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Kiss on billions on EURUSD

The provided robot is a result of several years of trading and research on thousands of strategies, various indicators of forecasting, aimed at creating the science of online trading engineering. By combining several strategies and algorithms in this robot, at changing each tick price, with the utmost precision and speed,  whatever a trader needs, the robot gives it a fraction of a second.

The important advantage of this EA is that you can start to trade with $ 300 Minimum initial Deposit. And the robot can support your manual transactions on EURUSD.


This robot manages your account by focusing on the following 4 processes:

1. Activities before doing a transaction (sell\buy)

These measures include capital management and setting new deposits when the number of positions is zero. Then forecast and find the trend and check the transaction in changing any tick price, then determine the number and volume of orders.

2. Activities to open a transaction

Activities related to managing orders place.

3. Activities after transaction to protect transactions and achieve profitability as much as possible

These activities are in two parts of the reverse trading and trailing stops, which combine several strategies and special mathematical formulas to follow the current price by the trailing stops.

4. Activities associated with exit from the market or ending transactions

The measures are related to the methods to exit the market. In the first case, the total transaction profit is reached at the optimal point, in the second, the elimination of trades that are in any case disadvantaged, such as a mismatch in forecasting or the news that changes market atmosphere. When your balance reaches a certain point,the robot eliminates these positions in small Parts (Position Close Partial) from the place of profit, not Deposit. 



Because each Symbol according to its own customers and their tendencies, hours of their presence and other variables create own movement patterns. 
So, in the near future, after researching on the other Symbol’s market, I will launch robots based on each Symbol.


ACCOUNT (Stop Out): 50% or less

ACCOUNT TYPE: Real account

ACCOUNT MODE: Hedging account

SYMBOL INFO: in accordance with MetaQuotes-Demo account details (This is very important. Only the maximum order volume and number of orders or order limits, can be different.)

Take Profit: Automatically

Stop Loss: Automatically

LOT size: Automatically

Trailing Stop: Automatically

Chart Time Frame: All Time Frame

Profit: over $17.5 billion with $ 300 initial Deposit: These results based on the strategy tester and historical data (See the Rules of Using the Market Service )

Fully automated trading EA/ROBOT

Manual trading: Enable

The third and fourth processes of robot will cover your manual deals.

My recommendation is to use this feature for during 3 star or High Volatility Expected News. 

Note !

Though, it has been thought about all the probabilities of failure.

But users should use the robot to comply with the requirement of continuous presence in the market.

Control the following continual and daily:

1. This robot has just been created for trading on the EURUSD.

2. Check out and read carefully and thoroughly updates, screenshots and comments of this EA.

3. Do not close open positions manually.

4. Enter the number 1 in the parameter " Dtnoo ". To use the robot's maximum power.

5. Before decrease or increase of your deposit, Disabled the Auto Trading mode (Ctrl+E), Shutdown MT5 Software.

After decrease or increase of your deposit Turn on MT5 Software, Enabled the Auto Trading mode (Ctrl+E).

The robot will now return to its normal state.

6. Send me a message after you buy or rent.I will send you the latest user instructions.

7.Please download the full data and update all time frames and ticks from Show Symbol list (Ctrl + U), If you do not do this, you will be facing with a critical error.

Testing The robot/EA :

To test the robot, be sure to use the  MetaQuotes-Demo account tick price data.

Because Real Account tick price data are diverse in different brokers.

Note that the settings in the relevant screenshot image should be entered carefully.

Wishing you successful trading!

Saeid Irani

Quentin Ohlmann
Quentin Ohlmann 2019.10.10 16:09   

Hello, I have some difficulties to understand this EA, even if it's seems be very interesging.

-Already I have a lever of 1/500 and I can not change it. I rented a month ago. Will it be worth to continue ? does EA can help me however even If i'm on 1/500, 1/200 or 1/50 ?

-For the configuration we need to obligatory unter "1" into the case "dntoo" so why this case exist and what can we do with ?

-We are told a lot to activate all the symbols, (and I dont understand when it's talk about "renember all tick" etc ..) the single thing i do is to "activate" all symbols,

But why we need to activate all symbol if bot can only trade with EUR/USD ?

Can the bot deal with other than EUR/USD ?

"SYMBOL INFO: in accordance with MetaQuotes-Demo account details (This is very important. Only the maximum order volume and number of orders or order limits, can be different.)"

Sorry but I'm french ^^', this phrase, I dont understand at all.

And you tell sometimes we can trade manualy like in 3 stars events, and some other, we dont need to trade manually (for exemple if we follow a signal beside ?), so what we must do ?

And into the parameter "number of order" what we need to put ? what is the interest of this case ? What is it ?

Thanks a lot for answers, I am very interresting by the bot, actually testing, thanks for your works

Chui Chuanyau
Chui Chuanyau 2019.09.18 15:50 

EA work well. remember don't add deposit in when have trading position open,it will auto close all trade,when add or do any changing pls stop the EA and shutdown mt5. I hope author consider the swap fee if the open trade too long time,because EA not support ECN account. https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/590859 history including old version Kiss on billions of dollars on EURUSD.

Versión 190.909 2019.09.14
Improvement in the following factors:
1. Trading strategies.
2. Reducing the risk of transactions by 8%.
3. Increase in support of transactions manually, and convert them automatically using processes 3 and 4.
You can open up to 6 buy positions and 6 sell positions.
The trading volume must be calculated using the following formula:
volume=(Equity * 0.000031/Ask)
if volume<0.01 then volume=0.01
for example:
if volume=0.015 then volume=0.02
if volume=0.0349 then volume=0.03
if volume=2.53500001 then volume=2.54
My recommendation is to use less manually.
This feature is made for use by users during 3 star or High Volatility Expected News.
The duration of impact of the market news, is an average of 61 minutes.
And then the market usually returns to its desired atmosphere.
So, after 30 seconds of news release, the price drop or price increase is determined.
So, 30 seconds to 3 minutes after the news, do your transaction and leave 61 minutes later, the robot profits for you.

Good luck
Saeid Irani