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Breakeven Helper

The Expert Advisor allows manual traders to close positions at breakeven or at a certain profit level (in points) from the breakeven point. The EA does not open trades on its own! However, it manages any orders with a specified magic number or without it and moves them to breakeven as soon as the profit from a breakeven point reaches a specified level in points.

Breakeven point is very important in trading process. Our Expert Advisor considers all symbol parameters when calculating that point, including swaps, spread, order opening prices and their volumes. This is not an easy task in manual trading, and it is better to entrust such a calculation to a breakeven trading robot or a script.

The EA displays the current profit in a specified direction and a calculated breakeven point as a line. Text colors and sizes are set in the settings.

When working in one direction, the EA can delete pending and limit orders after closing the market ones. This feature allows you not to sit at the terminal all the time. The EA notifies of trades being closed by an audio signal.


  • mode - trade tracking mode. The robot can track both one and two directions, while the breakeven point is calculated for all positions (Long only, Short only, Long And Short)
  • order_magic - order ID, the so-called magic number (-1 - all open orders, 0 - only manual ones, >0 - EA magic number)
  • order_tp - take profit in points. The EA sets the profit (in points) for all orders from the breakeven point. Points are set as standards ones (four decimal places), since the EA can detect the number of decimal places of quotes and multiply its parameter values by 10 in case the quotes contain five decimal places
  • order_sl - stop loss in points for all orders
  • delete_pending_orders - auto deletion of pending and limit orders after closing the market ones
  • bu - the level of transferring an order to breakeven (in points from the calculated breakeven point)
  • bu_profit - profit level (in points from the breakeven point)
  • draw_line_breakeven - draw breakeven line
  • draw_line_breakeven_color - line color
  • draw_line_breakeven_style - line style
  • draw_line_breakeven_width - line width (from 1 to 5)
  • draw_profit - display the current profit of orders in deposit currency
  • draw_profit_corner - corner the profit is displayed in
  • draw_profit_size - text size
  • sound_close_use - play an audio signal when closing all trades
  • sound_wav - name of a WAV audio file from Sounds folder of your terminal

Profit label color cannot be specified. By default, the profit is green, while the loss is red.

Jodche 2019.12.12 16:32 

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sunnychow 2018.12.16 13:11 

Thanks for sharing, good job.

Yuriy Suslov
Yuriy Suslov 2018.12.03 05:58 

Отличный помощник!

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.16 10:30 

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Singgih Wasito Adhi
Singgih Wasito Adhi 2018.04.26 15:18 

like this

Denis Izotov
Denis Izotov 2017.10.26 18:18 

Отличный помощник для ручной торговли! Если вы торгуете одновременно несколько валютных пар, рекомендую использовать эту утилиту настроив ее под себя. Это позволит уменьшить влияние человеческого фактора, спланировать торговлю перед входом в рынок (ограничить риски за счет автоматического выставления тейк профита и стоп лосса) и сохранить средства на депозите в моменты непредсказуемости рынка. Не надо держать множество деталей в уме, советник сделает все за вас!

Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.02.11 17:22 


Francis Dogbe
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Sergei Zaharov
Sergei Zaharov 2015.06.24 11:27 

отличный помощник в торговле, рекомендую

Versión 1.11 2017.08.25
- if bu 0 and order_sl = 0, the StopLoss is automatically removed from orders.
Versión 1.10 2015.02.19
- improved the function for deleting pending orders
- added the parameter for open orders' tracked IDs
order_magic=-1. If -1, all orders are tracked; if 0, only manual orders are followed.