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The VSAMultiAnalize indicator serves to construct a horizontal volume profile and delta on the symbol graph (VSA - Volume spread analysis). The MT4 version is here. Construction can be performed in various ways.

Input parameters:

  • View Type. What is displayed on the chart.
    • Volume by Range. The horizontal volume profile for the specified timeframe is the Target parameter.
    • Previous and current. Two horizontal volume profiles for the current and past period (for example for the current and last day).
    • Buy & Sell. Separate profiles of horizontal volumes for buying and selling.
    • Delta. Diagram of the Delta.
  • Style. The style of the diagram.
    • Line. Horizontal lines (default).
    • Rectangle. Rectangles.
  • Count. The initial number of diagrams on the graph (default 5, max 10).
  • Target. Diagrams are built for this timeframe (the default is D1).
  • Source. Data source for plotting charts (by default this is M1).
  • Volume Type. Tick or real volume values ​​are used (default is tick).
  • Diag's step. Attention! Only for experts. Averaging parameter of the diagram data.
  • Horizontal Size. Attention! Only for experts. The maximum size of the diagrams horizontally.
  • Value Area (VA) percent. Value area with VAH (Volume area high) and VAL (Volume area low) in percent.
  • Main Color, Color for Buy, Color for Sell, Value Area (VA). Main colors of diagrams.
  • Width. The thickness of the diagram lines (default 1).
  • Additional Levels Width. The thickness of lines of additional levels (the default is 2).
  • Max. Volume (POC). The color of the Point of control.
  • Median Vol. The color of the level of the median volume (half of the total).
  • Vol. Weighted Average Price Color. Color VWAP level.

The video and screenshots show the constructions with the following parameters:

  • Target = D1
  • Source = M1

Buildings are performed on the timeframe H1. Horizontal profiles of daily volume are shown, current and last day volume profiles, daily volume profiles, split into two parts - for buy and sale, delta profiles. In all cases, the timeframe M1 was used for the source data.

Warning: VSAMultiAnalizeMT5 does not work in the tester terminal. Free demo version VSAMultiAnalizeDEMO here .

Oleksandr Heivandov
Oleksandr Heivandov 2019.12.27 09:38 

Хороший индикатор, думаю один из лучших в своем классе...

Versión 3.1 2019.07.16
Small bug fixed
Versión 3.0 2019.07.02
Added: (VA) Value Area, with VAH (Volume area high) and VAL (Volume area low), POC (Point of control)
Versión 2.20 2019.01.24
Fixed CRITICAL error