Buy positions and BuyStop orders for Sell positions).
Versión 3.2 - 2015.04.23
Fixed calculating lots of opposite orders.
Versión 3.1 - 2015.04.20
Completely revised the EA behavior:
Added closing positions by opposite orders;
Changed the built-in indicator behavior (average price between min/max values of tick arrays are now used for the calculation instead of the price median);
Simplified calculation of lots for new orders (removed MinimumRisk input variable);
Added "_mul" input variable - closing positions by equity (if equity exceeds the account balance multiplied by _mul, a position is closed);
Reduced possible balance drawdowns (in the strategy tester);
Fixed minor errors.
Versión 2.1 - 2015.04.10
Optimized algorithm of order placement control.
New input parameters for EURUSD.
Fixed minor errors.