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USDCatch MT5

USDCatch is a new scalping expert for МТ5. The trading system is based on tracking short-term signals during a trend via a built-in indicator. It is optimized for use with EURUSD, and can be used with other pairs with properly selected inputs.

Minimum account balance is $100

Recommended account balance is from $500 and higher

Input Parameters

  • _stopLoss—Stop Loss value in points;
  • _takeProfit—Take Profit value in points;
  • MAGICMA—Expert Advisor's magic number;
  • TStop—The trailing stop value;
  • TrailingStep—The step of the trailing stop;
  • minLot—Minimum lot;
  • maxLot—Maximum lot;
  • stepLot—Lot step;
  • fixedLots—Lot size mode for pending orders (false—Trading percent of deposit, true—Trading minimum lot);
  • Lot—Minimum lot for trading with fixed order volume;
  • MaximumRisk—Maximum percent of the deposit in trades;
  • MinimumRisk—Minimum percent of the deposit in trades;
  • MaxSpread—Maximum allowed spread;
  • TimeM—Trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE—Trading end time for the Expert Advisor;
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------;
  • IntegratedIndicator: Built-in indicator parameters;
  • *wits—Integer value; the 1st parameter of the indicator;
  • *body—Integer value; the 2nd parameter of the indicator;
  • *sense—Integer value; the 3rd parameter of the indicator;
  • *points—Number of points from the market to place pending orders;
  • *delta—Non-integral value; the 4th parameter of the indicator;
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------;
  • ModOrders—Whether to modify pending orders (possible values: true—To modify, false—Not to modify). The default value of this variable is false.
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Version 7.2 2016.07.21
Due to introduction of a new feature to perform testing "Based on real ticks" to the terminal, optimized the key functions and logic of the EA operation.
Version 6.15 2016.05.26
Changed the function of the built-in indicator.
Added the 'checkTime' input variable (if true - the check of the indicator status is performed by timer, if false - by ticks).
Fixed minor errors.
Version 5.1 2015.10.28
Added the new function for managing the current profit - '_checkProfit'(true - take a part of the current profit, false - use a trailing stop).
Updated the default input parameters.
Minor fixes.
Version 4.2 2015.07.08
The key function of the EA (built-in indicator) now works by timer in seconds - Input-variable _sec.
Deleted several input variables and functions which complicated the EA operation.
Version 4.1 2015.06.22
1. Added ability to trade by the bar history:
Input - CheckBarTrades variable (true - trade by bars, false - trade by ticks);
2. Fixed some errors.
Version 3.3 2015.05.06
Added new rule of placing pending orders:
In case of an open position pending orders can be only opposite ones (SellStop orders for open Buy positions and BuyStop orders for Sell positions).
Version 3.2 2015.04.23
Fixed calculating lots of opposite orders.
Version 3.1 2015.04.20
Completely revised the EA behavior:
Added closing positions by opposite orders;
Changed the built-in indicator behavior (average price between min/max values of tick arrays are now used for the calculation instead of the price median);
Simplified calculation of lots for new orders (removed MinimumRisk input variable);
Added "_mul" input variable - closing positions by equity (if equity exceeds the account balance multiplied by _mul, a position is closed);
Reduced possible balance drawdowns (in the strategy tester);
Fixed minor errors.
Version 2.1 2015.04.10
Optimized algorithm of order placement control.
New input parameters for EURUSD.
Fixed minor errors.